Sold my Soul

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Chapter Sixteen - Stephen’s POV

We had just watched the sunset together holding my wife in my arms caressing her beautiful body as we kissed tenderly. I lent down and started softly kissing her neck as her hand came up to my cheek stroking it as she moaning into my touch

Stephen - What do you say we go say goodbye to everyone and leave them to party while we go and have our own private party?

Trinity - I think that's the best idea you've had all day husband

I love hearing her call me husband. I scoop her up into my arms and she wraps her arms around my neck. She leans in and starts softly sucking on my neck her teeth gently tugging at the skin there causing me to growl and stiffen in my pants. I quicken my pace now desperate to get her alone.

We make our way back and make an effort to personally thank each of our guests for coming before saying our goodbyes. As we make our way out the front door we see Clint, Mia, Dave, Felicity, Todd, Luke, Matt and a few of our other friends had organised one last surprise for us.

Stephen - Thank you all

We hug each of them and make our way out. I open the door for my wife and gently help her in before making my way around to the driver's seat and Clint chucks me the keys.

Stephen - Enjoy the rest of your night guys, I don't want to hear from any of you until at least after midday tomorrow.

They all laugh and wave us off.

I take off back towards the hotel and as I am driving I feel my wife gently place her hand on my leg rubbing it lovingly. I pick her hand up and look at the rings now adorning her hand. I bring her hand up to my mouth and kiss them.

Stephen - These look good on you

Trinity - They feel good baby

She leans across the console and ever so lightly starts kissing my neck as she rubs her delicate hand further up my thigh. I can't help the growl that escapes me again and before I can stop myself I pick her hand up off my thigh and place it on my hardening cock.

Together we start rubbing up and down my shaft as she purrs into my neck, licking and sucking on it. After a minutes I have to slow her hand down

Stephen - Mmmm wifey if I don't stop you now I am going to have to pull over and bend you over this bonnet

She smirks devilishly at me

Trinity - Definitely another time husband

I smile back at her. God I love this woman. She slinks back over into her chair but keeps her hand on my leg where I place my own hand on top and entwine our fingers. The drive back takes way too long for my liking or it could just be my impatience. Either way I am finally relieved when we get back. I get out the car and notice my doll starts to get out.

Stephen - Ut oh don't you dare.

I walk around and open the door for her and pick her up gently into my arms, using my foot to shut the door and remote lock it as I start carrying her into our hotel.

Trinity - Baby you don't have to carry me all this way

Stephen - I want to

She snuggles into me wrapping her arms around my neck. As we get in the hotel the staff start congratulating us and hand my new wife the swipe card to our bridal suite for the night. We get to the elevator and she hits the buzzer for me. Once it arrives I carry her in and she hits the floor

Once it starts moving I capture her lips in mine kissing her lovingly as she rubs her hands over my shoulders and neck.

Stephen - I can't tell you enough how much I love you

Trinity - I will always tell you how much I love you

I continue to kiss her until the elevator comes to a stop at our floor and I step out carrying her down the hallway. She enters the swipe card in the door and we step in.

I gently place her down and my hands fell on her hips as our kisses became more urgent. I lightly pushed her into the wall, not using force for I didn't want to hurt her. She fell back willingly as our tongues twisted and twirled back and forth in a sweet game of lover's exploration

I felt my cock stiffening in my slacks and couldn't help but press against her and softly grind myself into her. She whimpered into my mouth at the sensations my growing member provided, even between several layers of clothes.

Her nipples swelled and pressed hard against her bra. I felt the lines of her thong through her perfectly fitted dress, which heightened my arousal even more.

Both our cheeks had gotten hot and we gasped for air between kisses. Our lips were wet with saliva and we continued to hungrily feast on the other's mouth. Our pulses were beating at rapid tempos.

The tension was thick in the air of the dimly lit room. The desire and love burned in our eyes when our gazes caught.

My wife gently pushed me towards the bed then stepped between my open legs. Her hands trailed along my neatly shaven cheeks and down my chest. She slowly took my jacket off and brought my shirt over my head, and then dropped it to the floor behind her.

