Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Two - Trinity’s POV

I have been busy at work most of the morning and hadn't realised it was lunch time nearly. I went to warm my lunch up and was going to call Stephen when I got back to my office.

As I was in the lunchroom I heard a familiar voice come through reception and instantly recognised it as Clint.

Receptionist - Welcome to Durham Real Estate how may I help you.

Clint - I am looking for Trinity Gotti please

Receptionist - Please take a seat and I will see if Mrs Gotti is available. May I have your name please?

Trinity - It is fine Claudia, I know Clint, he is a family friend.

Clint - Hey hun, haven't you popped now

Trinity - Did you just call me fat?

We both laugh

Clint - fuck no do I look stupid? After Mia had finished bashing me your husband would knee cap me. How's my favourite little niece and nephew going

He says as he rubs my belly

Trinity - Too good, momma is turning into a beached whale

Clint - Don't you even start that shit, I had enough of it when Mia was pregnant.

Trinity - So what brings you down hun.

Clint - Is there somewhere we can go to talk, in private

Trinity - Of course, come through to my office

We head into my office and I notice the strain on Clint's face.

Trinity - Rip the bandaid off Clint, what is it?

Clint - It's Stephen hun, he was at home today and Detective Peters turned up.

Trinity - And? Just fucking tell me Clint!

Clint - Hun calm down please, remember babies

He points to my stomach

Trinity - Then fucking tell me! What is going on? Where is my husband?

Clint - He is down at the police station hun with his solicitor. They did not have a warrant nor did they arrest him, however they were throwing around the DA if he chose not to go willingly so he did.He called Benji our Solicitor we all use and he was meeting Stephen down there so I highly doubt he will be too long, but he wanted me to come and get you and take you back to ours with Mia so and as soon as he calls I will go pick him up ok.

Trinity - Fine. But you are sure he hasn't been arrested?

Clint - I am positive hun, they wouldn't have let him call or liaise with me if he had of been, this will all be smoke and mirrors again from them I promise you. Plus Benji is the best in the business, Stephen will be out before dinner time

I get my stuff packed up and head back out to the reception to meet Clint. He takes my bag and leads me out to his car. As we are nearly at his car I hear someone call my name.

Detective 2 - Mrs Gotti?

I turn around and I see a man that looks familiar to me. I don't realise where it is I recognise him from until Clint whispers to me.

Clint - That is the guy that was following you at your open homes remember

Of course! Now I recognise him. I knew there was something fishy about him.

Trinity - Do I know you?

Detective 2 - I don't suppose you do, I am Detective Grounds can we have a word please.

Trinity - No sorry, I tend to avoid creepy men who stalk women at Open homes and provide false identifications in order to do so. Not only is that harassment when you have neither presented or identified any cause to investigate or follow me it also falls under stalking. So no you may not have a word and you can fuck off. I am tired, hormonal and hungry do not fuck with me today

I turn around and storm off towards Clint's car raging now when I hear Clint

Clint - I would jog on if I were you mate before she comes back, that's one angry momma

Clint finally comes around and unlocks the car

Clint - You ok hun?

Trinity - I am fine, take me to my husband please.

Clint - Sorry babe I can't do that right now, I have been asked to take you back to ours for your safety. They won't let you see him right now so you are safer surrounded by people. I promise the moment we can pick him up I will race there and get him ok

Trinity - Fine

I slump into Clint's car as we race off to his place and Mia's place. I am feeling more and more irritable as the minutes pass and I am getting sick of these games - either the cops have something or they don't!

I hope this Lawyer Clint is speaking about is really as good as they claim, I want my husband home now, and it is frightening me not being able to even speak to him. We get to Clint and Mia's and he helps me inside. Mia of course comes to check on me and brings out Baby boy for cuddles. He helps to soothe my irritation while we wait.

And it is a long wait . . . finally after 3 and a half hours I hear Clint's phone ring and he comes back after answering it letting me know that Stephen is finally out and his Lawyer Benji is going to drop him off here.

I feel relief but I will feel much better when I finally see him.

After a long half an hour Stephen comes through the door and I wobble as fast as I can to him, because let's be honest I am not running anywhere these days.

The moment I reach him and wrap my arms around him I break down into sobs.

Stephen - shhh baby it is ok I am right here.

Trinity - It isn't ok I didn't know what was happening to you, if they were going to release you, if they charged you, I knew nothing and it was terrifying me baby.

Stephen - shhh I am fine I promise. Benji sorted it all in 10 minutes flat once the dogs finally showed their face. They left us sitting for 3 hours before they even came in, it was all just mind games baby honestly.

I am still sobbing unable to control my emotions when I feel him reach under my legs and pick me up

Trinity - Baby put me down you are going to drop us or break your back, I am too heavy for this right now.

Stephen - Don't you ever tell me you are too heavy. You are pregnant with my children and you are my wife and upset. I will comfort you in every way I know possible do you understand me doll?

I sob even more hearing this and barely hear Stephen ask Clint to drive us home. He walks me out to the car still carrying me and places me in the backseat with him as Clint drives us back to our house.

Stephen - Thanks Bro, I will call you later and update you

Clint - Look after your wife man, that is the priority. We are all good, we can talk tomorrow

I feel my husband's armaround my waist as he walks us up to our front door and unlocks it for me. Hetakes me over to our couch and holds me tight against his chest as I sobuncontrollably.

