Sold my Soul

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Chapter Nineteen - Stephen’s POV

I watch as my baby stands there in shock. She jumps up at me and I catch her and she kisses me all over.

Trinity - Thank you thank you thank you baby, you spoil me so much

Stephen - I would do anything for you baby

Trinity - Oh my god! I can't believe it. How did you know?

Stephen - Baby, I listen to you. And I remember you saying it's one place you would love to go.

Trinity - You're incredible. You are going to get so laid for this

I roar laughing. She's too fucking cute sometimes for her own good

Stephen - Then my evil plan worked

I wiggle my eyebrows at her

Trinity - hahaha fuck I love you

She grips my bicep and cuddles in to me and we go find some seats and wait to be called. Wonder how she is going to take the next surprise?

Thankfully we don't have to wait too long and we are called for boarding. I let her walk through first and take the chance to watch that gorgeous ass of hers in action again. Without even turning I hear

Trinity - Quit looking at my ass

Stephen - Hahaha never

We get in and are met by one of the hostesses who leads us through.

Trinity - Stop it! You didn't?

Stephen - Baby, I only plan on having one honeymoon I want to give you everything you deserve

We thank the hostess and get our bag in, kick our shoes off and get settled.

Stephen - I wanted us to be comfortable too babe, it's a little over 20 hours flying

Trinity - I still wonder what I did to deserve you

We get settled in and about half an hour later our flight takes off. I pour us both a glass of champagne and hand it to her as we lay down facing each other.

Stephen - I love you my beautiful wife

Trinity - I love you so much husband

We cheers and I feed her a strawberry as I watch her beautiful lips wrap around it delicately before she feeds me one back and we take a sip of our drinks. We talk and laugh for a while, and exchange plenty of kisses before deciding to settle on a movie.

Once we find one I pull her into me as she curls up into my side her head on my chest as she strokes down my side. At some stage we both fall asleep curled into each other.

After a very long flight we arrive at Phuket International Airport and make our way through customs again. We get out and find the car service I had arranged and it's late afternoon so the streets are buzzing as we zip through. We arrive at the Ferry Terminal which will take us across to Koh Samui Island where we are spending our first week.

The ride is breathtaking just like the surroundings.

We snap some photos along the way and as we are getting closer to our resort we see a photographer on a boat snapping photos of the couples that arrive as a keepsake to take home with them.

(Author's Note - The resort in Thailand does actually do this, these are from our holiday there a few years ago)

The hotel staff assist with our luggage and we make our way to our private bungalow for the week, with pool and not too far from the water's edge.

Trinity - This is incredible baby, I can't thank you enough

Stephen- Thank you for being here with me

We get settled and decide to take a quick shower to freshen up before getting some dinner as it's getting later in the evening.

We head down to the restaurant and order our meals and wait for them to arrive.

Trinity - Everything good baby?

Stephen - Yeah, look

I turn my phone to her and show her I have updated our social media to married now and checked us in and made a note of Do not disturb.

Trinity - You're too cute sometimes babe

Stephen - Hey nothing wrong with wanting everyone we know to know that you are all mine now

I lean across the table and kiss her gently

Stephen - I love you Mrs Gotti

Trinity - I love you Mr Gotti

Shortly afterwards our drinks arrive and they look incredible.

We enjoy our meals that arrive shortly afterwards and each other's company. After dinner we decide to take a walk along the beach before heading back and getting an early night. It's been a big few days and we are both starting to feel the jet lag kick in now.

As we were walking back we were just in time to see some fireworks going off over the water and we sat in the sand holding each other watching the beautiful show before us.

It was perfect being able to sit here with my doll enjoying this moment. If someone had of told me a year ago I would be sat on a Thai beach with my wife tonight I would have laughed at them.

After watching the night show we got up and walked the streets back to our bungalow. I was mesmerised by her, her excitement, her awe, her sense of adventure was radiating, she looked radiant and I couldn't help but snap a photo of her. She looked perfect in this moment.

We got back to our bungalow and get changed for bed. We slide in and cuddle up together looking out to the ocean in front of us. I gently stroke her back as she cuddles into me. It didn't take long for us to fall asleep as the jet lag had kicked in long ago. I awake in the middle of the night.

Slowly opening my eyes I see the soft moonlight coming in through the window. We're in bed, she was cuddled against me in her little pj's, me in my shorts. One of my arms is around her, and I can feel the warmth under my fingers. I breathe in and smelt her hair.

I pressed forward ever so slightly and enjoy the feeling of her. She stirs slightly and I can tell she is pressing back against me. Not wanting to wake her, and not sure if she is awake, I find myself playing a silent game.

I nuzzle the back of her neck and pull her into me lightly until I hear her breath catch. It was just an instant, but she's given up the game.

I want to tease her a little longer though, so I pretend I didn't notice. I pull my hips back while keeping my face pressed into her hair, rubbing my nose up and down. Seconds pass and I begin to think she may actually be asleep. But then she scoots her cute round butt back against me and I know.

