Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Two - Stephen’s POV

Stephen - Have my baby Trinity please? I want to start trying for a family with you

I'm looking back at my wife wondering what her reaction will be

Stephen - Baby?

Stephen - Baby, tell me what you're thinking please

When she still looks lost in her head I touch her face softly

Stephen - Talk to me baby please

Trinity - I . . . I um

I reach up wrapping my hand around her neck and stroking her cheek as I look at her

Stephen - It's ok. Talk to me. We can work it out baby whatever it is

Trinity - I'm scared

Stephen - Scared of what baby?

Trinity - Everything that's happened lately. I want nothing more than to be a family, but what if something happens? Something happens to me?

Stephen - You mean because of Mike?

I watch as she nods her head and lowers her eyes from me. I know she's still scared, it is not easy to pretend you aren't, and I know it's not over yet, but I know nothing is going to happen to her, there is no way on this earth I will let that happen.

Stephen - Baby when I told you that you were safe I wasn't lying. Nothing, and I promise you nothing is going to happen. Believe me when I say, if it comes down to it I will make sure nothing ever comes of you because of that. We will protect you, I will protect you.

Trinity - I know and I believe you. I really do babe, it's just hard not to be scared

Stephen - You don't need to be my love, I'm here to shoulder that for you

She leans forward and kisses me lovingly, wrapping her body around me

I place my hands under her beautiful butt and stand up, her legs locking around my waist as I carry her out to our balcony. We sit and listen to the calming sounds of the ocean as we hold hands.

The moon over the ocean was really a sight. It was nearly as breathtaking as my wife. At first we were sitting next to each other holding hands, both inside our heads just thinking and contemplating everything we had just spoke about.

After a while I told Trinity to move over here and sit on my lap. This was much nicer, and we sat quietly looking out at the ocean. I undid my dressing gown wrapping her inside of it so she could snuggle down into me.

Stephen - I really am so in love with you, I hope you know that.

Trinity - I do baby, thank you for talking to me tonight, I know it can't have been easy, but I want to be here for you, in all we do.

Stephen - You are babe

Trinity - Hold me please sweetheart

I knew what she meant. She liked it when I wrap my arm around her tummy just under the rib cage. I'm sure she meant for me to hold her over her night gown but I slipped my arm underneath instead.

At first she was startled, alarmed that I'd pushed up the front of her nightgown enough to expose her panties. She cuddled into me and we both became aware that with the night dress no longer under her, there was nothing between my briefs and her panties.

Trinity - mmm that's nice

She whispered

Stephen - mphmm yeah

I said, using my arm around her belly to pull her closer.

Trinity - mmm that's naughty

She said, feeling my hard cock pushing against her panties. She began grinding herself against me. We stayed like this for sometime working each other up feeling our bodies pressing into each other.

Trinity climbed off my lap just long enough to slip her pants down and when she got back on, my dick was already out. With my arm no longer inside her robe, it was flowing over us, so we'd look perfectly decent to somebody if they should happen to walk out on to their terrace, until she started moving about, letting my dick rub against her pussy and clit. She moaned, I moaned, then I lifted her up just a bit and allowed my hard cock to slide up her hot, very wet hole.

Trinity - Oh god baby!

She said softly telling me after everything that happened tonight she needed this as much as I did.

Bracing her arms against the arms of the chair she began bouncing on me. She was getting louder than she probably thought she was, and I did nothing to stop her. I put my hands on her breasts wishing I could rip off her nightgown right there on the balcony and hold them naked.

I think another minute or so and I might have, and she probably would have let me. I pulled her hips down hard onto my lap as I pumped mine up into her. I couldn't take much more of being so confined so I gently helped her up and pushed her towards the railing.

She gripped it tightly as I stepped behind her, she leaned over the railing slightly to give me a better view of her glorious arse. I slide back inside her fucking her from behind as I leaned my body over the top of her pressing into her back so her arse popped out more into my groin.

I was fucking her with long, slow strokes and she pushed back into me forcing my dick into her harder and harder. I thrust my hand up her nightgown grabbing her tit hard. The nightgown wasn't pushed high enough to expose her breasts but her beautiful arse was now out in full view to me as I gripped a fist full of her gown around the small of her back as I rode into my wife's luscious hole.

I lean over her more, my head near her ear as I keep sliding inside her sweet hole.

