Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Six - Stephen’s POV

We both looked at each other. I was in complete awe of my wife right now. How did I ever get so lucky to have such an amazing woman fall in love with me? And now not give me one but two beautiful children

Dr Cater - Do either of you have any questions

We both looked at each other and then laughed

Stephen - Loads, but where do we even start

Dr Cater - Again a perfectly normal reaction Mr Gotti

Trinity - Can you tell us a bit more doctor? What we need to do from here? When we can find out what we are having? Are they identical? Oh I can't even think right now I have so many thoughts running through my head

We all laugh nervously for a minute

Dr Cater - Right now the first thing we need to do is get you started on your pre-natals this will assist with your pregnancy, fatigue and the development of the babies

Dr Cater - I would like to see you every 2 weeks initially until we get to the 12-16 week mark in which case monthly should be fine

Dr Cater - The good news is as you can see from your scan pics both babies have their own sac and placenta which refers to them as fraternal twins, not identical. This accounts for 70% of twin related births and dramatically decreases any potential problems that could arise as they are both receiving their own nutrient supply from the placenta rather than sharing as Identical twins would

Dr Cater - The good thing with fraternal as well is you will clearly be able to distinguish the difference between each child. If you should choose so and the babies want to play nice for us we should be able to identify their genders around the 14- 16 week mark. Any other questions?

Stephen - And delivery? I know it is a while away but is there anything we should be concerned about for my wife or children?

Dr Cater - A valid question Mr Gotti. Look things have progressed a lot in modern medicine, the longer your wife can carry the more options we have available. If your wife can carry successfully past the 36 week mark there is nothing preventing you from the option of the natural vaginal birth if that is what you would like

Stephen - And if not?

Dr Cater - We look at the safest option for both your wife and children. The milestone is we get your wife successfully to the 32 week mark which is tremendous for birth of multiples and gives both babies the healthy start they need. With the right care and attention there is no concern for me that your babies shouldn't grow healthy and be delivered successfully.

Dr Cater - Try not to be too concerned about that. As we get around the 28 week mark we will increase the frequency of visits to ensure everything is progressing safely and hitting the right developmental milestones

Dr Cater - We will regularly conduct testing to ensure all is progressing nicely, chromosomal checks and even gestational checks will be conducted on both your wife and the babies at the relevant intervals. Multiple births are quite common now, there is nothing to suggest that you can't carry on as normal right now Mrs Gotti or that your pregnancy would be any different.

Dr Cater - The best advice I can give, and I give this to all expecting mothers is listen to your body and intuition- if you're tired rest, if you are hungry more frequently eat.

Trinity - Thank you Dr Cater

Dr Cater - Congratulations to you both. Enjoy this time and I will send your results and tests to your GP so we are both fully across your file. In the meantime I would like to do a follow up scan in 3 weeks but if you have any concerns between now and then please remember we are here to support and assist you

We thanked the doctor and made our way back out to the car. The whole way home I held her hand tightly in mine. I had never been more in love with my wife than I was at this moment and my heart was aching for her. We got in the house and she headed into the kitchen and put the coffee on for me to warm up and switched the kettle for herself to make a tea

I came up to her in the kitchen and stick my hand on her butt. She laughs and slaps my hand away but of course I do it again. I love her gorgeous butt and after seeing inside her womb today and her carrying not one but two of my children I'm so turned on for her right now

I begin kissing the back of her neck softly.

I'm craving her badly now. I start rubbing up against her from behind

She moans for me and soon throws the teaspoon on to the bench

Trinity - Here?

Stephen - Yes here

I reply flatly

She reaches around my head and pulls my hair

Trinity - Take what's yours

She purrs into my ear

Stephen - I plan to

I spin her around to face me, my hands pinned to the bench either side of her trapping her in between my body and the bench.

I bring one of my hands around and softly caress her belly.

