Sold my Soul

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Chapter Seventeen- Stephen’s POV

Understandable to say last night not much sleep was had so when I woke up I was surprised to feel my doll wasn't in bed with me anymore. I sat up in bed and couldn't see her anywhere.

I got up and headed into the bathroom but she wasn't there. Then as I was walking back I notice her standing out on the balcony. My god what a sight. I pinch myself just to make sure I am not still dreaming.

I open the door and step out to her and she turns around to look at me. As she does her gown drops softly on her shoulder as I look her beautiful body up and down.

Stephen - My god you are a vision! Good morning wife

She blushes as I make my way over to her holding her tightly to me. I stand behind her pulling her into my chest wrapping my arms around her as I feel her sigh deeply and relax into me. We stand there holding each other for what feels like an eternity with not a care in the world.

Stephen - I missed waking up to your beautiful face this morning

Trinity - mmm I'm sorry baby, I actually watched you sleeping for a little while before I got up and came out here. You looked so peaceful I didn't want to disturb you.

Stephen - You could never disturb me

She hugs me tighter as we just continue to embrace, both of us lost in our thoughts, but here together. I was thinking back to all the memories of yesterday and I still couldn't quite believe how lucky I was.

Today though, we get to head back home, get our suitcases that we had packed already and head to the airport so I can spend the next 3 weeks with her and her alone.

We are sat on the balcony enjoying some coffee. My baby is sat on my lap with her arm wrapped around my neck stroking the back of my head softly with her nails and I am rubbing my hand up her stunning legs. My phone starts to ring on the table next to her.

Stephen - Who is it baby?

Trinity - Clint

She says as she passes the phone to me.

Stephen - (Phone call) Hey bro what's up

Clint - (Phone call) Hey man, didn't expect you to be up yet.

Stephen - (Phone call) And just because I said do not call until after midday I didn't expect you to ring at 12:05pm yet here we are

We both laugh because we know it is Clint being his typical fucking self hahaha

Clint - (Phone call) Just wanted to let you know we are heading off in 10 minutes. I have packed up your other room and Mia has packed Trinity's. You want us to take the stuff home with us man so you don't have to worry about it?

Stephen - (Phone call) Yeah thanks man that would be good

Clint - (Phone call) Too easy, we will catch you back at home before you head off this afternoon. You need a lift to the airport?

Stephen - (Phone call) Actually man that would be good, we have to be there about 9:30pm

Clint - (Phone call) Too easy bro, catch you at home. Behave kids, bye Trin

Trinity - (Phone call) Goodbye Clint and thank Mia for me please

Clint - (Phone call) Got it hun, catch ya

Stephen - (Phone call) Later

I pass the phone back to Trinity who puts it on the table for me and we go back to just holding each other, neither of us in a hurry to move today. We have a late check out of 2:30pm and I intend on making the most of this time we have to ourselves.

I find myself start to moan into her touch, her hands in my hair feels so relaxing and I am enjoying this moment of quiet and relaxation with her.

Hearing me moan softly she gets up and takes hold of my hand and brings me into the bedroom.

I look at her quizzically I could have sworn she would have had enough last night, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore her but I would be lying if I didn't admit I was still a little spent.

Trinity - Go lay in bed for me baby and I will be over in a minute

Stephen - Really? Didn't get enough of daddy last night huh little momma?

Trinity - Behave and do as you are told

She smacks me on the ass causing me to smirk and heads to the bathroom

I do as I am told and go wait in the bed for her. She quickly comes back carrying a bottle with her. She tells me to roll over on my stomach and I do as I am told, I will never argue with my wife, what she wants she gets.

I see her robe fall to the bedside and feel her kneel up on the bed. I feel the coolness of the cream against my skin on my back and I tense a little at first.

I soon feel my love straddling my hips and sitting on my butt, as I feel her delicate hands start to work the cream into my back and shoulders.

Once she rubbed it in a little she starts at my hips and lower back working her hands all over it kneading the muscles and rubbing up either side of my spine applying a little pressure.

I feel the tension in my muscles starting to ease as my body relaxes into her touch.

After about 10 minutes she moves up to the middle of my back just under my shoulder blades and repeats the same movements. I can't help but groan in pleasure, the feel of my muscles relaxing her every touch.

Stephen - hmmm baby that feels so good. Why have I not let you do this for me before?

