Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Three - Stephen’s POV

We woke up the next morning and quickly got showered and dressed as we had a boat to catch across to Koh Phi Phi for our second week at 10am. I was dressed and waiting on the couch for my doll to finish getting sorted.

I posted some pics for our friends back home to see while I waited. Finally she came out looking as gorgeous as ever.

Trinity - Ready when you are baby

I look up and can't help but smile. I get up and walk over to her giving her a soft kiss.

Stephen - You look delicious

Trinity - Thanks big boy, you look pretty yummy yourself. I'm a lucky wife.

Stephen - I'm just going to do a quick double check we have everything then we better get heading so we don't miss our boat babe

Trinity - Ok handsome ready when you are

I smack her ass I walk past and go and check we have everything from the safe, from our room, and then I check the bathroom. When I open one of the draws I find her birth control pills so I pick them up for her and finish checking everywhere. I head back and hand them to her.

Stephen - Here baby you left them in the draw

She gives me a weird smirk I can't quite work out but doesn't make an effort to take them.

Stephen - What?

She slides her hand up my chest and around my shoulder and back down my back before grabbing my ass. I smirk at her when she grabs my butt

Stephen - Cheeky woman

Trinity - I thought we decided last night I won't be needing them anymore?

My heart skips a bead. This is it. She's as serious as me, we are really going to try for a baby.

Stephen - Fuck! You just made me the happiest man on this earth. I can't wait to get practising when we get to Phi Phi

Trinity - Well baby figured it was best to stop straight away. It often takes a while when you have been on the pill as long as I have so we should have enough time to practice.

Stephen - Get your beautiful ass out the door now before I bend you over and we miss our boat.

Trinity - Yes daddy

She says as she winks at me and starts swaying her hips at me as she goes to get her bag.

Stephen - You're a bad girl baby, you know daddy is going to punish you for that tonight don't you?

Trinity - I was counting on it.

We get our stuff and make our way down tot he wharf after checking out and our boat is waiting. I help our guide get everything on then take a seat behind my wife and wrap my arms around her waist. The ride is only about 20 minutes so we relax and take in the sights getting a few more photos along the way.

We spent a week at Koh Phi Phi relaxing in our private bungalow, strolling along the beach and visiting some of the local attractions - Maya Bay were the film The Beach was made, James Bond Island, Monkey Beach and Shark point to dive with the sharks.

Of course we also spent plenty of time between the sheets. Our final stop was a week in Patong Beach the capital of Phuket.

It was a lot more lively then Phi Phi and Koh Samui so we took the chance to do more of the tourist things, The Markets, Massages, Bangalore Road, Fantasia and of course we even took the opportunity to visit one of the lady boy cabaret shows. Of course my dear wife found it highly amusing to see them all swooning over me and didn't make an attempt to save me much.

Soon it was our last day here so we had hired a private boat for the day to visit some more of the islands and spend some time relaxing in the sun.

We had just docked at our first stop for the day and had brought a picnic with us. We quickly got down to our swimmers and relaxed in the sun.

Stephen - Would you put that damn phone down and get your gorgeous butt in here

Trinity - Not until I have enough photos of my sexy husband half naked to drool over for the next year at least.

Stephen - I will come and get you and throw you over my shoulder, don't tempt me

Trinity - Whatever gave you the impression I was opposed to you man handling me?

My wife is a dead set tease. She knows exactly how to push all my buttons. I start stalking towards her and she knows she is going to get it so she takes off down the beach. I finally catch her and race into the water with her over my shoulder before diving in with her.

We spent hours playing in the water, snorkelling amongst the sea life and just enjoying each other's company. I had loved these three weeks with just us two but I would be lying if I didn't admit I was looking forward to getting home and starting our life together finally.

We headed back to our villa for our last night. We had decided to stay in tonight so we could enjoy our last night of just the two of us, no interruptions.

It was about 4pm when we got back and I had a shower while my baby was checking her photos from today. I came out in my robe and she said she was going to go have a shower

Stephen - Want me to check room service for some dinner options for tonight babe? I can order it now for around 6:30 so we don't have to worry about it later

Trinity - Sounds good baby, I'd love one of the Thai Red Curry's again before we go back tomorrow.

Stephen - Ok beautiful

I kiss her and walk out the bathroom grabbing the in room menu. I place the order then head out on the veranda just checking the view and in my own thoughts. I was drawn out of my thoughts by my doll's voice

Trinity - What you thinking about baby?

I look up and I instantly get hard. I couldn't draw my eyes away from her if I tried

Trinity - What's that look for?

I'm unable to put words together. I feel like I'm seizing my prey ready to pounce and that's exactly what I want to do

Stephen - Fuck I want to eat you alive right now

Trinity - Well, that's certainly one way to work your appetite up ready for dinner

She turns around and raises her index finger at me in a come hither motion as I get an eye full of her gorgeous backside in nothing but a thong and the sheer lace of her gown.

