Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Four - Stephen’s POV

** 6 Months Later **

Things have been going well. We have settled into married life and have even started looking at new homes for us. We have been trying for a baby every chance we get and after Trinity's doctor's appointment about 3 months ago they said we should have a better chance now she's been off the pill for so long. Mia is 7 and a half months pregnant so we have been really focused on finding a new house, we want to give them some privacy as a new family as well as hopefully starting our own soon

The cops still sniff around. They are taunting us of course. They obviously don't have anything otherwise we would have been dragged in for questioning. Mostly they are trying to play head games with my wife, as if I wouldn't have told her about how my life use to be. I guess they were hedging bets that would be enough to drive a wedge between us. Problem is - they never had anything on me so it's all just hearsay

Work has been going well for us both. My talented wife is up for an award - estate agent of the year at the annual Illinois awards which is next Thursday night. She's amazing at what she does, and I can't deny I'm one proud husband. She has taken today off, so we are looking at more houses hoping to find our family home finally

Clint and I opened Montague 4 months ago and it's been just as popular as Capulet. We have even considered looking at a third club, and toyed with the idea of doing it in another city so we aren't taking from our already growing revenue here

I woke early today as my doll has been sleeping restlessly lately complaining of tiredness, dizziness and headaches all the time, and as much as I love her there is only so much disturbed sleep a man can take. I have left her sleeping for a bit longer while I make some coffee and catch up with Clint if he is about. He has been busy over at Montague and getting ready for their baby's arrival with Mia while I have been over at Capulet, looking at houses and trying to get my wife pregnant.

I have not long finished making coffee when I hear Clint come in the kitchen.

Stephen - Hey Bro, coffee

Clint - Yes mate, add some extra shots too

Stephen - That bad hey?

Clint - you got a blunt ready or do I need to roll? I'll fill you in over coffee outside, I don't want Mia to over hear and stress herself mate. She only has about 6 weeks to go so I need her to slow down a bit

Stephen - Gotcha and yeah there is one on the bench there mate.

Clint - Cheers bro

I finish making twocoffees and head outside with him. He sparks up and we share a blunt and coffee

Stephen - So what's happened?

I watch as he scratches the back of his neck and takes a big draw on the blunt

Clint - The cops dragged me in the other night

Stephen - The fuck for?

Clint - Mike, our old operation, where is Chad, where is the stock you name it

Stephen - And?

Clint - The usual games mate. Asked about Mike and I said Mike who? They skirted and still wouldn't answer the direct question. Mike and Chad were mates right? Ask them where they are, I am busy with my family right now. As for the rest, I run a bar and nightclub, I have no idea what stock they are referring to, if it is the club's then I am happy for them to come and check the books.

We smile at each other

Stephen - Wonder how long they plan on playing this game for before they finally just give it up and stop skirting around the question they really want to ask. Trin had them sitting across from her work a few times over the last 2 months.

Clint - Yeah? And how is she coping with that?

Stephen - Good now mate. She is much stronger than she was with it, she even walked over last week Luke said and asked if there was anything they wanted - tea, coffee or water?

Clint - hahahahaha that a girl

Stephen - How's Mia doing?

Clint - Really good mate, the girls had a blast at the baby shower last week and we were very spoilt but, honestly, I can't wait now. It is driving me up the wall that Mia won't let me find out the sex. I would love to know what my child is so I can start spoiling them.

I smile at my bestmate, I hear what he is saying. I am just at a stage where I am looking forwardto seeing my girl carrying my child

Clint - So how has things been going with you two.

Stephen - Really good, well . . .

Clint - Well what?

Stephen - We have started trying for a family too. Trinity stopped taking her pill a few months ago, and we had a check up 12 weeks ago and got the clear it should be out of her system and everything is good with us both and we should have a good chance of conceiving.

Clint - Congrats mate I am stoked for you both.

Stephen - Cheers bro

I notice him smiling to himself and wonder what he is thinking

Stephen - What?

Clint - What?

Stephen - What was that smile about?

Clint - ahh I was just thinking how good it would be if our kids were to grow up together like we did mate

Stephen - Yeah I know, I have had the same thoughts too

We had not long finished our smoke when Mia came out

Stephen - Woah! Look at you, how's my little niece or nephew treating you?

Mia - ugh! I feel like a blimp

Clint - Well you look perfect

She goes over and sits down next to Clint who rubs her belly. I can't help but smile at them. I can't wait to see my wife like that. Speaking of which, she needs to get up soon so we don't miss this inspection

Stephen - Guys I will be back I need to get Trin up we are looking at another house this morning

Clint - No worries mate, I am going to make some more coffee, you want another?

Stephen - Please. Chuck enough on for all of us.