Stephen - Let me put a baby in you please

I feel her shiver underneath me at my words and I hear the faintest moan come from her lips before she bites down hard on her bottom lip.

Stephen - I wanna see our baby growing inside you.

I kiss her neck as I keep moving at the same agonisingly slow pace in her. She is wiggling underneath me now and I know she wants more and she is getting turned on harder by my taunts in her ear.

I feel her flop forward and cry out.

I use my hand on her breasts to pull her back up into me as I press into her back my hips grinding up against her beautiful backside.

Trinity - Pleaseeeeeeee baby I need more

I kiss her shoulder softly and continue at the same slow pace. I can hear her whimpering underneath me and it is turning me into an animal. I don't know what has gotten into me lately but I need this with her. I bite her ear softly and growling before I continue.

Stephen - Just imagine how much bigger these are going to get when you have my baby inside you

I whisper in her ear as I grab her breasts between my hand. I slide my hand down

Stephen - And this belly, I can just picture how round and sexy you're going to be

I feel her start shaking underneath me and I know she wants to cum so I pull back a bit tormenting her more.

Trinity - Awwww Stephen stop teasing I need it. I need you please

I am just slowly stroking my head in and out now while she tries to push back into me.

Stephen - What do you need baby? Say it

She is moaning in a mixture of frustration and pleasure now but not answering so I keep up my torment not giving her more of my cock like she wants as I lean back into her ear. My hand is stroking up and down her belly angling towards her delicious kitty but snapping back up every time I get close.

Stephen - This is where my baby is going to live, and it is going to fill you up and stretch you and make you so beautiful.

I moan in her ear as I give her another inch of me inside her glorious hole. I can see her knuckles turning white as she grips the rail tighter and her head falls down as she arches her back up like a cat up into me. I use my hand on her back to push her back down as I wrap my arm around her lower stomach pulling her back flush against my chest.

Her hand comes up around my neck pulling my face back into her neck. I plant kisses all the way back up to her ear as I continue talking and moaning to her, I can feel her body reacting and it is driving her wild listening to me while I take her.

Stephen - Your body was made to make my babies, that's what your body was made to do.

Trinity - awww godddd, awww god Stephen, I'm gonna awwww

I slide myself all the way in as I start to feel her walls closing and I sit there deep inside her giving small hard little pumps into her as I feel her start to shake and whimper under me.

Stephen - This pussy, this beautiful pussy was made to be full of my cock and cum, I wanna keep you full baby

Trinity - Yes baby pleaseeee I want more

I keep ignoring her whimpers I want to drive her completely wild and I can feel she is nearly there and when she is then I will give her what she needs. I flatten my tongue and lick all the way up the side of her neck that is glistening with sweat now and whisper to her again

Stephen - You taste like you are ready to be bred.

And that is when I feel the dam break

Trinity - mmmmmm yes god yes I want your baby. Fuck me darling please, do it now I want you to keep fucking me until I am full of your seed over and over until you give me your baby

Stephen - Yes baby god that is the hottest fucking thing I have ever heard you say

I start smashing in and out of my wife as deep as I can go, I grip her hips driving in and out like an animal as she cries out over and over. I grip her face and lock eyes with her.

Stephen - Yes baby, I am almost there yes yes yes

I grunt at her as I tilt my hips up smashing into her again and again .

I feel her back and ass drop as she starts to orgasm and I use my arm to pull her back up on to me, on to my dick as I pump her ready to release inside her. My doll has gone limp from her own pleasure and her legs are still shaking.

Trinity - mmmm yessss baby

Her purring sends me over the edge as my cock goes rigid and I start spilling inside her. I bury deep inside her and start grunting into her neck and growling like an animal

Trinity - Yesss baby I love feeling you burst inside me

She turns her head to mine and takes possession of my tongue in hers, kissing me with a force I have never felt before. As I slowly start to come down she finally releases my tongue as we stare at each other deeply then out to the ocean holding her in my arms while I am still buried inside her love spot.

She strokes my arms softly that are wrapped around her as she leans her head back on my chest.

Trinity - Yes baby

She whispered so faintly that I barely heard her as my mind was miles away.

Stephen - Sorry my doll, I missed that?

Trinity - Yes baby

Stephen - Yes?

I ask her back as a question before finally realising

Stephen - Yes? Yes you will have my baby?

Trinity - Yes sweetheart, I want to start trying for a family with you.

I smash my lips to hers again before she can blink and show her how much I love her without a word being spoken.

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