Stephen - You don't have to tell me momma

I push myself off the railing and follow my wife inside. The look she is giving me is making me want to do unspeakable things to her, I am so worked up.

Stephen - Baby you know I love you with all my heart right

Trinity - Of course sweetheart, why?

Stephen - You have me so worked up right now, I want to do some very very bad things to you

Trinity - So do it baby, use me for your pleasure

That was all it took for my animal to be released.

Stephen - Get on your knees and open your mouth

I commanded her. I saw the lust build in her eyes at my commanding voice

Stephen - Are you going to promise to be daddy's good little baby and do as he says?

Trinity - Yes

Her answer barely audible

Stephen - Yes what?

Trinity - Yes daddy, I'll be your good little whore

Fuck! When she said that and looked up at me the lush look in her eyes sent all my blood rushing to my balls.

I watched as she dropped down on her knees and opened her mouth. I quickly stripped out of my robe and briefs and my cock was almost completely hard by the time I released it from my underwear.

She wrapped her lips around my shaft and started sucking. Her tongue teased me as I slid in and out of her mouth.

She let one hand cup my aching balls and the other hand was wrapped hard around my shaft. She was a great cock sucker. She knew exactly what to do and she took me into her throat on several occasions. Soon I grabbed her head with my hands and started fucking her mouth.

She took my cock like a pro and judging by her moans she didn't mind being fucked in her mouth. Then I moaned and started shooting cum into her mouth. I pulled out and shot the last few squirts all over my wife's face.

I watched her as she leaned back, licking her swollen lips and breathing heavily. It was enough to make me start getting hard again.

Stephen - You enjoyed that didn't you?

Trinity - Yes daddy

I growl loudly

Stephen - I'll have you begging for my cock before this night is over

I said confidently as I stalked towards her.

Stephen - Go lie on your back on the bed

She didn't have to be told twice. She skipped ahead and I walked slowly up to the bed, amazed at how eager my little wife was to be my whore right now. This was going to be a great night. I climbed up at the foot of the bed and parted her legs wide. I licked my lips as her wet folds opened before me. Her pussy was dripping. She was so horny for me. I bent forward and ran my tongue from her ass to her tiny trimmed bush and she moaned with pleasure.

I started circling my doll's hole with my tongue and I had to use my arms to keep her steady as she was squirming underneath me. Then I penetrated her walls with my tongue and was rewarded with a gush of her juice.

I drank it up and ran my tongue up to her clit, circling it and teasing it until I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking.

She was moaning heavily now. I smiled to myself as I started teasing her swollen clit between my lips. I slipped one finger inside her dripping kitty. It was soon followed and in no time I had three fingers fucking her hungry hole. I could tell from her pants that she didn't have far to go now.

I pumped her hard with my hand and kept sucking and flicking her clit. Soon she screamed out with pleasure as her body betrayed her and I could feel a generous gush of pussy cum in my hand. I slowly withdrew my hand, but kept sucking her clit. Soon she was on fire again.

My cock was hard again when I finally moved my face from her kitty. I dipped my tongue in her juices in my hand and then I moved up across her, straddling her waist with my cock between her firm tits. I wiped her juice along the shaft of my cock. I wiped my hand between her tits and squeezed them around my hard shaft. I started rocking my hips, fucking her tits, ramming my cock towards her face every time.

Stephen - You only have to say it baby

Trinity - Mmm say what daddy?

She said unable to take her eyes off my big hard cock fucking her gorgeous tits.

Stephen - Say please daddy, fuck me, fuck my hungry little pussy. Or I will keep fucking your tits all night, it makes no difference to me.

Trinity - mmmm and what makes you think I'm going to beg daddy?

Stephen - Because you're a little whore, you're my little whore in these sheets, who needs to be fucked. I know you're horny as hell, you know how good I just made you feel with my tongue, imagine what my cock will do. I just came so it'll be a long time before I cum again. Can you really stand the torture of watching my cock, knowing that you could have it inside you? I only want to cum once more tonight, if you make me cum all over your tits and face you won't have the opportunity to be fucked for a few days until we get home. And I'll make sure you can't use your hands when we do, I still have those handcuffs in my top draw at home.

She mumbled something

Stephen - What was that my dirty little kitten? You have to speak up so that I can hear you.

Trinity - Fuck me

I smirked at her

Stephen - Oh I think daddy deserves more than that don't you ?

Trinity - Fuck me with your big hard cock daddy, stretch me open

Stephen - hmmm that's better kitten, what are you?

Trinity - I am your whore daddy, now please take your pussy and fuck it raw, fill me up with your sweet juices.

Stephen - No. I think I will let you fuck me

I lay on my back and she had to straddle my hips. I guided my fat shaft towards her dripping hole and smiled as she impaled herself on me with her tight pussy. I reached up and started kneading her tits and pinching her nipples.

