Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty - Stephen’s POV

We woke up around 10am the next morning and just lay in bed for a while looking out to the beautiful ocean before us.

Trinity - So baby, I know if you had your way you would want to spend most of our week right here in this bed, but . . . .

Stephen - Wait, are you about to tell me you don't want to?

As she starts to say something back she catches my face and see's I am smirking and just mucking around with her.

Trinity - Ha ha! You're so funny. But seriously, what have you got planned for today, or are we just going to play it by ear?

Stephen - Actually babe, I did do a bit of research while I was planning and there is a couple of things I wanted to do while we are on Koh Samui, which we should be able to get done in 3 full days or split up, and then we can spend the rest of the days relaxing before we head to Phuket Koh Phi Phi.

Trinity - Sounds perfect my love, so what is on today's agenda?

Stephen - You get that gorgeous backside up, and get showered and dressed, hiking clothes and swimmers, then we will get some breakfast. First stop we can head to Namuang Safari Park were I have organised a ride on the elephants and bathing of them and then I thought we could head over to Na Mueang Waterfalls which is just a 30 minute rainforest walk away.

Trinity - Sounds perfect baby

She gets up out of bed and grabs my hand gently pulling me up.

Trinity - You coming to shower baby?

She winks at me and I start to chase her to the bathroom as she squeals.

We have a bit of shower fun and then get dressed to head down for Breakfast. I walk down out of our villa and I see her standing there just hugging herself watching the waves crash and waiting for me. When she hears me coming she turns to look at me and like always with her my breath catches in my throat.

Stephen - Ready to go beautiful?

Trinity - Absolutely handsome

Stephen - You got your swimmers too babe?

Trinity - Yeah baby, I have our towels and your board shorts to swap into in the bag, I have my swimmers on underneath

I grab her hand and we start walking down to the breakfast bar. I am at the bar ordering some drinks while Trin has gone and secured us a table, when I notice a juice I just have to get for her.

I bring it back to our table and gently kiss her on the head

Stephen - For you beautiful

She smiles softly at me and takes a sip.

Trinity - Oh that is to die for, try this babe

She passes me the straw to take a sip and it is heavenly.

We share a fruit and bagel platter for breakfast before I take the back pack off her and carry it as I grab her hand and we head down to the scooter hire.

Trinity - So where is this Safari park babe?

Stephen - It is just under an hour from here. One of the staff recommended a shop just down the road here where we can hire a scooter and ride there which will be easier than getting tuk tuk's, taxi in Thailand.

Trinity - Sounds good.

We head to the shop and I provide them all the ID needed and they advise it will be 2500 baht for the week which is definitely a better option. I pay for it and they organise to bring it around the front and provide us the directions and map to where we need to go for the Safari Park.

I hop on and pass her the back pack to put on and she gets up behind me. She wraps her arms softly around my waist, one hand resting higher as she drags her nails down my chest stroking me gently. We set off and enjoy the fresh sea air in our faces and against us as the sun beams down, my baby wrapped around me feeling pleasantly relaxed, I grab one of her hands in mine and entwine our fingers as we take in the sights as we scoot along.

About an hour alter we arrive at the Safari Park and lock the Scooter up. We speak to the staff and advise we have booked for the Elephant rides then we are going to do the hikes up to the waterfalls. They take care of our bag and scooter keys and put them away in a locker while we get changed into our swimmers ready for the ride. When we head back they hand us a key on a chain which I put around my neck so we know our belongings are safe.

We wait to be waved down and thankfully do not have to wait too long. Our guide who will come with us brings us down and introduces us to our rides for the day. They are intimidatingly big but really just like over grown children as they roll on their sides wanting their tusks scratched or under the bellies flicking mud at each other and sizing us up.

Trinity - They are beautiful

Stephen - Aren't they just

It was one of the most humbling experiences being so close to these beautiful creatures. I felt so small and insignificant in comparison. I looked over to my wife and smiled at her, she looked like a child her excitement radiating through her face.

Stephen - Ready to go baby

Trinity - So ready, I am so excited.

I blow her a kiss

Stephen - Let's do this

We gripped the rope step on each of our rides and climbed up with the help of our guides who then started heading down the stream once we were on. It was surreal to be sitting on these creatures making our way through the lush rainforest. We got to a deeper clearing and the guides warned us the elephants had a habit of trying to splash water here so to be ready for it. I watched as Trin went through first and she looked around as I went through.

