Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty- Stephen’s POV

We were so relieved to hear the other day that our little pea pods were growing well and everything was fine. We were even more excited to be able to finally share the news with everyone.

Tonight we were supposed to have dinner with everyone however Mia and Clint's little one had other ideas and decided today was going to be the day for their arrival. We had been woken by Clint at 2:30am this morning letting us know he was taking Mia to the hospital. It is now 5pm and we have had a few texts but it is sounding like they are still in for a long wait.

Sadly this means they won't be here for dinner, however they already know we are expecting so we can fill them in on the genders when we go up and see what they have had.

We have everything ready to have dinner with Dave and Felicity and Luke and Todd tonight and they are due to arrive soon. I am sat at the kitchen bench cutting the salads while my wife is busying herself around the kitchen with the final preps for the pasta and bread. I find myself looking up at her smiling quite often. I love the idea of her pregnant with our children and now that she has a bump starting to show I can't help staring at it all the time or wanting to touch it.

Trinity - What are you looking at pervert?

Stephen - hahaha this sexy pregnant woman in my kitchen.

Trinity - That's a very naughty fetish you have their Mr Gotti

Stephen - It's not a fetish Mrs Gotti, it is just you. Come here baby

She walks over to me looking curious as she throws the kitchen towel over her shoulder. I snake my arm around her waist pulling her in between my legs and rubbing my hands over her little belly.

Stephen - I could get use to this

Trinity - Use to what baby?

Stephen - you, pregnant in our kitchen cooking for me

Trinity - So cliche baby

She rolls her eyes

Stephen - No, just incredibly sexy on you. Kiss me

She leans in and I wait to feel her soft lips on mine, at the last minute she swerves away from my lips and moves to my neck softly kissing it, before I feel the tip of her tongue lick lightly and she starts sucking just below my ear

Stephen - mmmm mommy you tease, give me your lips

She moves her way upmy jaw and across my chin up to my lips and captures them with hers. I pull hercloser to me and rest my hands on her hips as we kiss tenderly. Unfortunatelyas much as I would love to keep kissing her all night we are interrupted by thedoor bell

Stephen - I'll get it beautiful

I smack her ass and start heading to the door

Trinity - seriously, what is it with you and my ass

Stephen - It's perfect I love touching it

I yell back as I am getting the front door

Luke - He's right you know and take it from a gay man that is a good arse

Trinity - You have no place in this argument Luke Douglas so I would quit while you have the chance

Luke and I look at each other and laugh as I greet him and Todd and welcome them in. They head through to the dining and I wait to let Dave and Felicity in as I notice them pulling up as I go to shut the door.

We all head into the dining room as Trinity is bringing the pasta out and heads back in to get the cob loaf. I follow her and get the water and bottles of wine for the table.

Felicity - This looks amazing girl thank you so much for having us. Feels like ages since we all hung out, unfortunate Clint and Mia aren't here but I hope everything is going well with them?

Stephen - I heard from Clint at about 3:30pm and it sounded like they still had a way to go but he said he would keep me updated.

Dave - geez that's rough on Mia, she will be lucky if she lets him touch her again

The guys all laugh and I watch Felicity and Trinity exchange an empathetic look.

We all get stuck into dinner and it was amazing, but I already knew my wife was a great cook.

Todd - That's the best meal I have had in a long time

Trinity - Well that is what happens when you wait for Luke to cook I warned you

Todd - hahaha yeah I tend not to let him anymore I am not fond of food poisoning unless I am looking to drop a few pounds quickly

We all laugh even Luke because he knows it is true.

I grip my dolls handand look at her asking if it is time and she nods

Stephen - Guys as much as it is great to see you all we also had another reason for inviting you all here tonight.

They look at us quizzically and I nod to my wife to let her tell them

Trinity - Stephen and I found out a few weeks ago we are pregnant.

Everyone starts getting excited and congratulating us. My heart swells to have such amazing people in our lives.