She started riding me violently and I occasionally sucked on her tits and bit her nipples, before leaning back again and admiring the view of her beautiful pussy split wide open by my fat cock. My wife was on fire for me. She moaned louder and louder as her pussy fucked my shaft with vigour. She soon came violently, squeezing me hard with her walls in orgasmic frenzy.

Stephen - Get on your feet

I demanded of her as soon as she finished cumming. She stood by the bed and I followed her. I made her bend over and lick her cum off my shaft and then I went behind her and shoved my cock right back inside her wet hole and started fucking her from behind.

I got even deeper inside her now. I slammed inside her, hard and fast, with one hand on her back to keep her in the right position and my other hand reaching around to play with one of her tits.

I could feel her fingers finding their way to her clit, massaging it and flicking it as I fucked her from behind. She moaned as my balls slammed against her clit and fingers

Stephen - mmm what was that my little whore

Trinity - awwwww yessssss

She moaned louder

Stephen - Do you like daddy's big fat cock? Do you like what it does to you?

Trinity - Oh god yes daddy

She kept moaning

Stephen - What if I pull out and don't give you anymore cock tonight

Trinity - noo daddy please don't stop now

She panted heavily

Trinity - Fuck me with your big hard cock, use me daddy, fill me with your cum I want to feel it deep in my stomach. Give me that baby you want daddy, fill me up with your cum

Fuck she's such a good girl my wife. She knows how badly I want to see her round an full of my baby. It's driving me wild.

Stephen - Aghhh you're such a good girl baby

Her words were music to my ears. I kept fucking her hard, slamming my naked hips against her soft, round ass. Soon she came again and her convulsing walls were heaven around my pumping shaft. I wasn't ready to cum yet. I kept fucking her. I knew that she must be getting quite sore now and I loved the power I had over her. Eventually I pulled out

Stephen - Lay on your back and grab hold of your legs my gorgeous little whore

I commanded .

She followed my instructions. I looked at her kitty, it was bright red, totally battered by my cock, and her hole was still gaping open from me.

Stephen - god baby, what a horny little whore you are for me.

I grinned as I got into position

Stephen - Laying there with your pussy wide open for daddy, ready for me to fuck. Do you want me to stop fucking you?

Trinity - No please don't stop. Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard

Once more I let my cock drive straight in and I groaned with satisfaction. This position made her so deliciously tight for me, I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum now. I fucked her fast and furiously. My entire body weight was on her and she could hardly breathe as I slammed into her, harder and harder every time. With every thrust I buried my shaft in a pool of pussy juice.

Her ass was slippery with escaped juices and I loved the squirting noise of each penetration, followed by the wet slap as my balls hit her ass. I was close to the edge and I started grinding myself deep inside her, pressing my pubic bone against her clit. With an exhausted scream she came again and as her walls started gripping me tight I screamed out as my balls were milked dry into my wife's tight little hole.

I withdrew my cock with a last squirt, shooting a little on her pussy as my orgasm ebbed away. We were both dripping with sweat as I collapsed next to her and pulled the blanket across our exhausted bodies.

Stephen - Holy shit Trinity! Baby, that was . . . . you were . . . fuck! God damn it

I roll over towards her and I smash my lips on hers, my tongue forcefully pushing its way into her mouth, capturing hers, dominating it, my hands gripping her tight to me. All this time I thought I had the control, but I'm a fool. She controls me, she holds all the power over me and she drives me fucking wild.

I slow the kiss down as I hear her purring softly, pleasantly spent.

Trinity - God baby, I love the way you fuck me, I can never get enough of you.

Stephen - Mmmm good because I could live inside you little momma.

I kiss her again hard and between gritted teeth tell her how much I love her. We lay there pleasantly spent, wrapped around each other in a state of total bliss.

About 10 minutes later I hear a knock at the door and she goes to get up.

Stephen - Don't you dare move your ass out of my bed Mrs Gotti, you're not going anywhere tonight

I pull my briefs on and go get the food from room service and bring it in. We sit in bed feeding each other and refuelling after that hot session before laying back down in bed holding each other tightly laughing and reminiscing on a great 3 weeks.

Stephen - I've loved every minute of being here with you baby, but I can't wait to get home and start our lives together.

Trinity - Mmmm me too baby, I can't wait to start our next chapter together

Stephen - You mean the one where you are looking all sexy and knocked up with my baby in you?

Trinity - mm that too

Stephen - Try get some sleep baby, we have a long flight tomorrow

I grab her by the hips pulling her back into me as I hug into her from behind, one hand wrapped under her body and back around the top of her chest pulling her back into me and the other resting on her hip. She brings both her hands up to hold the arm I have wrapped around her upper chest.

Stephen - Sweet dreams, I love you Mrs Gotti

Trinity - And I love you Mr Gotti

We drift off into a peaceful sleep and before we know it our alarms are going off and we are up packed and heading to the airport. Next stop - Back to reality.

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