She bent over, displaying her massive cleavage that was strained inside of her dress as she undid my belt and the fly of my trousers.

I lifted off of the bed for her to pull my pants down. They were left at a pile at my feet. My member was quickly gaining strength due to the anticipation of the moment and was tending in my boxer briefs. I didn't try to hide it, for I knew that she wanted to know how aroused I was for her.

She stepped back and I stood up. My lips found hers and our tongues twirled and twisted together again in a deep unending kiss.

I trembled as I unzipped her dress and felt her soft skin beneath my fingers as I pushed the garment off of her shoulders and to the floor. Her hands only left my neck and chest when she had to help me take off her dress.

Trinity - I want you so bad

She mumbled in between kisses as her fingers tugged at the waist band of my boxers.

Stephen - I want you too

I groaned against her lips. I felt the soft, yet scratchy lace of the bra under my palms. My hand slid around to her back and unhooked it with expertise. With a wiggle of her arms it was discarded to the floor. I kissed her nose before I leaned back to look at her breasts. My fingers grazed over her round globes, and then I teased her hard nipples, rubbing in circles around her areolas.

I watched myself as my hands drifted down and I hooked my fingers into her thong and slide it down her legs slightly after a gentle nudge. I unhooked her garter belt and it fell down, allowing me to pull her thong down the rest of the way with it. I examined her stockings and decided they could stay on for tonight.

I sat back on the bed and looked her up and down. She stood proudly before me, displaying her body that she was about to give to me for the first time as my wife. My hands trailed up and down her curves and I locked eyes with hers. She ran her hand through my dark hair and smiled down at me.

Stephen - You are so beautiful baby

I closed my eyes and gently kissed around her belly button. She bit her lip and blushed. She continued to stroke my hair as delicate kisses came up over her tits. I bathed every inch of her flesh with kisses and her whimpers became louder with each one. My hand slide between her thighs massaging her flesh, but not touching the prize just inches away.

Trinity - Darling

She gasped at me

I took my mouth off her nipple and grinned

Stephen - Yes?

Trinity - Are you going to fuck me?

She asked with desperation in her voice

Stephen - No baby, I am not going to fuck you.

I rose off of the bed and kissed her hard before she could protest. Every ounce of love I had in my soul for her spilled into my kiss. When I pulled away, I looked in her eyes and stroked her cheek.

Stephen - I am going to worship you and make love to you

Without breaking away from her lips, I picked her up in my arms, and then brought her around the side of the bed. I placed her down gently and smiled at her before straightening out my back. I quickly discarded my boxers, and then climbed into bed next to her.

Our hands explored each other's bodies as if they had never touched each other before.

Trinity held my face with one hand the other grazed through my happy trail, inching closer and closer to my erection, until finally closing her fist around it. I slid one of my arms underneath her and around her back, while my other hand softly kneaded her breasts.

Our arousal and needs heightened with each passing second.

Trinity - I can't wait anymore Stephen

She purred at me. Hearing her use my name made me groan wildly.

Trinity - I need you inside me more than anything I've needed in my life

I groaned again

Stephen - Oh god baby, you have a way with words.

We smiled at each other before kissing again. I nudged her onto her back, and then positioned myself between her legs.

Her hand was still wrapped around my cock when I sat up on my knees. I looked down into her loving eyes and she led my shaft to her pussy with her hand. Her heat felt like it was burning me as she teased us both, holding my cock and lifting her hips, rubbing my organ through her slit. My leaking pre cum and her juices slickened my tool.

Stephen - I love you Trinity, my wife.

Trinity - I love you Stephen, my husband with all that I am

She placed the tip of my member at her entrance

Trinity - Please fill me with your gorgeous cock, I need to feel you

She pulled her hand away and rubbed my chest as I slowly pushed inside of her welcoming hole. She gasped and then let out a low purr as we were finally joined together for the first time as husband and wife.

I groaned deeply as her velvety tunnel opened around me, swallowing me inside. I revelled in every sensation as I filled her.

Trinity - Oh god Stephen! Yesssss baby

She whimpered as her walls stretched open to fit my girth

Stephen - You feel incredible, so much more than I expect this moment to feel like.

