Sold my Soul

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Chapter Eighteen - Stephen’s POV

I could tell Trinity was a bit shaken following the detective's unannounced visit. I wasn't in the slightest. I knew the head games cops loved to play with us, and I knew if they had anything concrete or remote to go on they would have had us all down for questioning.

The fact they didn't just proved to me they were on a fishing expedition.

Clint - Trin, sweetheart! Look at us

She still looks shaken and in her own little world so I gently grab her hip. Mia walked over and grabbed her hand

Stephen - Baby?

Trinity - huh?

Clint - You have nothing to worry about ok

I watch as Clint leans in and whispers in her ear and she nods her head understanding what he is saying. I can see her smile and nod as Clint pulls away and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. I am so thankful to have such a good mate in him who not only has my back but looks out for my wife also.

Stephen - You good baby?

Trinity - Yeah darling, I am fine. Looking forward to getting on our honeymoon babe and having a break

Stephen - Me too

I give her a quick kiss as we get the rest of the stuff inside. Once settled we make a quick coffee and Clint and I roll a blunt while the girls are doing this. We all walk down the back yard and sit down at the benches having a break.

Clint - I told her to be careful up there what she said, they are very likely to bug the place

Stephen - Thanks mate

Clint- I also told her that it is just the games cops play. If they had anything, they would not be coming here to question, they would be taking one or all of us down to the cop shop for questioning instead. It is a game to them. They don't have any answers or leads so they are just playing the process of elimination - divide and conquer.

Trinity - You guys sound like you have experience with this

Stephen - More than I care to admit babe, but it is what they do, they bait and bait and bait until they get a hook.

Mia - It is true hunny, they use to try it with me all the time also when Clint and I first started dating. Until they realised I wasn't going to fall for this shit

Trinity - Thanks guys

I pull her on to my lap and we sit there with our mates for a while reminiscing on yesterday, my babe sitting between my legs as I hug her into me and our friends sitting beside us doing the same. It was nice to have another couple we could share so much in common with and go through this process together with.

We decided to get everything packed into the car for our trip and go out for dinner with Mia and Clint before they dropped us to the airport. We chose Capulet given it was ours so it wouldn't be too hard to get a table and sorted without a booking.

We headed down and got settled into our booth and shortly after ordered a drink and some food. We spent a few hours there relaxing before Mia and Clint dropped us to the airport.

I thanked them both and we all hugged and we headed off into the airport. As I wanted it to be a surprise until we boarded our flight I made my baby go wait in the lounge while I checked us in and got our luggage sorted.

I got us all checked in except for a bag with our hand luggage as it was a long flight and headed back to my doll. She was sat waiting like I asked and I saw that the worry of earlier had finally left her and she looked relaxed and at ease again

Stephen - You ready to do this my love?

Trinity - You going to tell me where we are going yet?

Stephen - Nope

I tell her with a cheeky grin on my face.

Trinity - Then no, I'm not ready

She retorts poking her tongue out at me. I lean over her in the seat and get dangerously close to her face

Stephen - Do that again

She leans up closer to me and pokes her tongue out. I capture it in my teeth softly and pull it into my mouth. Kissing her is like nothing else in this world. I could get lost in her mouth for hours.

Stephen - Mmm you always taste so good baby

Trinity - I love kissing you, more so now I can call you my husband

Stephen - My wife

I kiss her again then grab her hand in mine pulling her up. I pull away from her not entirely ready to but figured we still have to get through customs so best to not get distracted right now. We walk hand in hand through the terminal until we get to the escalators down to customs. I go on first and she wraps her arms around my waist and snuggles into my back

Trinity - I really do love you baby so much

Stephen - Hey? Where's that coming from babe?

Trinity - No where, I just wanted to remind you

I reach down and grab her left hand and kiss her rings again and look at them for a minute

Stephen - I love you too

We get down the bottom and the queue is hectic so we get in and wait to be called through. As we are waiting I hear someone on my right saying my name

Hannah - Stephen?

I look over and see Hannah, one of Mia's old friends from college and I use the word friend loosely. Mostly she just sponged around Mia because she was an addict trying to get freebies to get through her course.

Stephen - Hey Hannah, how you been?

Hannah - Oh my god, I thought that was you

She steps towards me with her arms open as if she's going to hug me so I quickly slip my arm around my wife and extend my hand to shake Hannah's. She looks confused for a minute but shakes it anyway.

Stephen - I haven't seen you in a few years

Hannah - Oh you know, I've been around

I bet she has

I watch as she's looking between Trinity and I. I introduce my wife as the polite thing to do, but I would much rather not.

Stephen - Hannah this is my wife Trinity. Trinity this is Hannah, one of Mia's old friends from college

Hannah - Just Mias's? Oh you break my heart

Really bitch?

Hannah - And Married? Wow I never thought that would happen. I am sure a lot of hearts are broken, mine included

I see Trinity raise her eyebrow, but I've got this covered

Stephen - Ha, not mine. It's never been more whole

My wife looks up at me lovingly and strokes my chest

Hannah - So where are you kids off to anyway?

Stephen - Our honeymoon. But can't say it's still a surprise for my doll

Hannah - Right well have fun, I better go, Call me

She bounces off as I reply quietly

Stephen - Definitely not

Trinity - hahahahaha! You're bad

Stephen - And she's just a junkie fixing to score on the cheap

I fill Trinity in about her while we wait and finally we get to the front of the queue.

We get through with no issues, except for the fact I was ready to punch the customs officer in the throat for the predatory way he was looking at my wife.

Stephen - You know how close I came to throat punching him

Trinity - hahahaha babe you're ridiculous

Stephen - What? He was clearly trying to hit on you

Trinity - He was not hahaha he would have clearly seen my rings and that we were together

Stephen - Yeah that definitely wasn't stopping him. And don't think I didn't see him turn to check your ass out when we left

Trinity - hahaha bullshit

Stephen - He absolutely did

I wink at her and she shakes her head at me

Trinity - What is it with you and arses?

Stephen - No baby, not arses, just yours

I say as I grab a handful of her gorgeous backside. She goes bright red and tries to dart out the way of my hand not before I get a nice pinch on it and laugh

Trinity - Pervert

Stephen - Sexy momma

We finally arrive at our gate and I place my hands on her hips and turn her to see the sign above our boarding gate. I watch as her jaw drops and her light up like a kid at Christmas

Trinity - THAILAND!!!

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