Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twelve - Stephen’s POV

Things had been going well and we had just under 2 weeks until we got married. Clint and i had secured the location for the second bar and the renovations had started. We had finally settled on a name too which was Mia's idea.

As we already had Capulet she suggested Montague for the second location name which we all liked.

Trinity had been busily planning our wedding. After Clint and I took a drive to Acquaviva Winery I had taken my doll up the following weekend and just like myself she had instantly fell in love with it. Other than finding the location she had been amazing in preparing everything else we needed.

With the help of Luke and Mia she had settled on the colour scheme she wanted and I was happy with it, thankfully it was nothing too feminine, it was elegant and classy just like her.

I had checked in with my contacts in Barcelona a few times and thankfully nothing to report. Dave had spoken to Chad a few times but said there was nothing much to report there either. He was listening for once and keeping his head down and doing as he was told.

Dave had really stepped up in cleaning this mess, so I spoke with Clint and we agreed to give a quarter share in and I made him the manager. I didn't want to be working in their full time I wanted to be concentrating on other ventures and my new wife shortly.

Dave was appreciative and really stepped up. He also made the decision he was moving out as he had recently started seeing someone and wanted a bit more privacy.

While Trinity and I had also been looking for a new house to move to after our wedding I made the decision to give Clint and Mia the option to stay here for now and if they would like eventually buy it. I was in no rush to pressure them into a decision.

I asked Clint to be my best man for the wedding and Dave my groomsman both of which accepted and Trinity had Mia being her maid of honour and she wanted Luke in her wedding party also. He was a huge part of her life so it naturally made sense.

Christmas had come and gone and we had an amazing celebration at the house with our closest friends.

Luke and Todd, Mia and Luke and Dave and his new partner Felicity had spent the day with us. Of course the girls made way too much food but everyone was in a festive mood and the day was well spent.

It was Sunday morning and I was laying in bed scrolling the news on my phone with my doll wrapped up in my arms content with life

Trinity - Baby can I ask you something

Stephen - Always my love

Trinity - I know everything is ready with the wedding and we only have last fittings to go but what about our honeymoon. Are you going to tell me anything of it?

Stephen - Absolutely not. I trusted you with the organisation of the wedding right? So now trust me with that

Trinity - You did but I also shared it with you so you have to give me some information too

I ponder this for a minute.

Stephen - Ok . . . well it will be the perfect spot for me to have you all to myself without any interruptions, you won't need too many clothes because it is warm and well I am just going to rip them off you anyway

She throws her head back laughing, I love the sound of her gorgeous laugh

Trinity - You are such a pervert honestly hahaha

Stephen - Hey, if you didn't look so appetising then I would be able to control myself. But if you are just going to laugh at me then I guess I shouldn't tell you anymore.

Trinity - Ok ok sorry babe, what else?

Stephen - hmmm it is tropical, it is somewhere we have both spoken about wanting to go before, and by the end of it I am hoping to be close to putting a baby in you or at least have had plenty of practice in trying.

I look over at her smirking as I see her eyes go wide.

Trinity - Are you just trying to get in my pants Mr Gotti?

I throw my phone on the bed and roll over into her and start running my hand up her beautiful stomach before grabbing her full breasts. I bury my head in her neck sucking softly on her neck below her ear before whispering

Stephen - Always baby, so how about it?

She is purring into me now as I rub my body up against her

Trinity - mmm how about what baby?

Stephen - Letting me in those panties? You could take off that lace and sit on my face you know

As soon as I say it she chuckles to herself but my hand is already wandering down her stomach and started rubbing between her legs.

Trinity - mm that sounds very tempting right now daddy

Stephen - So do it and while you keep purring for me mmm that sound is making me hard

** Trinity's Point of View **

He was a man of his word, I thought with a smile, as he laid me back on the bed and slowly, oh so slowly, started unbuttoning the shirt of his I had slept in. One by one the buttons were released, with his lips gently pressed to every inch of bare skin as he uncovered it. Painstakingly slow, the kisses moved down my stomach

Barely brushing, skin on skin, pushing the waist band of my panties lower as his lips searched for a new spot to kiss.

I could feel that he was teasing me. Making me want his mouth lower but not putting it right where I wanted it. Moving down my thighs, kissing all the way up to the top of my thighs then stopping just short of what I really wanted.

I started to squirm, trying to wiggle my way closer to his warm mouth. But he could tell what I was doing and would pull back without actually touching me. I whimpered in protest.

An almost silent plea escaped my lips. He pulled back

I could tell he was enjoying making me want it way too much and I was at his mercy.

Or was I?

No more waiting for him to get ready to satisfy me. I moved my hands to his head and twisted my fingers in his hair, pulling him towards my warm centre. He resisted, still intent on teasing me. But I wasn't going to let him.

I rolled over onto my knees pushing him back in the process. He looked surprised as I straddled his chest and took his head in my hands. I smiled down at him, loving the mixture of shock and lust in his eyes.

Slowly I moved until my pantie covered kitty was right over his face. He inhaled deeply, then stretched his tongue out towards the wet crotch of my lacy panties. I stayed just close enough for him to lick me through the fabric, knowing he could barely taste me but that taste was enough to make him want to plunge his tongue deep inside me.