Finally, I was inside of her completely. My wife's breaths were rapid gasps as my cock nestled against her cervix. She wrapped her legs tight around my hips and her hands around my back, bringing me down on top of her. My hands slide under arms and wrapped around her shoulders. I held myself there and she never wanted to let go.

Trinity - Ohhhhh baby please stay here forever

My wife begged me

Stephen - I would love to

I kissed her forehead then over her cheeks

I withdrew just as slow as I entered her. I listened to her heavy breath in my ear as I established a slow and tender rhythm that allowed us to feel every sensation and every emotion. Her hips lifted up to meet me and she rolled her hips, digging my organ inside of her, smearing it through her wetness.

Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest and her clit ground against my pelvis with every slow thrust.

Trinity closed her eyes as I kissed her neck, ear, shoulder, and face. This was so different and I wanted to show her what it really felt like to have her needs met this way. I took care of her completely.

Her hands gripped into the strong muscles of my book, feeling them tense and release. She held me tight to her, never wanting me to get away.

My kisses never stopped, lathering her skin and her purrs of pleasure great louder and louder. She loved how I groaned into her skin and my hands held her shoulders tighter, pulling her into me.

Her beautiful pussy naturally suckled my cock and she purposely squeezed her walls even tighter as I pushed inside of her.

I relished the slick friction as the thick ridge of my cock slid in and out of her. Her body gave me the highest plane of ecstasy I had ever felt.

I picked up the pace of my thrusts just a taste and her body naturally followed my movements. Both of us gained fine layers of sweat and the warmth between our bodies heated up the room. The scent of her arousal saturated the air.

I lifted up a little bit so I could see my wife's beautiful face.

Stephen - Open your eyes baby, look at me please

She blinked her eyes open and smiled up at me. Her breasts bounced softly on her chest.

Trinity - Oh baby......... this you fee amazing .......making love to you as my husband

Stephen - You feel better

Trinity - That's not possible

She squeaked when she felt my cock push against her cervix giving her a dull pain in her stomach

Stephen - Did I hurt you?

I slipped one arm out from under her arm and stroked her face

My wife shook her head no and grinned

Trinity - Oh baby no, I just felt you so deep inside me

She ground her hips deeply into mine to feel the sensation again

Trinity - When you are here

I held myself, buried deep inside her tight, soaking beautiful hole

Stephen - I am in you completely

Trinity - I know

She moaned

Her hips rolled digging me in even deeper

Trinity - It's the best baby, completely together

Stephen - We are

I pulled back, then filled her with a stronger jab than before, but not rough

Stephen - You like it?

Trinity - ooo god yes

My wife cried out

Trinity - More Stephen mmm pleaseeeeeee do it again

I pleased her the best I knew how, nothing fancy, just giving her all of me and my body just as she gave me her. I kissed down her neck to her chest and then feasted on her breasts. My eyes stayed up on hers as I filled her over and over while kissing and nibbling her soft flesh

We traded moans and smiles back and forth as our bodies spoke for us in a way that only lovers could

Her body, mind and heart were overwhelmed and I took all my wife and gave her all of her husband. She would know how much I truly loved her by the time we were finished. I felt unworthy of her love she was a goddess, but at the same time, completely deserving.

I felt the stirrings of an orgasm coming on. I returned my lips to hers and kissed her with my organ completely enveloped by her. I held myself there, waiting for the sensation to pass as her pussy clenched my throbbing cock. I felt awful, not knowing how much longer I could last.

Finally making love to the woman who means everything to me, now my wife, was overwhelming me more than I ever imagined

Stephen - Trinity pleaseeee

I muttered against her lips

Stephen - I need you to cum with me. I don't want you to. I need you to

Trinity - I will my husband I will

She coated my face in kisses

Trinity - Don't worry Stephen I will

Stephen - I am sorry I just don't think I can last much longer. Being inside you, my wife, finally it's stirring more emotions in me then I ever thought possible baby I need you to cum with me

Her loving eyes smiled at me as I felt her trembling as she kissed my lips

Trinity - Darling, don't worry just let it happen. Take whatever you need from me, you're my husband. I am all yours for the taking baby

I begin moving my hips again. Slowly at first, but steadily gaining speed and force, never overpowering or nasty like we had often done, just full of passion and love.