She leans forward and gently kisses my shoulder and I can feel the smile on her lips as she does.

She moves up over my shoulder blades working the muscles in under my blades and loosening the tightened muscles before working her way up to my neck. About an hour later I feel completely relaxed and on the verge of falling back to sleep when I feel my doll lay down on my back and just gently stroke my hair, her head resting between my shoulder blades.

We stay there for a s long as we can before I am alerted by a text on my phone.

Stephen - mmm baby you awake

Trinity - No

I laugh softly at her sleepy reply. I reach my arm around and give her a love tap on the butt.

Stephen - We will have to get up soon babe and get ready to head home

Trinity - mmm soon baby, I am comfortable right now

Stephen - Get your sleep butt up before I give you something to wake you up

Trinity - mmm give me something baby

Stephen - Little tease

I roll and swing her round the front as I do and give her a tender kiss

Stephen - Up beautiful

Trinity - aww alright I'm coming

Stephen - Not yet

I wink at her as she drags her gorgeous ass to the shower. We have a shower and make sure we have everything from the room before heading down and checking out. That is when I remember I had a text come through before and check my phone.

Clint - (Text message) We have a situation at home mate, not sure if it is something but there is a dodge that has been parked across the road since before we got home. I can see at least one occupant. No movement yet, will keep you updated.

I pocket my phone and try not to alert my girl to any possible issue. We still don't know if there is any at stage, and no point in panicking for nothing.

The drive back home is peaceful and my wife holds my hand tightly the whole way. I look over at one stage and see her sleeping peacefully next to me and smile to myself.

We pull up home and I clock the car Clint was referring to on my left as we pull into our drive. I park up in front of the garage and walk around to get our stuff out the boot. I grab her gorgeous dress bag out and some of our luggage and walk it over to the front porch. I return to the car and open her door and she starts to stir.

I gently under her seat belt and go to lift her out.

Trinity - mmm baby it's ok I can walk

Stephen - You sure love?

I say as I start to stand up and see a guy walking down our driveway. Well guy is a loose term, a cop. You can pick them a mile away. I grab my wife's hand and hold it protectively as she gets out. I don't let go an she looks at me curiously until she turns around and sees him also.

She looks up to me with questioning eyes

Trinity - Babe?

Stephen - Stay next to me love and don't speak unless I give you the ok alright baby?

Trinity - Babe, should I be worried?

Stephen - No baby, I got you

She grips my hand tight and stands slightly behind me as I watch him come down the driveway. As he gets closer I decide to speak up first.

Stephen - Do I know you mate? Any reason you are on my property?

Detective - Detective Peters Mr Gotti, I believe we have met before I am sure you remember? Been away on a little trip I see? I came by yesterday also trying to catch one of you home. But actually no, you can't help me right now. I am here to speak to Miss Reffett

Stephen - I'm sorry you must be mistaken, did you mean Mrs Gotti, my wife?

I see the arrogance in his face start to disappear as what I just said registers and I can't help but smirk back at his now frustrated face.

Stephen - I am sure anything you have to discuss with my wife she has no problem with me being in attendance do you baby?

I squeeze her hand for reassurance and to let her know it is ok

Trinity - I have no secrets from my husband, you can talk to me here with him present

Detective - The question is though, does he have secrets from you Mrs Gotti?

By this stage Clint and Mia must have seen what was happening and head outside to us.

Clint - All good mate?

Stephen - Yeah everything is fine, the detective here was looking for Miss Reffett

Clint - Oh that's awakward, does he know that is Mrs Gotti now?

Stephen - He does now

Clint and I smirk at each other then back to the detective standing firm.

Stephen - So what was it you needed Detective?

Detective - Nothing important, I am sure Miss Reffett, I mean Mrs Gotti and I can talk another day.

Stephen - And I am sure, as you already know, if you want to speak to my wife you can go through our Lawyer otherwise I believe she is not obligated to answer any of your questions Detective, would that be right unto the law?

Detective - That s correct Mr Gotti, although one would question why so defensive?

Stephen - One could also question why so evasive?

He let out a humourless laugh and starts to walk away

Detective - Have a good afternoon Mr and Mrs Gotti

Stephen - You too Detective

Detective - Oh and congratulations

I wrap my arm protectively around my wife and smile back at him, watching him like a hawk until he disappears off my property.

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