Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Three - Stephen’s POV

I had woken early this morning and called Luke to let him know Trin would be away today. We had barely slept last night and I didn't want to wake her this morning. I checked on her not too long ago and she was still fast asleep. I leant over and gave her a gentle kiss and then gave both my babies a soft kiss

I head downstairs and called Clint and Dave to come around

Once they arrived we head outside to talk as I didn't want to risk Trinity hearing and I knew if she did I was in a lot of shit

Dave - So what happened man?

Stephen - I think Chad has been squealing

Clint - He reckons he didn't say anything when he came over

Stephen - I don't believe him. They knew too much, and information they couldn't possibly know without someone speaking

Clint - Rat. How you want to play it

Dave - Mate, don't take this the wrong way but you gotta stay clean on this from here in. You've got a pregnant wife upstairs and you Clint have a new baby. Let me deal with it. Let me call Barcelona and see what's happening

Stephen - Are you sure mate? I don't want to get you anymore involved then I have to?

Dave - Positive. So what were they saying

Stephen - Kept asking which one of us was the last to see him alive. Of course Benji shut it down the moment they asked. But it's the first time they have implied he's dead which makes me question what chad really said

The boys and I talk a bit more until I notice Trinity coming down the stairs into the kitchen

Stephen - Shh I don't want her knowing this yet

Clint - Tread carefully mate she's going to kill you if you keep anymore secrets

Stephen - I know I know

Trinity - Stephen did you turn my alarm off?


Stephen - Hey baby how did you sleep?

Trinity - Don't you dare do that. I asked you a question?

Stephen - Baby you needed the sleep.

Trinity - I also needed to work today!

Stephen - Did you though? Need or want?

Trinity - Ugh! Fuck you Stephen

Woah! Where did that come from? I watch as she storms off again

Clint - Hahaha how did you still end up in the dog house then?

Dave - Hahahaha

Stephen - Fuck man, no idea!

The boys laugh again and spark up as I flip them off and head inside for a minute to find my wife. I see her leaning over the kitchen bench waiting for the kettle and I walk over and start rubbing her back for her half expecting her to push me away

I don't say anything for a moment I just massage her hips and back for her while she waits to get a cup of tea. I reach my hands around and start rubbing her belly for her as I lean forward and kiss her shoulders

Stephen - I'm sorry baby

Trinity - I'm sorry too that was rude of me

I wrap my arms around the top of her bump and pull her up to me her back pressed into my chest as I rest my head on her shoulder

Stephen - Wanna talk about it?

Trinity - No baby we are good, I just woke up shocked as I was expecting it to be much earlier as I didn't hear my alarm and reacted like an asshole that's all

Stephen - Makes you feel any better you're my favourite asshole

She slaps me on the armand turns to look at me as I smirk at her. She brings her hand up stroking mycheek and pulls my lips to hers. We kiss softly until we hear the kettle go off

Stephen - Go sit down baby I'll finish making this and bring it out

Trinity - Thank you darling

I watch as she heads outside and the boys get up and hug her.

I bring her tea out and we all sit about talking for a bit. The boys are great they don't mention anything of yesterday to alarm her and I see she is starting to feel relaxed again. Clint heads off as he needs to help Mia with William and Dave is heading over to Montague to get some shit done

Stephen - Babe how about we go shopping today and get the last bits for the nursery if you feel up to it? If not we can just browse and order online?

Trinity - Actually babe it would be good to get out for a bit, I feel like my legs could do with a stretch

Stephen - I feel like they could have a few years ago too short ass

Trinity - Hey! I represent that remark

We both laugh and I help her up so we can go get dressed and head out. We have been out for a few hours and organised everything we like for the nursery and I am standing in line waiting to order some food when my phone rings

Stephen - (Phone call) hey bro

Clint - (Phone call) call Benji looks like it's my turn today to tango with our favourite detective

Stephen - (Phone call) he's there now?

Clint - (Phone call) yes mate. Same routine he pulled on you yesterday

Stephen - (Phone call) on it. I'll call him now, and we will head over to help Mia with William. Ring me when you're out if you need a lift

Clint - (Phone call) too easy bro

I hang up and pull up Benji's number

Benji - (Phone Call) two days in a row Stephen? Did you not have enough fun yesterday?

Stephen - (Phone call) haha not me today mate. They are pulling the same routine on Clint now

Benji - (Phone call) I'm on my way

Stephen - (Phone Call) thanks Benji

I hang up and get ourfood and head back to my wife. I decide I better tell her this or she willdefinitely have my balls for earrings

Stephen - Baby we need to take our food to go. We are going to head over to Mia's and Clint's

Trinity - Umm why?

Stephen - Detective Peters has taken Clint down to the station

Trinity - Oh my god, is Mia ok?

Stephen - She's fine baby and I just spoke to Clint I have organised Benji to meet him down there

Trinity - Help me up love, let's get going

I help her up and to the car and we head over to Mia. It's the same routine as yesterday and after a few hours I get a text from Clint telling me Benji is dropping him back

We are all in the lounge when Clint comes walking in with Benji

Benji - I guess we will all need to stop meeting like this hey? Although I don't believe we have had the pleasure of meeting?

I laugh at Benji trying to be smooth with the come on to my wife

Stephen - Back off fucker that's my wife you're talking to haha

Benji - Really? Your wife? Punching much mate haha

Trinity smiles softly as she tries to get up. I help her up and she walks over to shake hands with Benji

Benji - Baked not fried right?

He says teasingly as he points to her stomach and gives her a cheeky wink

Trinity - Haha it certainly feels like it. I'm Trinity nice to meet you

Benji - Like wise, if you ever get tired of this asshole let me know

Stephen - Haha you wish

Benji - So when's the due date? Any day now?

Stephen - Actually about 2 months. Twins mate

Benji - Damn! Look at you with the double pump

We all laugh again at this cheeky fucker

Stephen - So what's the damage?

Benji - Nothing really, same routine as you. Although I suspect he is holding something back as he keeps referring to this agent as being deceased

Trinity - What?

Benji - Shit, sorry, your wife doesn't know?

Trinity - Oh she knows, but what's this about deceased?

Benji - They are investigating the disappearance of a special agent with the DEA. Our dear detective friend seems to have belief that this Special Agent Suarez is deceased and someone connected to these two was the last to see him alive. Of course purely speculation from an over zealous detective from what I am seeing and little to no substance in terms of active investigation. Nothing to worry about really. Well I need to get back I'm in trial tomorrow.

Stephen - Thanks Benji

Clint - Thanks Benji I would say see you soon but hopefully not

Benji - Ladies, a pleasure

Mia - Bye Benji

Trinity - Nice to meet you

I watch as Benji leaves and I wait for it . . . . .




Trinity - So when you assured me last night everything was fine, did you have any intention of mentioning that he was now talking as if Mike was dead?

And there it is

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