We rode on them for about an hour before we returned. When we got down she ran to me throwing her arms and legs around me as I picked her up and swung her around.

Trinity - Thank you baby, that was the most amazing experience I have ever had.

Stephen - I am glad you enjoyed it my love

Trinity - Look babe, I got this when you were crossing back at the bridge

She turns her phone to me to show a photo of myself on the ride.

I kiss her softly before we turn to our guides and thank them and offer them each a tip for their time. They were very appreciative and kept telling us to come back many times.

We head over and unlock the locker and get our backpack which has some bottled water, our towels, swimmers etc for the falls. We lock it back up with the scooter key and stuff inside and we head to the path for the falls.

The walk is only a short 30 minute journey and as we get about 10 minutes out we can already start to hear the fresh water falling over the rock surfaces. When we come around the clearing finally both of us are swept away by the beauty.

There isn't many people around thankfully so it allows us to enjoy them without being fully over crowded.

Stephen - We going in?

Trinity - Of course

She smiles back at me. I take my shirt off and put it in the back pack and then I look over and see my doll slipping her denim shorts and shirt off, down to a gorgeous yellow bikini that looks stunning on her with her tan. I was obviously looking longer than I should have

Trinity - Would you like a photo baby? It will last longer than staring

She says at me as she smirks at me practically drooling all over her and mentally fucking her bare.

Stephen - Actually I would

I say with my own devilish smile back as I bite my lip, my eyes wandering over her body imagining being buried inside her again. It has the desired affect as I watch her eyes darken and her mouth drop open a bit. I decide to seize my chance and take a photo and fuck me does she look good.

Stephen - Fuck

She licks her lips at me

Trinity - Something wrong hubby?

Stephen - Come here you fucking tease

I grab her by the string of her bikini into me and smash my lips on to her. My hand wanders around to her backside grabbing a handful of it as I groan into her mouth. I have to force myself to pull back before I get too carried away remember where we are.

She watches as I walk over to the ledge and get ready to dive in. I do it quickly not thinking about it too much and I am surprised to feel the water quite refreshing. I pull myself up and climb back up to her about to go again when I notice her taking a sneaky pic of me again.

She is engrossed in the pic she took of me and I quietly swim over without her realising. When my hand closed over her ankle, she sat up with a shock on her face. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me adoringly. Her eyes met mine and when she saw the heat, the hunger, her body trembled with anticipation. I loved her reaction to me, every time! Using my strong shoulders I surged up from the water onto her rock and then she saw my eager manhood

Trinity - Babe wait

She murmured, breathless, confused by her own reactions, aroused beyond anything she'd felt before.

Stephen - Wait for what Mrs Gotti?

I answered her on purpose as I leaned over her, urging her down. I knew how much it drove her wild to hear me calling her by my name. My lips found hers and she trembled with my touch, with the heat growing in her body.

Trinity - mmmm . . . . baby not here

She breathed, but she arched under me as my hand cupped her breasts, my thumbs stroking her nipples. Her legs parted of their own accord, as if to urge me to settle closer to her. I shifted, my hard body now settling between her legs, and she moaned her desire.

Stephen - mmmm I can't get enough of you . . . . you are so delicious

I say as I lick all the way up her neck. I growled as if that was enough. I lowered my mouth to suck on her neck occasionally dragging my teeth along the sensitive skin. My hands stroked her hips and up her sides as I grabbed her arms wrapping them around my neck and shoulders as I pressed into her. Her nails dragged up my shoulders and up to my neck as we kissed deeply absorbing each other's love.

I finally started to pull away from her and took her hand.

Stephen - I need to go cool off and get this down.

I say as I push my erection into her side.

Trinity - mmmm ok baby, I'll be with you in a minute

Stephen - No way, you are coming with me now

I pick her up and carry her in with me. She moves around on to my back, her legs locked around my neck as I swim out closer to the falls with her on my back. We enjoy the coolness of the water together after the heat of the morning before going back up to relax on our towels for a little bit.

As we are relaxing I feel something drop near me and we look up and see a cluster of wild monkeys have made their way over, which is very common we have been told on the islands. They seem just as intrigued by us as we are them and we take the time to give them some water and little snacks we had brought with us.

I am watching her reach up to one of the smaller ones to feed it and smiling to myself as I snap a pic of it. It has been the most perfect day we could have asked for and making these beautiful memories together was just the icing on the cake.

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