Trinity - Is this what you wanted daddy?

I asked in a demanding tone. He raised his head off the bed and stretched towards my wet kitty. He groaned in frustration.

Trinity - Poor baby

I smirked

Trinity - You need more

It wasn't a question it was a statement. And I was going to make sure that he got more. I hooked my index finger under the elastic of the leg of my panties. Slowly I pulled it to the side and revealed my dripping wet pussy. I was more than ready for him but I still wanted to make him ask for it.

He stretched toward me, tongue reaching for the warmth dripping from between my legs. Just the tip of his tongue, flicking back and forth. I wanted his tongue inside of me, as deep inside my pussy as it could go. But instead, I rocked back and put my clit right under his tongue.

Trinity - That's it

I purred as he started licking back and forth across my swollen nub. I felt the waves of pleasure start washing over me. I wanted to tease him. To torture him like he does me.

But instead the sensations were starting to take over making me just want to rock against his tongue. I moved back so his tongue was against the opening of my pussy.

I wanted his tongue inside of me. But he must have felt one last surge of control come over him. Instead of licking my wet slit he started nibbling on my labia. First kissing, then taking the soft fleshy folds of skin into his mouth, sucking hard, then scraping his teeth against the sensitive skin.

Shockwaves of pleasure rolled through me and my knees buckled slightly.

Trinity - Yes babyy yessssss

I whispered over and over as his mouth sucked my pussy lips.

Trinity - Please baby pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

I begged, rocking against his mouth

I knew he loved it when I begged him because suddenly, without warning, he plunged his tongue up into my dripping core. I reached down with one hand and started rubbing my nub as his tongue worked in and out of me.

His mouth was so hot, felt so good against my throbbing core.

Slowly he worked his right hand up beside his mouth and extended two fingers. I felt his fingers part my pussy lips and hold them open while he licked as deep inside me as he could. Then they slide inside deep inside in one smooth motion.

I gasped in pleasure as his fingers bent forward slightly and started stroking my g spot deep inside.

Trinity - Oooo god yes baby suck my clit

I ordered, moving my hand so my fingers were behind his head, pulling his mouth hard against my nub while his fingers pounded my wet hole.

Trinity - Yes babyyyyy

I moaned wildly.

Trinity - Oh god yes yes baby yessss make momma cum

I said grinding my wet kitty against his face. I didn't know if he could breathe, but I was too far gone to care. All I wanted was to grind his mouth, to feel his fingers inside of me, to have my nub sucked and licked hard. I was close, very close

With my free hand, I reached up and grabbed my nipple between two fingers and squeezed hard. I felt a jolt of electricity straight from my chest to my kitty.

Trinity - Yesssss baby you make momma feel so good

I moan. His fingers moved furiously against the inner walls of my kitty. He had found the spot and knew how to stimulate it.

I was cumming. I could feel it building deep inside, growing fast. I tried to maintain control but it felt too good. Without thinking I was rocking hard against his mouth, smothering him with my wet kitty, begging him to pound me with his fingers while I bucked out of control. I felt it, the gush as the juice squirted out of my kitty, squirting my juices into his hand, hoping he liked it wet because he always makes me squirt when he stimulates my g spot hard and deep.

My kitty wrapped tight around his fingers. I was still throbbing inside as he pulled his fingers out. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted more, even though my knees were weak from my orgasm that hadn't fully subsided.

He pushed me onto my back and I went without protest, weak from cumming so hard. He slid on top of me. I could feel his hard shaft against my throbbing pussy. He looked into my eyes and I reach down for his hand, pulling his fingers to my lips and gently sucking my juices off his fingers. I felt him stiffen as I sucked his fingers. Then he pressed his hard rod against my opening, pushing it in about half an inch then pausing.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him hard and deep, tasting myself on his mouth. And still kissing, still with our lips pressed together, our tongues entwined, he thrust his hard cock deep inside of me in one smooth stroke.

My head rolled back and my mouth fell slack in a quiet cry as his big cock hit bottom hard. Yes, it felt so good, so deep

Trinity - yessssss daddy take me

I cried over and over against his neck as he pounded deep inside me. I was cumming again, almost as soon as he entered me.

Trinity - fuck me daddy pleaseeeee

I begged. And he did, hard and fast, pumping his big shaft as deep inside of me as it would go, moving his hands to my wrists, pinning me to our bed. Waves of pleasure rolled across me, almost like one long orgasm as he pounded me with abandon.

I felt him pause, just a slight pause, then he thrust harder and I knew he was there.

Trinity - yesssss daddy give me it give me all of you

Stephen - ughhhh yesss momma yesss fuckkkkkkkkkkk I wanna put a baby in you so bad, I want my ughhhhh juices right up in your belly ugh ugh ughhhhhh fuckkkkkkk

He was growling as I felt his juice shooting into my pussy as he groaned in pleasure against my bare skin. He collapsed against me and pressed his lips to mine in a kiss, one last kiss as his fingers drifted back to my kitty dripping with his juices.

Stephen - Just one more momma? I need to taste more of you

He asked with a wicked laugh, and his lips started travelling down my body.

Trinity - mmmm yes just one more daddy

I sighed, bracing myself for the pleasure of his mouth against my quivering core, just one more time.

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