Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Eight - Trinity’s POV

In an attempt to try and keep some privacy about my pregnancy for the moment Stephen had been drinking the scotches Luke and Todd had been getting all night and now it was safe to say my husband was completely trolleyed. Clint was helping me get him inside and up to bed when he's just blurted out we are pregnant - with two babies. Fuck baby I do love you but you're a pain in the arse when you are drunk

Clint - What?

Stephen - What?

Mia - Trinity?

Trinity - Yes ok! We found out just last week and were going to wait until our 12 week scan to let everyone know but apparently my husband has other ideas

Stephen is still standing there smiling hugely and dead proud of himself. He grabs me by the waist and tries kissing down my neck again

Stephen - Let's go recreate how we made these two mommy

Trinity - Baby I love you but you need to sleep it off right now

Clint and Mia are both still looking at us shocked

Trinity - Help me get him to bed and then I will come back down and explain everything

Stephen - It doesn't need explaining baby, I pumped you full of two babies

Trinity - Stephen Luciano Gotti if you know what is good for you right now you will head up those stairs before I make you

Stephen - Yes doll

Clint - Hahaha come on piss head let's get you to bed

Clint helps me get Stephen up to bed. Once we get him in the bed I start taking his shoes off before I sit him up and remove his jacket for him. I am unbuttoning his shirt when he tries pulling me into him again

Stephen - mmm baby you look so sexy tonight

Trinity - Baby, I need you to get some rest right now ok

Stephen - mmm I know how you can tire me out

Clint - Hahahaha

Stephen - Bro why you still in my room? I'm trying to get in my wife's pants here

Clint - I know you are bro, hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think that's going to happen tonight

Stephen - Yeah it will hey baby. You love a bit of daddy in you

Trinity - Babe lay back down so I can get your pants off please

Stephen - Hahaha see Clint fuck you I told you she wants me

Clint - Yeah mate you're right haha

Clint just laughs as I try to wrangle my man child out of his suit and into bed. Finally getting him down to his briefs I pull the sheets back

Trinity - Baby hop in and lay down for me. Momma is just going to get changed and get some water then I will be in bed ok

Stephen - Mmmhmmm

I look to Clint

Trinity - He'll be asleep in two minutes. Let me just get out of this and I'll be down to speak to you both

Clint - Ok hun no worries. You want a tea or coffee?

Trinity - Tea thank you

Clint heads out as I head to our wardrobe to get changed and comfortable before heading out and seeing Stephen already passed out so I head downstairs

Trinity - Sorry about that guys

Mia - All good babe, I haven't seen him that off his face in years haha

Clint - Hahaha he's going to feel that tomorrow for sure

Mia - So?

Trinity - It's true all of it

Mia - Twins?

Trinity - Yes babe. When I still wasn't feeling good by Monday last week Stephen made me go get a check. My GP ran some tests and confirmed I was pregnant. A few days later when my bloods came back she called us in and advised my HcG levels were very high so we went for the scan and they confirmed It's two

Clint - Holy shit! Congratulations right?

Trinity - We are over the moon. It's a huge shock even though we were trying to start a family I don't think either of us expected twins

Mia - Holy shit I'm so excited for you guys babe

Clint - Well that definitely explains why he had a skin full of scotch tonight hahaha

We all laugh and finish our drinks up before heading to bed. I get back upstairs and find my love fast asleep and I get sorted and climb into bed next to him cuddling up to his back

When I wake up the next morning Stephen is still fast asleep. I don't expect to see him up anytime soon. I get him some water and pain killers and leave it on the bedside table. Thankfully we have been given today off work by the boss after the awards last night, I need a nap already

I head downstairs and have just finished cleaning up the kitchen when I feel my husband's arms wrap around my waist

Stephen - On a scale of 1 to fucked how much trouble am I in?