Luke - How far along babe? This is so exciting I am finally going to be an uncle

We all laugh at his joy

Trinity - 14 weeks babe and everything is going really well

Trinity looks to me and winks letting me know it is time to drop the bombshell

Stephen - Both babies are really healthy and we got to hear their heart beats and confirm their genders.

Luke - WOAHHH holy Fuck did you just say both babies?

Trinity - That's exactly what he said

David - That is awesome. Twins are the coolest, I have cousins who are twins and they had a blast growing up, also confusing us all on who was who

Stephen - Well we have been very fortunate to be blessed with one of each

Felicity - guys that is perfect! A little boy and baby girl what more could you ask for.

The rest of the night goes great and our friends are so excited for us. We feel so relieved to have finally been able to share our wonderful news with everyone. At around 10:30pm everyone headed off and I was just getting the house locked up to head to bed. My doll had already headed up just before me to get changed. I head up to our room and she is in bed waiting for me with the tv on.

I head into our walk in and get unchanged then head back out and chuck the laundry in the basket.

As I look back up I notice my wife staring at me intently.

Stephen - What's that look for doll?

Trinity - Just admiring the view baby

Stephen - Is that so?

I crawl up on to thebed and come over the top of her pulling her body properly underneath me

Trinity - Kiss me daddy

Stephen - Gladly

I lower my head and we embrace and kiss, a deep, deep passionate kiss. Fire begins to flow through my veins. My hands run up and down her sides while she kisses my neck before kissing along my shoulder. My whole body shudders and a deep groan escapes from my lips as my wife nuzzles my neck with her mouth. I lean further down and nudge her head until I can capture her lips with mine again.

My tongue gently runs along her bottom lip begging for access and she opens letting me engulf her tongue with mine

We get lost in each other's kiss, wanting nothing more than to love each other passionately through this kiss. I roll off her slightly still dancing with her tongue as my hand runs down to her stomach and softly strokes it. I pull away from our kiss and bring my head down to her stomach and start planting soft kiss all over it. She cups my head with her hands and watches me as I kiss all over her stomach trying to send my love to her womb.

Stephen - Hi my little pea pods your daddy loves you as much as he loves mommy and can't wait to meet you.

I hug her to me my hands wrapped around her tightly as I gently rest my head on her stomach and continue to rub it gently.

Stephen - I hope you two know how loved you already are. Your daddy can't wait to hold you.

I look up at my wife and I see a tear roll down her cheek. I know by her eyes it is just her hormones and she is ok she is just enjoying these moments we have of talking to our little pea pods like I do.

I lean my head back up to her looking deeply into her eyes as she leans down to kiss me again. As much as I love the passionate sex life my wife and I have I adore these moments of intimacy more were we are stripped bare to each other.

I lose track of time getting lost in the kisses with my wife when I hear my phone go off. She goes to pull out of the kiss but I grip her tight back into me not ready to let her go. My tongue is exploring her mouth and my senses are alive with her taste and smell. My hands are stroking her stomach still as we bask in our love.

Finally I pull away and just snuggle into her as she gently drags her nails through my hair, she knows how much it relaxes me. I pick up my phone and see a text from Clint. I open it and turn it to show Trinity.

Trinity - awww finally! A baby boy! They will be over the moon.

We quickly text Clint back and send our congrats and love to all three of them. I let my brother know we will call him in the morning and check what time we can come to visit and to let us know if they want us to bring anything. I chuck my phone back on the charger and turn the lamp off and roll back into my wife letting her cradle me into her as I fall off to sleep.

The next day we head up to meet our new little nephew and see how Clint and Mia are going. Little William Clinton Waters is perfect and his parents are the picture of happiness.

When Clint and Mia asked us to be the godparents we were honoured and promised to love him like our own.

We spent a few hours with them and stole as many cuddles of William as we could, he was a gorgeous little man and content and it made us realise how much we couldn't wait to meet our own

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