Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirteen - Stephen’s POV

It is the day before our wedding finally, and I keep getting asked if I am nervous. Definitely not!

I can't wait to call this woman my wife. I can't wait to have her for the rest of my life.

We are in our room packing everything we need for the ceremony tomorrow as we are staying at the Herrington Inn and Spa about half an hour from the winery tonight so we are ready for tomorrow.

We will be spending tomorrow night there also but in the bridal suite before returning home the next day and getting our stuff ready to go on honeymoon.

Stephen - Babe want me to carry your dress down to the car too?

I already know the answer but I like teasing her.

Trinity - ABSOLUTELY NOT! You touch that dress Mister and there will be trouble.

I come up behind her in our closet and start rubbing her gorgeous backside with my hands before leaning over and biting it. Grrr I love that ass. She yelps when she feels my teeth in her backside and swats me away while I laugh.

Stephen - Oh, what kind of trouble?

She turns round and runs her hand down my stomach past my waist band and down to my throbbing member. She grips my balls tightly.

Trinity - The kind where you won't be able to use these tomorrow night so you can forget it right now.

Stephen - Yes dear

Now she's the one giggling. I know when I have the lost the battle so I back down pretty quickly. We get everything ready and head downstairs where Clint and Mia are waiting.

Luke and Todd, Dave and Felicity are all meeting us up there later tonight. We get into the cars and of course not trusting me, my doll puts her dress in Clint and Mia's car.

Stephen - So no peaking at all hey?

Trinity - None whatsoever

Stephen - Got it

Trinity - Also don't forget we are staying in separate rooms tonight

Stephen - What?

She can't be serious right now. I haven't slept apart from her in so long now I wouldn't even know how to.

Trinity - Those are the rules baby

She leans over while I am driving and starts licking my neck and rubbing her hand dangerously close up my thigh.

Trinity- Besides won't it be so much better when you go to bed tonight the next time you see me will be walking down the aisle to you ready to be your wife.

Stephen - No better would be going to bed with you in my arms every night and waking up with you like we always do

Trinity - But baby, don't you want to do this for me?

I quickly look over and I see her giving me that beautiful big doe eye look she does and she knows I can't say no to her.

Stephen - You know I would do anything for you

Trinity - And I you

Stephen - So you will stay with me tonight then?

Trinity - No

We both laugh and I grab her hand holding it tightly to mine. I can't believe this time tomorrow she will finally be my wife.

We get to Herrington Inn and get checked in, and of course, separate rooms like she wanted.

Once we have everyone in and settled I have the girls heading off to get a massage to relax before tomorrow and Clint and I go over to the winery to check everything is ready for tomorrow.

It looks breathtaking and everything I pictured it to be. I know she is going to love it as much as I do. Clint and I get back and are having a beer in the bar while the girls are getting spoilt and before long the others arrive. They get checked in and soon the girls are back also.

We spend the afternoon having drinks and a laugh together before heading up to refresh before dinner. I get ready for dinner then head across to my dolls room to get her to head downstairs.

I knock on the door and she shouts out to come in as she is in the bathroom finishing getting ready. When I walk in my breath hitches in my throat.

Stephen - How is it every time I see you, my breath is taken from me time and time again

Trinity - How did I get so lucky with you.

I snake my arms around her and pull her into me, turning her to face me.

Stephen - I am the lucky one. I don't think I tell you enough but thank you, thank you for loving me for who I am and never trying to change me. Thank you for being my partner and equal in life and making me want to be a better man for you. I was lost until you came into my life and you took my heart and soul without me even realising it. I was a shell of a man until you turned up. I adore you and I would give you my last breath if it meant keeping you safe. With you I could never want for anything more because I have everything I want right here. I love you, thank you for making me whole angel.

I see the tears welling in her eyes and softly spilling over. I lean down and kiss her tears gently as I cradle her head in my hands.

Stephen - Don't cry please baby, my heart aches to see your beautiful face with anything but a smile.

Trinity - Oh sweetheart I am not sad I am just so happy. You make me feel so happy and loved and for that I give you all the love I have in return. My life is nothing without you, and with you I feel like we can do anything and overcome anything this life throws at us. Thank you for loving me like you do and making me realise how lucky I am every single day.

We kiss softly and tenderly and after a few minutes I gently tap her backside

Stephen - Come on beautiful, our friends are waiting for us.

We both head down and meet our friends in the restaurant. They all stand and hug us and congratulate us. Seeing how excited they all are for us for tomorrow warms my heart.

The meal is coming out so I grab a glass and ask everyone to raise a toast with me.

Stephen - I want to thank you all for being here with us. You all mean the world to both of us, and you prove why they say family is what you make it, because both Trinity and I consider you all family. Thank you for sharing this special time with us, and being apart of this journey with us both. We love you all and wish you all a lifetime of happiness and love like we have been so lucky to find. Finally thank you to my queen, for agreeing to be my wife, for loving me like no one else ever has, for putting up with me when most wouldn't.

Everyone laughs

Stephen - You are my everything.

We all cheers and get stuck into our meals. I am sat indulging in the laughter and conversation of all our friends around us, taking it all in and enjoying every moment of this time. I don't want to ever forget any of it.