Trinity - Haha the state you were in I'm surprised you remember baby

Stephen - I remember enough to know I'm probably going to be cut off for a while

Trinity - I should be annoyed baby but I'm not. It was kind of amusing and you did get in that state because you were just trying to help me

Stephen - I love you. You're amazing you know that

Trinity - Yeah I get that a lot

Stephen - Haha so any chance of getting a bit of morning nookie now

Trinity - Do not push your luck Mister

Stephen - Haha can't blame a man for trying

Trinity - How you feeling anyway

Stephen - Well let's just say I'm going to be cleaning our bathroom today but I'm still not sure I've fully emptied my stomach yet so I might wait a while before doing it

Trinity - My poor baby

Stephen - Mmm you wanna make your baby feel better

I give him a huge hug as I hear Clint

Clint - Haha fuck mate you struck out last night what makes you think you'll be successful now

Stephen - Haha don't remind me. I came down expecting to be ripped a new asshole this morning

Clint - Hahaha I'm surprised you can even walk this morning

We are all laughing atStephen's antics from last night when we hear the door bell go

Stephen - I'll get it

Stephen is barely gone a few minutes when I hear his raised voice

Stephen - What the fuck are you doing showing up at my house?

Clint and I look to each other and head out to the hall to see what the hell is going on

Neither of us was quite prepared for what was going on

Clint - What the fuck are you doing here chad?

Stephen - And why the fuck aren't you in Europe like you were told? Get the fuck out of here now and get on the next plane

Chad - Look I promise I'll be gone tonight back there for good, can we just talk first? All I need is half an hour

Stephen - What the fuck could you have to say?

Chad - It's to do with the investigation and Detective Suarez

Stephen - Who?

Chad - Mike

Clint - How's that our fucking problem?

Chad - If it wasn't important I promise I wouldn't be bothering you all. I don't expect you to believe me but I really am sorry

Stephen - You've got 10 minutes then I never want to see you again

Chad - That's fair and more than I can ask for

Stephen - Shed now. I don't want you in my home near my wife

I watch as he nods and heads around the side to go down.

Trinity - You ok babe?

Stephen - I'm fine sweetheart. Stay here until we get back please. Don't leave the house and do not open the door if anyone turns up

Trinity - Ok babe

Stephen - Clint let's go

Stephen - I love you. I won't be long ok

Trinity - Love you too

I was watching with Mia as the boys head down the back and we take our cups of tea and sit out under the patio

Trinity - How you feeling babe?

Mia - I'm so tired, ready to have this over with babe

Trinity - I bet you are. But you look amazing, it seriously suits you

Mia - Haha don't say that when Clint is around. That's all he keeps saying and already on about trying again. I'm still not over this trauma yet

Mia and I sit talking all things babies and before I realise it's been about an hour and the boys still aren't back. We head inside and I tidy up before heading up to our room for a lay down. I get in and tidy the bathroom from my dear husbands efforts last night and lay down in our bed.

I don't know how long I had been resting for when I heard Stephen come in. I turned to look at him and he came over and hoped in next to me. He pulled me into him and just hugged me tightly and I started to feel the tension he was obviously carrying fade away

Trinity - What is it babe?

Stephen - Just the normal shit. Chad came back as his sister was in a serious accident and she's in hospital. The cops have obviously been searching for signs of him and barrelled him up at the hospital questioning where Mike was etc He reckons he told them he's still in Spain and heading back to see him tonight as it's part of the operation Mike is still heavily undercover. They've basically said if he doesn't touch base in the next week they will be following up more

Stephen - Why people can't just listen to instructions to begin with!

Trinity - Baby, I know you're mad but it's his sister. Of course he was going to come back

Stephen - Yeah I get that, and maybe I'm selfish but I don't fucking care. I only care about keeping you safe. He's promised he will be on a plane tonight and seems genuinely sorry but I still don't trust him

We lay there for a while I can tell he's still suffering from last night so this was the last thing he needed to deal with today. Stephen has nodded off again and I hear Clint downstairs talking to someone so I head down

Clint - Going to be one of those days is it detective?

Detective - And what does that mean exactly?

Clint - Must be rain on the way, all the rats are running about

Detective - Cute. Doesn't answer my question though

Clint - Didn't realise I was obligated to answer it when you walk up into my home uninvited

Detective - It's a simple question you . . . Agh Mrs Gotti lovely to see you as always

I've walked out behind Clint by now wondering what is going on

Trinity - I can't say the feeling is mutual

Clint smirks at me

Trinity - If this is just a social visit we'll have to do this another time. I have a sick husband upstairs to look after and not much patience today so if you will excuse me

Detective - Blast from the past got him feeling under the weather?

Trinity - Or could be the stench that's just landed on our doorstep, who knows

Detective - So when would be a good time to speak then Mrs Gotti

Trinity - When you have a cause to or you've contacted our solicitor detective

I'm fed up with his games now so before he can say anymore I slam the door in his face much to Clint's amusement

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