Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Five - Stephen’s POV

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We were finally going to have a child. Our child. I was in shock

Trinity - Babe?

I looked over at my wife, she must have been speaking as she looked at me confused but I had completely zoned out for a minute

Stephen - Sorry baby what was that?

Trinity - Are you ok?

Stephen - Sweetheart I'm more than ok, you just made me the happiest man alive

I lean over and kiss my wife tenderly. I couldn't believe we were finally going to be a family. As I pulled out of the kiss, I felt a tear roll down my face

Trinity - Aww baby

She pulls me back into her as I kiss her neck softly

Stephen - Thank you beautiful momma, you've made me feel complete. I love you

Trinity - I love you daddy

The doctor explained the next steps and recommended once the blood work came back we make an appointment for a scan to get an accurate indication of how far along we were, expected due date and to check everything was ok. We thanked her and started heading out

I was so full of emotions I didn't even know where to begin explaining how I felt. I held her hand tight in mine I never wanted to let her go not now.

We were heading back to our car when I heard a voice, I definitely did not want to deal with right now

Detective - Well well what a coincidence running into you two here

I turn around and feel my rage building. I do not want this prick ruining this moment for us

Stephen - A coincidence implies it wasn't intended Detective but we both know that's not the case. I didn't realise our wonderful Chicago PD had so much time on their hands they had taken to common harassment?

Detective - Mr Gotti whatever would lead you to think that? Guilty conscience perhaps?

Stephen - Again, one could ask the same

Stephen - As much as I love this game of cat and mouse with you if there was nothing you needed, we have places to be

I am still holding my wife's hand and have positioned myself slightly between her and this cock head

Detective - Actually, I was just curious to know if either of you had spoken with Chad or Mike recently and how their trip was going

Stephen - I'm sure if they wanted you to know about their trip, they would be in touch with you personally? And besides we have our own lives and businesses to focus on

Detective - Odd, I was of the assumption you and Mr Davis had been friends since college?

Stephen - I'm confused as to how Chad and I came to know each other affects you detective? Plus, you know what they say about people who assume - it makes an ass out of u and me. Have a good day detective if that was all

Detective - Have a good day Mr and Mrs Gotti

Trinity - We were

I smirk back at the detective as I wrap my arm around my wife's waist and walk away

Stephen - You ok baby?

Trinity - Never better my darling. You're amazing

I smile lovingly at her and kiss her forehead. We get to the car and head off home

Stephen - I can't believe we are going to have a baby

Trinity - Me either darling. A little piece of you and me

Stephen - Our child will be perfect just like their mother

We both spent the rest of the day on cloud nine. We decided not to tell anyone until we had some more information and we knew everything was good. We had an early night as Trinity was adamant she was going back to work tomorrow, much to my protest of wanting her to get rest. Her argument was we would be tired for the next 20 years now so may as well get used to it

The next few days went quickly, and it was Wednesday afternoon. I was at Capulet going over some of the books when my doll rang me

Stephen - (Phone call) hey gorgeous momma

Trinity - (Phone call) you busy my darling?

Stephen - (Phone call) never too busy for you baby

Trinity - (Phone call) the doctors called, and they have the blood results in. She's asked us to go in this afternoon

Stephen - (Phone call) ok baby what time

Trinity - (Phone call) can you meet me there in 40 min

Stephen - (Phone call) of course baby I will see you then. I love you

Trinity - (Phone call) I love you too

I race to get everything sorted and head off to meet her at the doctors. I arrive and see she hasn't got there yet, so I wait outside for her. Not long after she arrives, and I walk over to help her out the car

Stephen - Hi baby

I give her a quick kiss and take her hand and we head inside. We don't have to wait too long before we are ushered in

GP - Mr and Mrs Gotti thank you for coming back in today please have a seat

Trinity - Thank you

Stephen - So how did the blood results go?

GP - everything's fine Mr Gotti no reason to look concerned. But there is a few things we need to discuss

Trinity - Ok

GP - In early pregnancy, the placenta produces human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) to support the growth of the baby. We test these levels when conducting blood works to make sure everything is developing normally

Stephen - Ok

I grab my wife's hand and hold it in my own

GP - Your readings came back at 97000 miU/mL

Trinity - Ok and what does that mean exactly? Sorry I'm not really following please excuse my ignorance

GP - That's perfectly fine, and normal not to quite understand. Basically, to break it down that is a high reading at this stage of pregnancy, we would expect you to be around 30,000. An elevated HcG reading can mean one of two things at this stage. You are further along than we are estimating, which based on your cycle and the test results we have guesstimated 6- 7 weeks, scan pending, or

Stephen - Or?

GP - Or we are looking at a multiple pregnancy

I see my wife shoot up in her chair out the corner of my eye sitting forward

Trinity - I'm sorry a what?

