Sold my Soul

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Chapter Eleven - Stephen’s POV

The next few days flew by and before we knew it, it was back to reality. Trinity and I had spoken while away and agreed we would sort moving her in fully with me once we returned. We had a chat to Luke one night who was completely fine with it and had been speaking with Todd to move in so everyone was happy.

We had decided while she would move in now, after the wedding we might consider looking for a new place to make our home. While this place held some good memories, it also had some horrific ones. And we both agreed the style and layout wasn't ideal for when we wanted to start a family.

I know I kept going back to that point but I am at a stage in my life where I have a successful business, the woman I love and now I can't wait to see her carrying my children.

My doll is heading back to work today and she's got a huge meeting with some heavy investors so I know she is feeling a little stressed about it. I don't know why, as from everything I have seen her client's love her and she is damn good at what she does.

I was also going to head into Capulet today and follow up further with Dave, and this morning I wanted to view a few other locations for potential expansion. Clint was going to meet me later to have a chat with Dave.

Trinity - Baby, I gotta run. I have such a full day. I will see you tonight I love you

Stephen - Ummm doll you really don't think I'm going to let you get away that easily do you? Come here

She quickly runs into the kitchen where I am making a coffee and comes over to me. She hastily grabs the back of my neck pulling me down and rams her tongue in my mouth claiming it with a fiery possession. We make out until we are both out of breath and panting.

Stephen - Damn momma that was hot. I should let you take control more often

Trinity - You really should

Little minx winks at me as she turns to run out again

Stephen - Umm doll you're forgetting something

She turns around and sees I have a travel mug of coffee ready for her

Trinity - You complete me baby, thank you. I'll call you later

And just like that she's out the door. After getting ready I called the realtor and headed off to the location they had found to open a second bar. It was down on the New East Side just off Lake Shore Drive so it was perfect location. We spent about an hour there and I called Clint down to have a look as I had decided I was going to give Clint Half shares in this and it would be his to run.

Stephen - So what do you think?

Clint - I think it's a great location we could do a lot with this mate

Stephen - My thoughts exactly. So we doing it?

Clint - Yeah, let's do it

We organise to pick up the paperwork later today and head off to get a coffee

Stephen - You got anything on tomorrow mate?

Clint - Nothing I know of, Mia is back to work

Stephen - Want to take a drive with me? Got something I want to show you

Clint - Ooo baby I thought you would never ask

Stephen - hahaha dickhead. Seriously?

Clint - Yeah sure, what is it anyway?

Stephen - I think I've found where to have the wedding and I am pretty sure Trinity will love it but I want it to be a surprise.

Clint - Sure mate, where you thinking?

Stephen - Acquaviva Winery in Maple Park

Clint - Yeah nice mate. Sounds good

Stephen - I thought we could have the ceremony outside and then they have the hall for the reception.

I turn the phone to show him the pics I found on their website.

Clint - That looks perfect bro I think she'll love it

Stephen - My thoughts exactly

We are finishing off our coffees when my phone rings

Stephen - (Phone call) Hey doll

Trinity - (Phone call) Hey baby you busy?

Stephen - (phone call) Just with Clint finished finding a venue for the second club opening and grabbing a coffee.

Trinity - (Phone call) Oh good I am glad you are with Clint. Do you think you guys could meet me at my next open?

Stephen - (Phone call) Sure babe, everything ok?

Trinity - (Phone call) I'm not sure baby

Stephen - (Phone call) Ok babe you need to give me more than that, What is wrong?

Clint sits up and looks over a bit worried too so I hit the phone on speaker

Stephen - (Phone call) Baby I'm putting you on speaker so Clint can hear too

Trinity - (Phone call) Hey Clint

Clint - (Phone call) Hey hun, what's up?

Trinity - (Phone call) I'm not sure if it is anything or me just being paranoid but I have had 6 opens this morning already and this same guy has been at all of them. At first I thought nothing of it as often we get people looking at more than one place when they are looking at moving but he's starting to make me feel a bit uncomfortable with his questions.

Stephen - (Phone call) What questions doll? And you were right to call if you are not feeling comfortable I want to know.

Trinity - (Phone call) Well at first it was about the properties but now he is asking me personal questions. How long have I been doing this? Am I from the area? Then he noticed my ring and asked how long I had been engaged? Who the lucky man was? When we were planning to get married. I tried to shake it off as polite conversation but something doesn't feel right babe.

Stephen - (Phone call) It's ok doll you don't have to explain. What does he look like

Trinity - (Phone call) I would say early to mid thirties, African American, presents well and seems to know the right questions to ask so I would say highly educated.

Clint and I start to give each other the look. First the club with Dave and now this? Could be a coincidence but do I want to take a chance? Absolutely not.

Stephen - (Phone call) Baby send us the address of your next open and we will meet you there. Could be nothing but if he is making you feel uncomfortable that is enough for me.

Trinity - (Phone call) Ok babe, I will text it now. See you soon

Stephen - (Phone call) I love you

Trinity - (Phone call) I love you too. See you soon

We hang up and Clint and I quickly finish our coffees and the text comes through. We head back to our cars and race off. It doesn't take long to arrive at the address my doll sent and we make our way over to the inspection.

Clint - Hey girl, you good?

Clint gives her a side hug comforting her.

Stephen - Hey baby

I lean over giving her a gentle kiss and gripping her tightly.

Stephen - You alright little momma

Stephen - I'm alright guys just something doesn't feel right, he is getting very personal very quickly and if nothing else I don't feel comfortable enough to be alone with him

Clint - Hey no explanation needed. Say no more

Trinity - Thanks Clint

Stephen - Is he here yet doll?

Trinity - Yes he is already inside looking. I said I would wait outside to see if anyone else turned up to the inspection.

Stephen - Clint stay here with Trin please. I am going to go up and take a look.

Clint - Got it bro

I head in under the pretence of having a look at the property also. I walk around the small apartment and head into the kitchen where I see him looking around.

We politely nod at each other and I head into the next room to look. As I am looking around I notice he keeps taking interest in where I am but nothing of concern. I go into the bedroom and look out and see Clint and Trin at her car talking.

I hear the front door shut and I continue watching to see if he heads out. I see him walk down and over to her. They exchange a few words and after about 5 minutes he grabs some paperwork from her and heads off.

I notice as he is walking off though he looks back up at the apartment and directly at me for a few seconds before turning back around and walking off.

I head back downstairs leaving the other people to look around and head over to where Clint and my doll are.

Stephen - That was him yeah?

Trinity - Yes baby that was him

Stephen - What did he say?

Clint - Nothing much bro, asked how he went about applying for the property and for the paperwork but I don't get the feeling it was the property he was interested in.

Clint gives me a look and I just nod.

I don't want to come off too alarmed, worrying her right now is the last thing she needs.

Stephen - Don't worry too much baby, daddy is here now we will head to the next few with you just to make sure

Clint - Yeah and Uncle Clint has got you too

He gives her a sleezy wink and we all crack up laughing

Stephen - You're a fucking worry sometimes bro honestly haha

We get in our cars and Clint and i head to the next two opens with her but we don't see him again. Whatever it was our presence seems to have rattled him enough to leave my doll alone for the rest of the day.

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