I wanted her to know that I loved her. This was about sharing our love for each other, not trying to outdo anything we had done before. There was no dirty talk like we had become accustomed to, just loving words and sounds.

Our eyes locked together, deepening our connection even more. I knew how much pleasure I was giving her in the way her breathing changed and her moans became a higher pitch. I loved feeling her nails dig into my back and her legs push on my ass, as if she was trying to get as much of me as possible.

My worry about not pleasing my wife was long washed away by the tides of bliss that we experienced in unison

Trinity - Baby pleaseeeeeeeee can you just go a little harder, I want to feel so much more of you

Her back arched and her tits pressed into my chest

Trinity - Awwww Stephen you're so good, you feel so good. I love you baby, god I love you

I gave her what she wanted and my cock filled her at a harder pace. Our hips crammed together before I pulled out and filled her again. She cried out in pleasure and her nails scratched down my back. I growled in response. Giving her pleasure was my ultimate pleasure.

We moaned I love you back and forth as I steadily pumped her hard and she met my every thrust.

I still wasn't pounding into her, but my wife had begun screaming from behind her closed eyes. She had never screamed like this and I was in awe, my body was on fire with pure lust and love at the sound of her

Her primal screams only fueled me more. It took every bit of my willpower to not nail her to the bed. That time would come again, but not tonight.

I adored her heavily flushed face and chest and strands of hair that had stuck to her cheeks from her sweat.

Drops of my sweat dripped down onto her as I gave her what she needed. She had never looked more beautiful to me, lost in tremors of almost intolerable ecstasy that racked her body.

Trinity - Ohhhhhhh god Stephennnnnnnnn

My wife cried out

Trinity - Stephen, tell me to cum, tell me to cum pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee baby nowwwwww I am ready

I felt her walls milking me as if they were asking me to give her the best and most intense orgasm of her life. My cock was pulled deeper into her and when I pulled back I felt like her body was screaming at me to stay inside of her.

Stephen - cum for me baby

I panted into her ear

Stephen - Cum for your husband, cum for meeeeeeeeeeeee please, release yourself all over me my beautiful wife. ughhhhhhhhh please please baby please

Trinity - YESSSSSS STEPHENNNN for you baby yesssssssssss mmmmm

My wife screamed as she clenched my back with her fingers and her body went tight

Trinity - mmmm I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you baby I love you awwwwww

She went silent and her walls pulsated around my cock and nearly pushed me out. I had felt this on my fingers before and knew to force myself to stay inside. Her juices squired out around my cock, showering my pelvis with her fluids.

Trinity's eyes shot open when her muscles we overtaken with unending quivers and quakes. She shook violently under me as her orgasm continued to course through her body. Her pussy squeezed and suctioned me in time with my throbs.

Trinity - Baby I love you cum inside me I need to feel you cum inside me please

She begged through ragged breath. Feeling her orgasm on my cock was all that I needed to reach my own climax and then her words urged me over the hill. My balls tingled and then tightened as my skin rose up in flames. I crammed my length inside of her and gave her everything that I had inside of me.

Stephen - arghhhhhh ahhhh yes I love you , I love you my wife, soooo aghhhh much yes baby I love you

I growled heavily as my seed shot almost violently out of my body, coating her beautiful pussy.

She gasped as she felt me empty

Trinity - mmm baby yes I love you too, I love you so much

I collapsed down on top of her and she held me to her as our hearts slowed down. She petted my head and down my back while peppering my sweaty forehead in tender kisses. I didn't pull out. I stayed inside of her for several minutes.

My cock continued to throb and her hugging walls continued to pulse around me while our bodies rocked together. We were both looking deep into each other's eyes now, with tears threatening to spill over. I could feel a tear slide down my cheek and i saw my wife shed a tear shortly after. Tears of pure love for each other in this moment.

Stephen - I love you Trinity Joyce Gotti

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