Sold my Soul

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Sequel to Sold On you, please read that first - In the aftermath of Stephen Choosing Trinity over his current life, can their love withstand the next test? ** This is my original works, originally published on Chapters as part of the Summer Extravaganza Writing Contest. Any attempts to recreate it will be reported (unfortunately with the amount of stories that are being copyright lately it is sad we now have to put these disclaimers on our works to protect us writers) **

Romance / Thriller
Luci Fer
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Chapter One - Trinity’s POV

I am up in our bedroom still shaking.

After what just happened Stephen told Mia to bring me up here while the boys talked.

The moment we got back I started throwing up violently. I couldn't control it. How did my life come to this?

I can't believe I did that! But I couldn't let anything happen to Stephen. He is my world.

I was standing at our bedroom window when I saw Dave and Chad running down to the warehouse. Not sure what was going on and starting to panic now I began pacing.

Unable to settle I left our room and decided I needed to go back down there. I needed to explain, we needed to call the police. Something, anything!

As I got to the back door and made my way out and started to head towards the Warehouse, I heard Mia's voice from under the patio.

Mia - What are you doing babe? We were told to wait here.

Trinity - I can't Mia. I . . . I killed him. We need to do something, call the police, I don't know, just something. Not just sit here.

Mia - Babe, I need you to sit down and trust me when I tell you Clint and Stephen are sorting this right now.

I sit down and my hands are shaking so bad and I feel like I am going to vomit.

Mia - Come here

She pulls me into a side hug.

Mia - Babe if I could I would give you a smoke right now to calm you down, but I need you to just stay with me a little longer until the boys have sorted out how we are going to deal with this. You need not worry, I promise Stephen is not going to let anything happen to you, and neither will Clint and I ok.

Still not fully believe it, as I know I killed someone I just simply reply

Trinity - Ok

Mia sat with me outside waiting for the boys to return.

When it got to two hours later I had enough and got up to march down there. My nerves were all over the place and I couldn't take anymore of this just sitting around and waiting.

Mia - Sit down please hunny. Look I know you are stressed, let me ring the boys and at least find out how much longer they will be please.

Trinity - Fine, but if they don't answer I am going down there Mia. I need answers.

Mia - Ok

Mia dials the boys and I hear Clint's voice through the receiver but can't fully make out what he is saying. After a few minutes Mia gets off the phone.

Mia - Babe they are just locking up now and will be back up here in 10 minutes max ok

Trinity - Ok

I am pacing back and forth, I really can't take much more of this.

I feel sick and I can't breath, everywhere I look I am starting to see little stars popping up in my vision.

I am starting to lose it and I hunch over trying to grasp at breaths when I feel a strong set of hands around my waist.

Stephen - Baby, I need you to listen to me. Stand up tall for me, common I got you, I'll hold you.

I do as Stephen says and he holds on to my waist as I stand back up. He pulls me in close to him, one arm around my waist and one arm around the top of my chest giving me the support I need that my legs have failed me on.

Stephen - That's it baby, now I need you to take really deep breaths ok, listen to my voice and try and block out everything else ok. Concentrate on our breaths together ok.

I nod as his voice soothes me and we breath together as he holds me supporting me.

I start to feel better and my breathing returns to normal. Stephen continues to hold me until he feels my heart stop racing, even then he still keeps soothing me, stroking me softly, and whispering in my ear words of encouragement.

Stephen - I've got you baby

He whispers

Stephen - It's ok, I am right here, keep breathing slowly with me, daddy's here it's ok.

He knew I was about to have a panic attack and he knew exactly what to do to bring me out of this state.

Stephen - You ok baby? Can I get you anything?

I shake my head as I start sobbing into him.

He scoops me up and brings me over to the patio lounge where he sits me across his lap stroking my back as I bury my face in his chest, no longer able to control the tears that all.

His presence is soothing and I let out every emotion I have been holding in for the last two hours.

The fear, the anger, the hurt and all the while Stephen just holds me tighter and tighter giving me the outlet I need.

I finally manage to calm down, although still gripping on tightly to his waist to make sure he is really here. He reaches down and holds my face between his hands looking tenderly into my eyes.

Stephen - You ok doll? What do you need? Say the word and I'll do it to make sure you're ok my love.

Trinity - I will be, I was so scared I was going to lose you daddy. Just hold me please, please don't let me go.

Stephen - Shhh I am right here, I am not going anywhere

I finally notice that Mia and Clint are no longer here.

Trinity - Where did the other's go?

Stephen - Inside baby, they just wanted to give you some space rather than crowding you right now. It is a lot to process.

Trinity - Babe I feel terrible

Stephen - Sweetheart, you shouldn't, you did wha . . .

Trinity - No babe, I don't feel terrible for killing him, I feel terrible for not caring that I killed him, all I could think about was saving you, making sure you were ok.

Stephen - I love you, come here.

He cradles me into him again and we just sit there holding each other. I don't know how long passes when I hear Clint and Mia come back out. Clint gently brushes my shoulder.

Clint - You ok hun?

Trinity - I am ok I think

Giving him a weary smile. They sit down and Clint rolls up and passes us all one.

Trinity - So what happens now?

Clint - What do you mean hun?

Trinity - You know what I mean, come on Clint.

Clint - Nope really not sure what you're referring to right now, you Stephen?

Stephen - You mean tonight baby? It is getting late so we should probably organise some dinner soon, maybe a quiet night just the 4 of u . . .

Sitting up right in Stephen's lap

Trinity - Really guys? You both know I am not referring to that. I mean what happens now with what happened earlier? There's still a body in the warehouse, what are we going to do?

Clint - Body? What body?


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