Stephen - Our babies

She whispers back at me

Trinity - Our babies

I lean down softly dragging me lips across her jaw up to her ear

Stephen - Take off your panties

I feel her shiver into me as I whisper in her ear

Stephen - Let daddy in baby, let me in between your legs

Trinity - Awww god Stephen your turning me on so much right now

Stephen - Take off your panties now for me. I need to be inside you. I'm so hard for you right now

Trinity - Aww fuck

I lean back a little as I watch her slide her panties down her gorgeous legs and they drop and pool around her ankles

Stephen - Awww momma yes. Those sexy little panties around your ankles. Keep them there, I want to see them while I'm inside you

Trinity - Awww god I'm so wet right now

Stephen - Mmm I'm so hard right now

I push my hips forward and we start rubbing against each other. She buries her head in my chest gripping my biceps as I hear her purring

Stephen - mmmm purr for daddy kitten. Fuck that's the hottest sound in the world

I reach around grabbinga handful of her ass pulling her in tighter

Stephen - mmmm god why you gotta be so sexy baby. You get me hard so quickly

Trinity - Awww please daddy I need that big hard cock of yours

Stephen - mmmm yeah momma, how bad do you need it

Trinity - Awww I need you to pound my wet little hole. Touch your kitty daddy feel how wet I am for you already

I let out a loud growl and my hand drops between her leg as I slide one finger up her long slit

I look her straight in the eyes as I bring that finger up and suck it

Stephen - mmmm my little momma tastes so wet and juicy

Trinity - Aww fuck Stephen fuck me already. Give me your dick hard up in my belly I need it now

We both start fumbling with my pants and unzip them and get them down past my hips. We are both frenzied now and couldn't even be fucked getting our clothes off. We just needed each other badly

Stephen - Ride my dick baby

Trinity - Aww yes daddy

I pick her up lining myself up with her slit as she wraps her legs around me and I sink her down on me. She grips the bench behind her as her butt hangs off the edge of the bench and I hold her underneath it fucking up into her

Stephen - Awww yes yes yes momma fuck yes bounce on daddy's dick baby take it all. Take all my hard dick

Trinity - Awww yes daddy I love riding your big fat cock I love it when you fill me up

I watch as she throws her head back giving me a perfect view of her neck and shoulders as I lean forward and bite down on her collar bone


Stephen - Awww god I'm gonna cum fast baby I'm so fucking worked up. I need to spunk in you hard

I'm smashing into her hole I'm so hot for her right now. We are fucking like animals on the kitchen bench, our clothes pushed down or pulled up but not even bothering to get them off we needed it that badly. We are going wild on each other that we don't even hear he kitchen door

Clint - Damn! What it is with you two fucking in the kitchen all the time and getting caught hahaha

I stop momentarily as I hear that fucker laughing as he walks straight back out

I feel my wife trying to push off me to get down

Stephen - Don't you dare. I'm too far gone. I need you. I need you to finish me off baby

That sends her wild again and we start pounding into each other like crazy desperate for a release

Trinity - Awwww YESSSS daddy right there yes yes yesssss awwww I'm cumming awww baby I'm cumming on your cock yes yes nawwwwww

I feel her walls crashing in on my cock milking it for its juice and it pushes me over the edge as I cum hard inside her shaking and grunting like an animal

Stephen - Aghhhh yes momma take daddy's big dick yes yes fuck me baby fuckkkkkkkkkk agghhh

I stay inside her until I stop shaking and gently place her up on the bench

Stephen - God I love you. I'm so sorry baby I needed you so badly

Trinity - Mmmm daddy don't apologise I needed it too. I needed you

Trinity - I love you

We stand there for a few minutes hugging, her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs locked around my waist as we kiss tenderly getting lost in each other's passion

Stephen - Thank you for giving me the greatest gift, the joy of knowing you're pregnant with my children

Trinity - Thank you baby for giving this kitty her stripes

We kiss again before we hear fog horns mouth yelling from the hall again

Clint - You two have gone quiet does that mean I can come in and get that coffee I wanted now daddy? Hahahahahaha

We both yell at the same time

Trinity - Fuck off Clint

Stephen - Fuck off Clint

And all we hear is him roar laughing again as we burst out laughing too between kisses

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