Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty One - Stephen’s POV

It has been 3 and a half months now since little William joined the crew and he is the happiest little kid ever. I have also noticed it has made us even more eager to meet our two when they finally arrive.

Trinity is now 28 weeks and we had another follow up yesterday morning and all is going well. Our boy is slightly bigger than our little girl but nothing to worry about we have been advised. Both are in a healthy range and if everything keeps going well there should be no complications.

My doll looks incredible. Pregnancy suits her and I can not for the life of me keep my eyes off her sometimes. Ever since her belly started to pop which didn't take long with two babies I have found myself constantly staring and admiring the changes to her body.

Of course she hates the changes and feels uncomfortable so I constantly remind her how beautiful she looks. I also make every effort to assist her with feeling comfortable and doing what I can do to ease some of her burden.

Much to my protests she has insisted still working for the moment, although they have had to do a restructure for the moment to accommodate her pregnancy.

As my wife is quite small anyway in size and height the moment her belly started to pop she was unable to drive. At 6 and half months pregnant with twins she is around the same size as a single pregnancy, and being less than 5 ft makes it difficult for her to reach the peddles on the car.

She has been office based working with her current investors and owners and they have arranged for someone to attend her open for inspections and marketing for her. I have been taking her too and from work as well, which I have no issues with at least I know my wife and unborn children are safe that way.

I have been getting their nursery ready and I have finally finished the painting this morning so all we need to do now is look at the furnishings we would like for it. I have started looking at some ideas but who am I kidding, I am so in over my depths, this is my wife's forte not mine.

I was headed into our ensuite to have a shower and then get some lunch and check in with Trinity when I hear the door bell go.

I head down the stairs and open it to find none other than my favourite person - Detective Peters. I am half tempted not to bother answering and but I know this fucker won't give up until I do.

Stephen - What?

Detective - Now Mr Gotti is that anyway to answer your door?

Stephen - Usually yes when it is someone uninvited like yourself. What do you want? I am pretty busy right now and need to get sorted to pick my wife up shortly so if you have nothing important I am going to have to politely ask you to do one.

Detective - Actually Mr Gotti it appears today I will be the one giving the directives. Myself and these follow officers would like you to accompany us to the station thank you.

Stephen - Care to explain?

Detective - Mr Gotti we are respectfully asking right now, however I certainly have no issue contacting the DA to make this trip less comfortable for you.

Stephen - If you say so detective. I am guessing since you are still stood on that side of my door you don't have a warrant so you can wait right here while I get my phone and call my Lawyer and arrange someone to pick up my wife.

Detective - Very well Mr Gotti, I will give you 5 minutes otherwise my next call will be to the DA.

I slam the door in his face while he is still speaking, make your fucking call pig see if I care. I know you haven't got shit otherwise you would have made that call already and have a warrant with you.

I get my phone and call Clint first, I need him to make sure Trinity is ok, I don't know how long they are going to fuck with me today and I don't want her stuck at work and worrying if she can't reach me.

Clint - (Phone call) Bro what's doing?

Stephen - (Phone call) Mate I need you to listen ok, I haven't got time for fucking around

Clint - (Phone call) Sure mate, what's wrong

Stephen - (Phone call) Detective Peters has turned up and is requesting my presence at the station or he is calling the DA and waiting here for the warrant. I am calling Benji in next to meet me down there.

Clint - (Phone call) Got you bro, just tell me what you need.

Stephen - (Phone call) I was supposed to pick Trin up at 3:30pm I need you to go get her as soon as possible, call her as soon as I hang up, let her know what is happening otherwise she will panic more if you keep her in the dark, tell her I am fine and explain the score, you know how this shit works.

Clint - (Phone call) Got it. I am going to bring her back to ours to stay with Mia and be on standby until you want picking up

Stephen - (Phone call) Please. Also call Dave and give him the heads up

Clint - (Phone call) Done

Stephen - (Phone call) Talk soon

I hang up and then put the call in to Benji our Solicitor, the best in the fucking business for this shit

Benji - (Phone call) Stephen? Been a while

Stephen - (Phone call) Benji I have our wonderful Chicago PD on my door asking me to come in for a chat. Can you meet me down town mate, they have given me 5 minutes to get sorted and head down with them or they are calling the DA for assistance. I'll transfer 25k now retainer for you

Benji - (Phone call) hahaha sure they are, Leaving now

Stephen - (Phone call) Thanks mate

I hang up and grab my phone and wallet and head back to the door and lock my house up

Stephen - Hurry up then detective I would like to get back to my pregnant wife sooner rather than later.

Detective - We will see depending how this chat goes.

Stephen - Oh did I mention Benji Ramirez will be meeting us down there.

I watch as the detective swallows hard and I smirk knowing that got his sweat going. I get in the backseat of the car and we head to the station letting them play their little game.

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