Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Seven - Stephen’s POV

It was the night of my wife's awards and we had just finished getting ready to leave. We were meeting Luke and Todd there as Luke was also up for the new rising star award

Stephen - Baby, where are you

Trinity - Heading downstairs baby, I'm ready to go

I walk out into the hall and once again she sweeps me off my feet

Stephen - How do you do it?

Trinity - Do what daddy?

Stephen - Take my breath away time and time again

Trinity - I take it you like?

Stephen - Like? Baby I love. Why you think I put a ring on it?

She smiles warmly at me and continues downstairs. We get our stuff and head out to the car

Trinity - You look delicious tonight baby

I kiss her softly and help her into the car and we head off. We arrive at city hall and park up and head over to the entrance were we quickly see Todd and Luke

Stephen - Evening guys

Luke - How's it going mate?

Todd - Hi Stephen and trinity

Luke and I bro hug and Todd and I shake hands

Luke - My girl! Look at you

I smile as he grabs my wife in a huge hug lifting her off the ground

Todd - Damn girl. You look smoking

Stephen - I'm a lucky guy

Luke - We all are. She makes us look good

We all laugh as we watch her blush. I take her hand and we head in and after some pleasantries we find our way to our table. Luke and Todd find where we are and while we take our seats they head off to get some drinks for us all

When they get back my baby nudges me softly and leans over

Stephen - What's wrong sweetheart

Trinity - They've got us all scotch, how are we getting around this one?

Stephen - Watch and learn baby, I got you covered

I kiss her softly and give her a cheeky wink

As the awards start, I quickly finish my drink and while Luke and Todd are busy listening to the presenter I switch my wife's glass with mine. She slides her hand into mine and leans her head on my shoulder and whispers thank you. I give her a soft kiss on the forehead

Luke's category comes up and we are all so pleased when he is the winner. We stand and cheer as he makes his way up and collects the award before returning

Todd - I'm so proud of you babe well done

Trinity - I told you! Next time you'll listen to me. Well done boo

Stephen - Congrats man well done

After congratulating Luke we all sit back down and I reach back over grabbing my wife's hand. Todd heads off and comes back with more scotch for everyone and like last time I swap them around with trinity when no one is looking

This continues for most of the night and I would be lying if I didn't admit I was starting to feel pretty tanked

Trinity's category comes up and when she is awarded runner up in the state I feel my heart swell. I couldn't be more proud of her, she is already a winner in my eyes

Stephen - Congratulations my love, I am so proud of you

Luke - We all are. Well done babe

Todd - Look at you two winners, well done guys

By the time the night is over I am slaughtered from drinking two drinks to everyone else's one and my poor wife is stuck with my drunken arse trying to get me home

We are heading out of the hall and she is holding my hand trying to help keep me steady but I'm all over the place and I notice she can't stop giggling at me

Stephen - Did you just laugh at me

Trinity - Haha I'm sorry baby I shouldn't laugh. Thank you for what you did but you can't deny how tanked you are right now

Stephen - I'm fine

I say as I wobble on my feet a bit more. She laughs again so I grab her hips and press into her trying to attack her neck

Trinity - Behave Mister we are in public

Stephen - Don't think that will stop me from getting under your gorgeous dress I want to bury my face between your thighs

Trinity - Hahaha oh you're bad, come on let's get you home

Stephen - Yes let's, then I can have my way with you

Luke - Hahaha mate! You know you're not even whispering that right

Stephen - I was too

Trinity - Hahaha you really weren't baby

Stephen - Well don't look so sexy then I wouldn't want to eat you

Luke - Hahaha come here mate

Luke and Todd help trinity get me out to the car and in the passenger seat.

Trinity - Thank you guys. And congratulations again babe I'm so proud of you

Luke - You too gorgeous. Text me when you guys get in so I know you're good?

Trinity - We'll be fine. He'll be asleep the moment we get in

Stephen - No chance. I'll be between your thighs

They all laugh at me. I don't know why they think I'm joking

My doll comes around and gets in the drivers seat and heads off towards home. As she's driving I keep leaning over kissing her neck and trying to work my hands up under her dress

Trinity - Big boy you need to settle down. I'm trying to concentrate

Stephen - Me too. Concentrate on getting in your panties

Trinity - Hahaha slow down tiger

Stephen - Never. Not with you

She laughs at me again as we pull up into our driveway. I open the door and stumble out and have to lean against the car to stop myself from falling over

My wife walks around to me and puts her hands on my chest to steady me. I grip her hips and try pulling her into me as I start kissing down her neck towards her perfect breasts

Stephen - mmmm I wanna suck on these so bad before I have to share them

Trinity - Hahaha is that so baby?

Stephen - mmmm yeah momma my kids are gonna steal all of daddy's toys if they have their way

Trinity - Hahaha oh daddy you're in such a state right now

Stephen - It's trueeee they want to take daddy's play ground away from him

Trinity - Stephen Luciano you did not just call my body a playground did you?

Stephen - But momma I love playing with you, Give daddy some loving baby

Trinity - Sweetheart we are in the driveway. Let's get you inside and to bed ok

Stephen - Mmmm let's get you naked in my bed that sounds better

Trinity - Haha I think I'm going to need some help here

I start sucking and licking on her neck pushing my hips into her as she grips my bicep and starts shooting off a text with her other hand. I am trying to get under the fabric of her dress when I hear Clint come out

Clint - Hahaha you're shit faced

Stephen - Hey fuck off I'm trying to get it on with my wife here

Clint - You know mate, you really have to start using your bedroom more to do that shit I'm sick of seeing your white ass hanging out

Stephen - Piss off like I haven't seen you sunk deep with Mia's legs over your shoulders heaps of times over the years

Clint - Hahaha ok D A D D Y you got me there

Trinity - Hahaha stop it you two

Stephen - You love it

Clint - So do you daddy. Come on dick head let's get you inside

Stephen - Fucker

I try grappling withhim and we end up laughing our heads off as I nearly topple us both over on myunsteady legs

Clint - Hahaha How the hell did he get in this state?

Trinity - Haha that's a story for another day

Clint - Do I even want to know? Haha

I watch them both laughing their heads off at me

Being totally blind I don't even realise what I've blurted out

Stephen - It's not my fault I managed to put two babies inside her so I had to drink her scotches too

They both stop dead in their tracks and turn to stare at me

Of course the moment I blurt it Mia walks out to see what the commotion is

Mia - OH MY GOD! You're pregnant?

Fuck my wife's going to kill me!

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