After the meals we have a few more bottles of wine brought out and I slide my arm around the back of my dolls chair bringing it closer to me as she leans into me and I grab her hand with my other resting it in her lap. I lean over to her

Stephen - I can't tell you enough how much I love you

She looks up at me, her beautiful hand cupping my face, softly stroking my hair back and looking deep into my eyes. I am so lost in her soul looking back at her I don't even realise a tear has slipped down my cheek until I feel her soft fingers wiping it away and gently kissing my lips.

Trinity - I will always love you with all I am

We hold each other tight as we watch our friends laughing and reminiscing on the great times we have had together, joking and mucking around, Clint being the typical clown of the group.

Luke - Ok - so are we taking bets on how long before Trin's knocked up

Clint - I'm in on that

Mia - Ooo me too

Trinity - Mia! You are supposed to be on my side

Mia - Hey this is a good bet girl, I will easily beat these two clowns

We all laugh

Trinity - Well damn! I guess I missed making a bit of coin myself by betting on you hmmm

I notice a sly glance between Clint and Mia. One that anyone who didn't know them well wouldn't have picked up.

Stephen - What was that?

I ask pointing between the two of them

Mia - Aghh what was what?

Stephen - No way, don't you give me that, I know you two too well and I definitely saw that. Plus you never stutter at the beginning of your sentence.

I think my doll finally clicked on as Mia's face started to flush.

Trinity - OH MY GOD, Are you two?

Clint - Yes, we are expecting

Him and Mia smile lovingly at each other and we all cheer and start clapping. The girls all hug and exchange a few tears.

Trinity - Why didn't you tell us?

Mia - Babe, this is your day we didn't want to steal your thunder. We only found out a few days ago and it still early days so we were going to wait until after the wedding to tell you.

Trinity - I am so glad you did tell us, this makes it extra special. I love you guys, I am so happy for you.

Clint and I hug it out and I pat him on the back and congratulate him. Even if he is the proverbial man child I know he will make a great dad. They will both make great parents.

Dave - Well since we are all about the announcements tonight

Trinity - Oh my god, Don't tell me you two are pregnant too?

We all burst out laughing at Felicity's strong protests that she is definitely not.

Dave - Ok not as exciting an announcement as Clint and Mia but still good all the same. You want to tell them babe?

Felicity - Dave and I found a house last week and we are going to be moving in together.

Everyone congratulates them. Felicity is a great girl and she suits Dave so I am happy for him, he deserves this.

Todd - Well seeing all you bitches have the news, it's my turn

We all laugh except Luke

Luke - Babe, let's wait on that one

Todd - Really?

Luke - I think that might definitely be classified as stealing someone's thunder.

Trinity - Luke William I will decide on that considering it is my wedding day tomorrow

I reach over and tickle her ribs

Trinity - Ok sorry that was a little Bridezilla, I correct myself - our wedding day. Now share the good news, it is the perfect time for it.

Luke looks to Todd and nods letting him have the honour of sharing.

Todd - Luke asked me to marry him and I have said yes.

I see my doll start crying and reach over and grab her. I notice Luke get up and walk around the table also

Luke - Babes, talk to me

Trinity - I am so happy for you, you are my best friend and I love you more than most humans in this world, I only say most because if I didn't love Stephen a little more he might get jealous

She chuckles in between sobs and I smile at her

Trinity - After seeing you lose Chris and the way his family treated you I am so happy Todd came into your life and you have this second chance at the love you deserve. I love you Luke

The hug tightly as I softly stroke her back

Luke - I love you babes and I am happy you two found each other. I can't wait to see the beautiful babies you two are going to make, hell I might even get you guys to make us one.

We all burst out laughing as my doll slaps him across the arm.

After all the good news we decide to call it a night and all head up to our rooms. I want to be well rested so I can remember every detail of tomorrow.

We say good night to the rest and I walk my girl to her room. As we get to her door I turn her around gently by her hip and press her to the wall next to her door, resting my arm up against the wall as I lean into her still holding her hip tightly.

Stephen - Hi beautiful

Trinity - Hi yourself Handsome

Stephen - So wanna invite me in?

She blushes at me and reaches up wrapping her hands around my neck.

Trinity - You know I do, always, but not tonight

I groan softly to myself.

Stephen - I can't believe the next time I see you that you will be walking to me to become my wife.

Trinity - I can't wait to be your wife, to know you are all mine for the rest of our lives.

I lean into her kissing her tenderly wrapping her up in my arms. There is nothing rushed in this kiss or anything preluding to more, it is just a soft intimate moment between me and the woman I love.

I gently nudge her lips open and my tongue slides into her velvety soft mouth capturing her tongue with my own making love to it with everything I have. She reaches up on her tip toes pressing herself into me more as I gently stroke her back and neck holding her close to me savouring this moment. After several minutes we slow down and I gently kiss her lips a few more times before pulling away.

Stephen - Goodnight baby, I love you

Trinity - I love you too darling, sweet dreams

Stephen - Indeed, dreams of seeing my beautiful wife tomorrow

I wait until she is in her room safely and then make my way across the hall into my own room. I get sorted and get into bed and decide to drop her a quick message before trying to get some sleep.

Stephen - (Text message) I absolutely adore you, you are my everything my love.

I didn't have to wait too long before I got a reply.

Trinity - (Text message) You complete me. I love you with all I am.

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