I run up the stairs to our room and find her still in bed fast asleep. I lay across the bed gently and start kissing her neck. I feel her starting to stir before she starts to make those gorgeous purring sounds she makes when she is tired

Stephen - Sleepy head time to get up

Trinity - mmmm go away

I kiss up her neck to her chin and jaw as she tries to slap me away

Trinity - Piss off

I let out a laugh, I love her grumpy ass some mornings. She is use to getting up early and normally the type to get straight up the moment her alarm goes, but when she doesn't have to rush my girl loves her sleep

Trinity - you laugh at me again and I will cut you off

She says with her eyes still closed

Stephen - you threaten me like that again and I will just take you anyway

I say with a smirk as I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh

Trinity - mmm baby please just 10 more minutes. I have such a headache this morning

Stephen - you know what is good for a headache don't you?

Trinity - yes ...... sleep! Now shhhhhh

I laugh again and roll her on to her side into me and wrap my arm around her.

Stephen - How about you get up for me baby while I go get your coffee made and get you some pain relief. We have to head off in an hour baby for this viewing

She strokes my chest softly and she snuggles into me more

Trinity - Baby I am sure you said that was at 11:30 last night?

Stephen - I did baby, it's already 10am

Trinity - ugh really? I could have sworn it felt earlier.

I put my hand on her head to check her temperature as she is looking a bit flushed.

Stephen - You feel ok babe? You look a bit flushed

Trinity - I am just so tired baby, and this headache is driving me insane. It's not a bad headache but it is just a constant dull ache in my head. I do feel a bit warm though but nothing too bad

Stephen - Ok my love, as long as you are ok. Get up when you can and I am going to head down and make this coffee for you and get you some tablets.

Trinity - I love you, thanks baby

I kiss her on the forehead and head out the room back to the kitchen. I am just finishing making her coffee when she strolls in. She isn't looking great and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little concerned.

Stephen - Baby do you want to skip the viewing if you aren't feeling too well?

Trinity - I think I will be ok after I eat something babe, I just felt a little dizzy for a moment.

She grabs a banana from the bowl on the bench and peels it. She takes it and her coffee and heads outside

Trinity - Morning guys

Mia - Hey gorgeous you ok?

Trinity - So tired today. It has been a busy few weeks at work, I think I just really needed that sleep

We all talk for a while before we head up and get changed to head to this viewing today.

I had gotten ready and headed out to the car to warm it up and was waiting for my doll to join me. She was taking a long time so I was about to head back inside to see if she was ok as she walked out. She got outside and I saw her grab her head again. I sped up over to her and steadied her with my arm around her waist.

Stephen - Babe are you sure you are up this? You are worrying me a bit now.

Trinity - hmmm I don't know what's wrong babe, I just feel worn out at the moment. Might just be because I finally stopped after being so busy, you know what it is like, you are fine until you stop.

Stephen - Come on then, let's get this over with so I can get you back home to bed.

We make it to the inspection and the house is gorgeous, but while we both liked it there wasn't a real wow factor yet that hit us. We were happy to wait until we found the one that really caught us, there wasn't any rush.

We got back home, and I made my wife head back up to bed to rest. After about an hour I went up to check on her and she was fast asleep again. I knew she mustn't be well because she was never the type to waste a day away in bed. I climb on the bed and put the tv on in our room, just quietly so not to disturb her and put the hockey on. If she was sick, I didn't want to be too far away in case she needed something.

The game had finished, and my doll was still fast asleep so I headed downstairs to get started on dinner.

Stephen - Clint are you in and Mia in for dinner tonight?

I yell across the house as I can hear him in the living room

Clint - Yes mate

Stephen - Wanna just do a barbecue then? I was going to start getting stuff sorted now before I wake Trinity up

Clint - Yeah bro I will come give you a hand while Mia is resting

We get a beer out the fridge and get some salad and meat sorted for dinner Afterwards we both put in calls to make sure everything is sorted at Capulet and Montague for tonight as Saturday's are usually the busiest.

Stephen - I'm going to flick the coffee on then head up and get Trinity.

Clint - Yeah mate I said I would give Mia a wake up if she wasn't up by 4:30 as she won't sleep tonight properly she reckons. Of course she will though

I head upstairs and kneel next to my baby's side of the bed.

Stephen - darling, wake up it's late in the afternoon and I have dinner ready to go soon. I have the coffee on for you too.

Trinity - mmm I'm sorry baby I wasted the whole day sleeping. I feel exhausted.

Stephen - Come have something to eat for me then head back to bed please.

Trinity - Ok babe

We had a quiet night and not long after we had dinner Trinity headed back to sleep.

Sunday was quite similar and by the time Monday came around and she was still feeling very fatigued I had asked her to just get checked out for me. She woke up early and made a doctor's appointment for that day as Monday is normally her day off anyway.

We got dressed and headed into the doctors for her 10:30am appointment.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before being called through

After explaining to the doctor they decided to run some tests. We also explained we had been trying to get pregnant and given fatigue and tiredness is a very common symptom in pregnancy the doctor decided it would be worth doing a test to see. They took some bloods and the doctor explained the results should be back in 2 to 3 days. We also did a pregnancy test while there.

I waited as she went to the bathroom and then brought the test back. The wait was agonisingly slow even if it was just a few minutes.

When the doctor finally turned it around, there it was staring us in the face

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