Sold my Soul

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Chapter Twenty Nine - Stephen’s POV

** 6 Week's Later **

We've taken the day off work today as Trinity has another scan. We've decided if all goes well today we are going to have a dinner at home this weekend and tell everyone as she will be 14 weeks now. We are also excited as if our babies decide to play nice today we can find out their genders.

Mia is 39 weeks now and they are getting impatient. Their OB said everything is fine and baby is engaged now so if she doesn't go into natural labour in the next few days they will look at inducing. I'm excited for them and I can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family.

Trinity and I found a house we love two weeks ago and put an offer in. It's due to settle in 10 days so we have been shopping and getting ready. Thankfully it is only a few streets away from here as we love the Bunya estate and wanted to stay around here. It's also not too far from Luke and Todd and Dave and Felicity which suits us perfectly

I'm just in our bathroom finishing getting ready to go to our appointment when my doll walks in

Trinity - Baby we are definitely going to have to tell people this weekend. My pants are already getting too tight. I'm going to be a blimp before we know it

I put the comb down and walk over and kiss her softly wrapping her in my arms tenderly while I rub her beautiful backside

Stephen - You will never be a blimp baby, you will be beautifully pregnant with my children, but don't you ever call yourself a blimp

I give her a passionate kiss holding her close to me as my tongue lovingly captures hers. I slowly pick her up off the floor holding her close to me as our tongues dance together in an embrace of our love for each other. I slowly pull our lips apart but don't want to put her down just yet I turn around and continue to comb my hair so we can get going

Stephen - Go put some of your sweats on baby or yoga pants, I would rather you just be comfortable. We can go shopping after the appointment ok

Trinity - Ok daddy

She reaches up kissing me on the back of my shoulders wrapping her arms around my waist and just holding me for a minute while I finish sorting my hair

Stephen - You good momma?

Trinity - I am now, I just wanted to hold you for a minute

I put the comb down and turn around to face her again pulling her into me

Stephen - What's wrong baby?

Trinity - Nothing honest sweetheart, just a bit hormonal that's all. I honestly feel fine and nothing is worrying me or upsetting me yet I feel like I could burst into tears at any second

I can't pretend to understand how she is feeling but I can comfort her and provide her the reassurance she needs

Stephen - Baby you do whatever you need to do to make sure you feel ok. If you need to cry baby do it and I'll be here to soothe you, if you need to scream do it but just let me know so I can put ear plugs in first ok

She chuckles at that and squeezes me a bit tighter

Trinity - You're too good to me. I fucking love you so much sometimes it hurts

Stephen - I know what you mean. I love you too. Come on let's get you dressed and get to our appointment

Trinity - I really hope our little pea pods behave today so we can find out what they are

Stephen - Me too love

I wait in the bedroom while she gets changed and comes out finally. Doesn't matter what she wears she will always look like a goddess in my eyes

Stephen - Grab your jacket too baby it's a bit brisk outside today

Trinity - Got it ready when you are sweetheart

We head out to the car and I drive us to our appointment. We get in and settled and don't have to wait too long thankfully

Dr Cater - Mr and Mrs Gotti

Trinity - Dr Cater nice to see you again

Stephen - Good morning Doctor

Dr Cater - And how's my three patients feeling today?

Trinity - Not too bad thank you. Sickness has finally arrived but I'm slowly learning what to avoid to keep it under control. Mostly fatigue and headaches is still giving me grief

Dr Cater - We'll do a quick test just to check your iron levels too but sounds all very normal for this stage

Dr Cater - Now are we ready to get up and have a look at these little two

Stephen - Definitely ready. And hoping they play nice for us

Dr Cater - So mum and dad have decided? If we can see today then you would like to know the genders?

Stephen - Yes please

Trinity - We figured finding out there was 2 of them is surprise enough for us

We all share a laugh as my wife gets up on the examination table ready

Trinity - You ready daddy?

Stephen - Never more so baby

I give her a gentle kiss and stand up by her head wrapping my arm up on the bed and stroking her hair gently, my other hand holding hers. Dr Cater gets Trinity's favourite gel ready and starts to have a look. We wait eagerly until she finally turns the monitor to us

Dr Cater - Here we go. Your beautiful little gems are measuring exactly as they should and everything is reading as we like. Would you like to hear their heartbeats

Stephen - Can we?

Dr Cater - Absolutely Mr Gotti

Stephen - Stephen please

I look down at my wife and start smiling into her loving eyes as the sound of our babies heartbeats fills us with joy

Stephen - That's the most incredible sound I've ever heard

Trinity - It's perfect

I feel my eyes swelling with tears

Stephen - You're perfect Trinity. I can't believe you did this

I kiss her on her forehead and whisper thank you to her

Dr Cater - Now I'm just going to see if we can get these two moving around a bit and get a better angle to check on genders. Just give me a few minutes ok, and all being well I should be able to get you a few stills to show also

We wait patiently as we watch Dr Cater do what she needs to and hope that we can get the news we have been longing for. I watch as she hits a few buttons and finally puts the transducer down and turns back to us.

Dr Cater - Well the good news is it looks like your babies want their mom and dad to meet them properly today. I've been able to get very good images of both giving us an accurate reading of their gender

We smile at each other and my wife squeezes my hand tightly

Dr Cater - Congratulations, you have the perfect pair - a little boy and a little girl

We hug each other tightly completely made up for how lucky we are

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