I know a lot of it is to do with hormones right now but I was so frustrated and scared not knowing anything and not getting any information. Now to have him here with me and know he is ok is such a relief all my emotions are running wild.

Stephen - shhh please baby it's ok I am here, I promise I am not going anywhere ok. I know they frightened you today but it is just mind games, don't give them the head space my love.

I lean up to kiss my husband and he softly kisses the tears from my cheeks, but I need more, my emotions are running high and I just need to feel that my husband is here with me and safe. I grab his face and plunge my tongue in his mouth. The kiss is hot and demanding and I find myself panting when he pulls away from me.

Trinity - Daddy take me to bed, make love to me please I need to know you are here that you are safe and ok. I need to feel you, all of you. I need to be one with you baby please

I stood up slowly, as if in a trance. I watched as my husband sat back into his chair slowly, waiting, looking. I pulled my dress over my head, and he got up and helped me. He then undid my bra, and exhaled slowly at the sight of my engorged boobs.

Stephen - Oh god momma, look at those magnificent breasts. Look at you. You are marvellous, angelic baby, you are my perfect doll

He touched my breasts and then pinched the nipples, softly at first, and then quite hard. He then came to one of my breasts and sucked the nipple, still pinching the other one. I moaned wildly. I could almost reach orgasm this way I had been so aroused lately from my hormones. I abruptly grabbed my baby's hand and brought it to my pussy, which was now very wet and seeking long-awaited attention.

Trinity - Mmm awww daddy I need you so bad. I love it when you touch me there

Stephen - mmm momma I love how ready you always are for me. My sexy little wife, you get me so fucking hard for you baby

I watched as my husband knelt in front of me and kissed my belly softly, his hands falling to my hips as he slid off my underpants. He returned to my sensitive nipples sucking them while he started to finger my kitty. I was still standing and was rocking avidly on his fingers, moaning as I gripped his hair with one hand my other running over his strong shoulders I loved so much

Stephen - mmmm I will never get tired of listening to you purr like that momma, fuck I could listen to you moaning all night for me, cum on my fingers baby I want to suck it off, let daddy have your sweet juices

I was desperate for my release now and Stephen knew exactly where to touch me to make it happen. I felt my body start to shake and I lent forward gripping his shoulders for support. Just when I was about to explode my husband leans forward and sticks his tongue up me making me explode around his mouth

Trinity - Awwww god yes yes awww I love you Stephen I love how you make me cum yes baby yes

Trinity - Baby please take your pants off and sit on the couch. I want to ride you so bad right now

I waited while he got his pants off and sat back then I got up on my knees straddling his lap, reached back between my legs and sat slowly back on his hard-on, feeling it spread me open and go up inside. When it was all the way in, I began to rock myself easily back on his big cock. Oh, how much I needed this! I leaned forward, supporting myself on my arms on the back of the couch and letting my breasts come down over him.

They swayed in his face as I rode his cock deep and slow grinding my hips down on him. He took one nipple in his mouth playing with it and then swapped to the other

Stephen - Ohhh god baby I love how swollen and big your breasts are. They taste so good, god I love fucking you like this, your beautiful pregnant body bouncing on me. Yes mommy don't stop fuckkkkkkk you look so god damn sexy right now you're such a turn on baby

His strong hands caressed my back and gripped my cheeks, gently helping me rise and fall on his dick. He made love to me, as I loved him in return, and soon we fell into an easy rhythm, backwards and forward, up and down, over and over again. He held my body tight to him as his face lay in my chest loving the feel of my larger breasts pressed against his face

Stephen - Awww does it feel as good for you as it does for me baby

Trinity - Awww yes daddy you feel so good buried inside me. I love you Stephen I love you so much

Stephen - Awww I love you baby. I love watching your beautiful pregnant body sliding up and down me the pleasure on your face yesss momma ride daddy pleaseeeee

Trinity - Ohmmmm yes daddy fuck meeeeeeeeee

He started to go faster and I turned my head so I could kiss him and put my tongue in his mouth. My husband palmed my breast as he kissed me. I started moving my hips in a circular direction so that he came into me at a different angle. It felt better. He seemed deeper inside me. His thrusts rocked me and our bodies slapped together. We went faster together. When I felt him getting bigger inside me and flexing, I began to cum. Mouth open, I looked at my husband and told him with my face that I was cumming. Stephen came too, jizzing himself in my pussy and holding himself hard inside me as he came.

Stephen - mmmmm god Trinity I cant ever get enough of you. Yes babyyyy take all of me I'm yours

We moan and scream together as our orgasms explode and I collapse down on my husband as he gently strokes my back and kisses my neck softly. He goes to gently pull out of me

Trinity - No daddy don't leave, stay inside me please. It feels like heaven being full of you

We sit there grinding softly on each other and I feel him start to grow again inside me

Stephen - Awww Trinity I'm so hard for you again, I don't know how you do it baby I want you all the time

Trinity - mmmm Stephen don't stop please I was so scared today I want to stay close to you all night baby I need you, you are my world, my everything

Stephen - I'm not going anywhere baby, I am nothing without you

He stays buried inside me as our tongues taste every inch of each other and soon he is rock hard again and we make love over and over until we can't keep our eyes open. My husband is my drug and I need him more than anything in this world

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