I push my hips forward and there is no doubt in my mind that she can feel me growing. My hand snakes its way upwards until I find her breast and begin to squeeze, not as hard as we both know she likes, just enough to get her complete attention.

Her breathing picks up as she moves one of her hands on top of mine and guides it. Showing me wordlessly how she wants to be touched tonight. I begin rocking my hips back and forth in a gently rhythm that she begins to match.

Feeling my desires rising I decide to move the game along. I pull my hand out from underneath her top. She makes a quiet sound of disappointment. She is about to make a more verbal complaint when my finger tips prod her chin back towards my direction. I lean my head up as well and our lips make contact. She tastes divine, of fresh sea air, the salt water immersing her skin.

The whole world stops for a moment and it is just my wife and I. Our lips are the only things we can feel.

The moment passes. She shifts around and fully faces me now, our lips staying in contact the entire time. She snakes her arms under mine and one of her legs makes its way over the top of me as well.

We pull into each other in an embrace which is all too familiar. We continue to kiss as I roll her onto her back. I gently brush her hair back

Stephen - mmm I love you baby

Trinity- mmm baby I love you so much it aches inside me

I prop myself up on my hands and look down into her wide eyes. The moon casts her face, lovely as always and I stare at her eyes, scanning them for what she may be thinking. I can see so much.

Love, desire, understanding and just the slightest bit of fear. My shadow looms over her for just a second longer than she wants me to and I lean my head down. The kiss is all desire, and my doll returns it with equal passion.

I keep my body raised up and her hands begin to wander down my sides. One is on my back, trying to pull me down, the other reaches under the top of my boxers and grasps hold. She knows my body so well and she knows I'm ready.

I begin to lower my weight on to my baby as she strokes me lightly. I kiss my way down to her neck and her whole body aches up offering itself to me. I keep kissing her neck and let my hands roam downward. She lets go of my shaft as she helps me pull down her bottoms and panties.

Her body is glowing in the midnight light, the sound of the sea crashing around us. I have to lift my weight up again as she squirms and kicks, tangled up in clothing, blankets and me. Finally they are off and she wraps her legs around my waist, her hands finding again what they had a moment before.

She slides my boxers down again and frees my member from its confines. I stop kissing her neck and look into her eyes again.

She nods slightly. We both look down, we can't see anything for all the shadows, but we stare intently anyway. I stay as still as I can while she guides me. Once she has me at her entrance I push forward.

For the second time that night, time stops.

I sink into my doll completely. She's been just as ready as me since we started, wanting it just as badly as me. My whole body goes tense and she shudders slightly knowing what is next.

The unspeakable feeling breaks in both of us and we melt together. Both of us thinking of nothing now but the desire and need we have for each other. Both of us feeling the heat as we grind ourselves together, each move pushing us on, bringing us closer and closer. I have never felt closer to her than making love to Trinity as my wife. It's a new level of emotion that is so raw to me, but one I'm so addicted to already, knowing it will only be her for the rest of our lives.

We're kissing wildly as I grunt and grown, as she purrs into me. Breathing hard I can feel it start to build in my loins. I feel her rhythm getting erratic and I know she is just as close as I am.

We're bucking like wild animals and she begins to shake in my arms. I can't take it anymore. I can't control the lust I have for my wife, it's insatiable.

Every time I am with her it's like a new high and I am so addicted, to be without her now would kill me. I can't let her go. I need her more than anything in this world. The euphoria I get from this woman is enough to drive me insane without her.

Stephen- mmm my god I love you, I love you so much, awww baby I can't get enough of you, I want to stay like this forever

She cries out as her breath hitches in her throat, I kiss her jaggedly, both of us gasping for air, our emotions ripping through our core, every inch of each other in a state of pure bliss, a feeling I could never find with anyone else.

Stephen - awww baby I don't know how you do it, I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to laugh in joy, the way mmm you make me feel, I can't live without you, I need you, awww mmm Trinity please baby, please my love I am begging you, I need you

She grips me tighter pulling my head down to her, her hand wrapped around my neck her body clinging to me with everything she has, terrified to let go in case this moment slips away. Her beautiful moans right in my ear as I sink into her again and again. I hear her gasp and a sob catch in her throat as I grip her tighter to me.

Trinity - mmm baby I live for you aww yes I need you, I can't breath without you awww please baby please I love you Stephen I love you so much

A small, high pitched noise escapes her lips as I pass the point of no return. She keeps shaking, I keep thrusting until I burst.

And when I do, I hold myself still forcing myself as deep as I can.

Stephen - ooo baby you're everything I need

Trinity - mmm yessssss baby give me all of you

Our breathing slows.

I watch as my baby begins to feel control of her body coming back. I slowly stroke the hair off her beautiful face from all the trashing around. I look into her hypnotic eyes one last time for the night. The same eyes that I have been under the spell of since the first moment we met.

Our lips touch delicately again, as we hold each other tightly, scared to let go.

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