GP - More than one baby Mrs Gotti

Stephen - Woah

The doctor is talking and I'm not really hearing her right now. More than one baby? What? Wow! I was not expecting that when we came in today, I don't know what to say

GP - I understand this can be a lot to take in for you both which is why I asked you to come in as soon as possible. I've organised for you to have a scan following this appointment so we know exactly what we are looking at

Trinity - Ok

Stephen - Are you ok babe? You seem to be saying ok a lot ha

Trinity - I'm just a little just wow I don't know what to say or think right now

GP - That's a perfectly normal reaction believe me. I'll get you both to head over to Chicago general now and then they can conduct your scan and I'll make a follow up appointment for you tomorrow

We get the relevant paperwork and make our way out

Stephen - Babe

Stephen - Trinity

Trinity - Sorry, what?

Stephen - Baby I'm going to follow you home first to drop your car off and then we can go up together ok

Trinity - Ok sure

I stop her and place my hands on her hips and pull her into me looking into her eyes

Stephen - Talk to me baby?

Trinity - I'm in shock. I don't know where to start

Stephen - It will all be fine. Either way is still a good outcome right?

She looks up at me a little perplexed

Stephen - Well the way I see it on one side we get to meet our baby earlier, on the other side, we get two for one

Trinity - What if it's three for one

I can't help but laugh a little at her face

Stephen - Either way we have each other. It will be ok. I love you

Trinity - I love you too

I give her a quick kiss and help her into the car

Stephen - Drive safe please sweetheart I'll be right behind you

I shut her door and make my way to my car and pull in behind her as we head home to drop her car off

We get in my car and head to the hospital and make our way to the reception desk. They instruct us where to go and we check in and wait to be called. I hold her hand stroking my thumb across her knuckles attempting to provide her some comfort she may need.

Stephen - Promise me you're ok? If you weren't you would let me know right?

Trinity - I promise. I just have so much running through my head right now I don't even know where to begin baby. But I promise I'm ok, we'll be ok either way, whatever the outcome

I lean into my wife giving her a gently kiss cupping her head in my hand softly as she leans in further to the kiss

Dr Cater - Mrs Trinity Gotti?

We pull apart from the kiss and stand up and head over

Dr Cater - Mr and Mrs Gotti I'm Dr Cater lovely to meet you both

Stephen - Stephen and Trinity, nice to meet you too Doctor

Dr Cater - If you'd like to follow me we will head into an examination room and I will explain everything to you

We get in the examination room and sit down

Stephen - So I understand from the notes we are guesstimating 6-7 weeks. How have you been feeling

Trinity - Not too bad in all honesty. I guess I have been fortunate I have not had any sickness just some bouts of nausea but the last few weeks I have been gradually feeling more fatigued and tired along with frequent headaches

Stephen - We ended up making an appointment as the fatigue was getting excessive and my wife spent last weekend in bed most of the time

Dr Cater - All perfectly understandable. Any sickness?

Trinity - I haven't been vomiting or anything which lead to recognising obvious signs of pregnancy

Dr Cater - If only we were all that lucky

The doctor smiles warmly at my wife

Dr Cater - And anything else I should know?

Trinity - My GP is suggesting 6-7 weeks along based on the blood test results although I do remember having a cycle although I couldn't be exact how long ago, maybe a bit over a month

Dr Cater - Would you suggest it was a normal cycle flow or lighter?

Trinity - To be honest I didn't really take much notice, perhaps lighter?

Dr Cater - It could well have been conception spotting, again perfectly normal. Now I can see here in the notes your hcg levels are elevated so let's get you up on the table and see what's going on ok?

Trinity - Ok

I see my wife is looking a little nervous and the doctor seems to notice also

Dr Cater - You won't feel any discomfort ok Mrs Gotti

She smiled warmly at us

Dr Cater - All I am going to do today is get you to lay down and pull your top up a bit for me. The gel will not hurt but it will be quite cold I am sorry, that is the only unfortunate part. I am going to take this transducer which will scan over your maternal abdominal and think of it like a torch it will scan images on to the screen here for us to see what is going on ok

Trinity - Thank you Dr Cater. I appreciate you taking the time to explain to us. It's been such a lot of information to take in today

Dr Cater - You're most welcome. So let's get you to lay down and have a look. Mr Gotti you're welcome to come and sit or stand here next to your wife so you can see the screen also

Stephen - Thank you Doctor

The doctor gets the gel and applies it to trinity's stomach. I see her visibly flinch and I reach and grab her hand

Stephen - Are you ok doll?

Trinity - I thought you said it would be cold? That's freezing haha

Dr Cater - Sorry. Believe me that's the worst part

We sit there watching as she moves the wand around, hitting several buttons and making notes. I squeeze my wife's hand and we look at each other. I let her know it's ok and I'm right here just through our eye contact and I know she understands what I? m trying to tell her

Dr Cater - Ok I think I have everything I need. We ready to do this?

Stephen - Yes

Trinity - Yes

The doctor turns the screen and starts to speaking to us. I feel like I am holding my breath and I don't know why

Dr Cater - Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gotti you have two perfectly healthy babies that are growing beautifully at 7 weeks

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