Sold my Soul

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Chapter Two - Stephen’s POV

Once I realised what had happened I immediately got off the floor and walked over to my doll

Stephen - Baby . . . baby look at me . . . TRINITY

She finally snaps out of her trance

Stephen - Baby, stop looking at the body, look at me, just focus on me ok

She starts to look back at me finally.

Stephen - There's my girl, good girl baby. Now give me the gun please

She hands it over to me and I grab her and wrap her in my arms as tightly as I can. I start to walk her out the warehouse and as I am passing Clint I chuck him the gun.

Stephen - Call the other guys tell them to get here immediately.

Clint - Got it

I get my girl outside and walk away from the warehouse a bit. I sit down on the chairs we have out the back, not letting her go. She wraps herself around me and I can still feel her shaking.

Stephen - You ok doll, you still with me?

Trinity - I . . . I'm . . .

She is struggling to form words and I know her mind is still racing to that scene back in the warehouse. Mike bleeding out on the concrete floor. I do the first thing I can think of to pull her out of it.

I slam my lips on to hers kissing her soft velvet lips, she tries pulling away at first a bit shocked but I grip her cheeks between my hands and keep nudging my tongue at her bottom lip until she opens up for me.

I plunge my tongue deep inside her mouth, capturing hers in mine. I am gripping her body tighter than I should I realise when she whimpers a bit into me but I can't help it, I need her as close as possible.

Seeing that son of a bitch with a gun to her head is the most angry I have ever been in my life. No one does that to her, no fucking one!

I flip her around so one of her legs swings over me and she is now straddling my lap facing me. I grip her ass hard in my hands and pull her hips closer to me as my tongue lashes her beautiful mouth. I am now grinding my hips up into her as I destroy her pretty little mouth with me. I can feel her panting into me but the animal in me can't stop realising how close we came to losing each other today.

She whimpers louder into my mouth as I grab her ass cheeks harder pushing her into me more and more. I can't get enough, I need her so close to me right now, I need to know she is safe and she is in my arms, that no one can hurt her. I need this woman more than I need the air I breath.

She's panting and breathless and fighting with me to relinquish some of my grip. I can feel her squirming to try and pull out of my grip which just makes me lunge at her more. I am practically growling at her now desperate for her.

Trinity - Baby please calm down.

I barely register her pleas, the thought of almost losing her, or walking in seeing that asshole holding a gun to her has done my head in. I keep one of my arms wrapped around her waist tightly still trying to pull her closer as I reach my other hand around the front and start trying to get inside her. I try to get my hand in up her dress to her sweet centre.

She is fighting me and trying to push my hand away which is turning me on more right now because I can feel the reactions to my touch and I know as much as she is fighting she loves it.

Trinity - Baby please, what has gotten into you, talk to me?

Stephen - AGHHHH

I growl wildly

Stephen - FUCK! God momma

I grip her face tightly as I kiss her lips softly in comparison.

Stephen - Do you know what it was like walking in there seeing him with that gun to your head? No one does that to my baby, no one. I would have taken a bullet for you today baby to avoid you having to go through that. I am so sorry my love, that he did this to you and I wasn't there to protect you.

Trinity - Stop, it's not your fault and I am right here. It is my fault, I shouldn't have just followed him and trusted him at his word after you told us last night.

Stephen - Followed him? What do you mean babe? Tell me everything

Trinity - I came back in after I had finished outside and couldn't see you in the lounge so I went in the kitchen to get a water. He as in there and I asked if he had seen you. He said you went down to the warehouse not long before I came in and . .

Stephen - He said what? Baby, I hadn't seen him all day since we were in the warehouse earlier in the morning. I had only gone up stairs to get changed once checking the score of the ball game.

Trinity - I know that now love. He said he would show me down there so I could see you. I hadn't been down before so I accepted and once we got down there he just lost his shit. Started abusing me that I ruined his operation and it was all my fault. Said I had destroyed 2 and a half years worth of operation. He was pressuring me to turn witness on you, he kept saying he knew I had nothing to do with it but if I didn't turn witness he would make sure I went down with you for not co-operating.

Stephen - Babe, I am so sorry, I truly am. I allowed him into our home and this is how he treats you. I had a fucking cop in my house!

Trinity - There is nothing you could have done differently to prevent this Stephen. In his ramblings he said this was Chad who lead them in. Apparently they had been watching Chad for sometime as he wasn't the most pre-cautious with his drops. They collared him one night coming out of a drop at Brando's and in exchange for avoiding jail offered him the deal to assist them and get one of their guys in.

Stephen - So that's what the argument was about at the side of the shed, and why Chad handed over the stock to him so quickly. What else do I need to know babe?

Trinity - That was the most of it before you all came in abbe. Oh, except that you closing operations had ruined 2 and a half years of operations.

Stephen - How so baby, did he say?

Trinity - Just that they had the proof of the drugs, but not the proof hat you were involved. He never saw you exchange any so there was no proof of your involvement in the distribution.

Stephen - Interesting . . . . Baby I need you to listen to me and I need you to do as I say ok?

Trinity - Ok baby, I promise.

Kissing her on the lips softly

Stephen - That's my good girl. I want you to head back up to the house with Mia and try and relax for me. Let daddy and Clint sort this mess out and I will come for you as soon as I can ok baby, I promise you.

Trinity - I love you

Stephen - I love you baby, come on let's get you back inside to Mia so you can get away from this mess, I don't want you looking at it anymore.

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