Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Four - Trinity’s POV

I vaguely heard Stephen trying to splutter out a reply but by this stage if I did not get away from him I was going to say something I would regret. I walk through our old home and head up to our old bedroom and go in and lock the door without saying a word to anyone. The last few days have been emotionally exhausting and the LAST thing I need right now is finding out my husband is keeping the full truth from me. He promised he wouldn't do this again

I understand he feels any extra stress right now might not be good for me but does he not understand that by finding out from someone I don't know instead of from my husband it stresses me out more

I am pulled from my thoughts when I hear someone trying to open the door

Stephen - Baby open the door please

I ignore his request, right now I need space from everyone and I'm usually a placid person but if I bite back I am guaranteed to say something we both will regret later so it is best I keep quiet until I have calmed down

Stephen - Doll please. Open the door

I hear him continue to try and open the door and plea with me but right now he needs to realise and realise fast I want my space

Stephen - Baby I'm just going to sit outside this door then until you're ready to open it. I love you

I kick my shoes off and lay down on our old bed. At some point exhaustion must have overtaken me because I wake up and it's dark outside. I sit up rubbing my eyes and look for my phone checking the time - 10pm Shit I must have needed that.

I get up off the bed and head into the en-suite to wash my face before heading back into the bedroom. I'm in two minds whether to go back to bed or head out and speak to everyone so I take a seat at the end of the bed thinking for a minute. I hear my phone buzz

Stephen - (Text message) I'm guessing you just woke up as I can hear you moving around now, I love you baby I hope you'll speak to me soon, but I'm willing to wait here as long as I have to xx

As angry as I am and don't want to speak yet I love my husband so I unlock the door and head back over and hop in bed turning the light off. After a few minutes I hear the door open and close again locking and shortly after I feel Stephen slide into bed next to me and wrap his arm around me stroking my belly. He kisses me on the neck and we just lay there in silence before I fall back to sleep

I wake up the next morning and Stephen is still holding me tight to him. I go to try and get up and use the bathroom but he pulls me back into him

Stephen - Don't leave baby, just stay here with me a little while longer

Trinity - Baby you need to let me get up

Stephen - Please Trinity, I'm sorry. Please just stay here with me

Trinity - Baby, your children are dancing on my bladder and if you don't let me up I'm about to pee the bed

Stephen - Haha ok but please come back

I squeeze his hand softly and head to the bathroom. I splash some water on my face and wash my hands and head back out to the bed where he is waiting. He holds up the blankets for me and I crawl back in

Stephen - I'm sorry baby, I truly am

Trinity - I know

Stephen - I know you are stronger than I give you credit for sometimes. It's just hard for me too when all I want to do is protect you and shield you from that part of my life. I never wanted you involved in it

Trinity - Baby I get that, but we promised absolute honesty so you have to trust me with these things. And I'm a part of you, which means we are in this together. I chose you, I choose you, I choose us. Don't keep these things from me

Stephen - Ok

Trinity - Because next time I'm going to kick your ass

Stephen - Hahaha ok I promise, no next time

Trinity - Good. Now give me a kiss

Stephen - mmm that I can get on board with

He leans in taking my lips in his as we kiss softly. Just as the kiss is getting more heated and Stephen pushes into me more one of our pea pods decides to kick

Stephen - Are you serious right now? One of my children is already trying to cock block me?

Trinity - Haha baby I think your children are hungry

Stephen - Oh shit I totally forgot you haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon mommy come on let's get my little pea pods and you fed

We head down into the kitchen where Mia, Clint and baby William are. I watch with so much love for Stephen as he goes over and picks William up smothering him in kisses while baby boy grips his face giggling. I am mesmerised watching my husband and can't wait to see him with our own children. We sit down and have a coffee with them before we have to head off as the nursery furniture is being delivered today

We get home and showered and I am in the kitchen fixing us something to eat when the door bell goes. Stephen gets up and gets it and shows the delivery guys where to take the stuff. He leaves them to set it up while he comes back down and we have breakfast. After about 2 hours they have everything set up and Stephen has decided I am finally allowed to see what he has done with the decorating of the room

Stephen - Close your eyes baby

Trinity - Ok babe but I'm sure I will love it, I trust you

He kisses me on the back of the neck as he guides me down the hallway then opens the door

Stephen - On the count of 3 ready

Trinity - Ready

Stephen - 1, 2, 3, Open your eyes baby

Trinity - Babe! This is gorgeous

Stephen - Are you sure it's ok? I wanted to keep it minimalist for now so you could add the touches you wanted

Trinity - Sweetheart this is amazing, I can't believe you organised all this. You definitely made up for being a shit head yesterday

Stephen - Hahaha yes! Maybe I should surprise you more often

Trinity - No baby just talk to me more

Stephen - I love you I hope you're happy with it but change whatever you want sweetheart

Trinity - I love you and it's perfect, just like you almost are too

I give him a cheeky wink

Stephen - Haha so Mrs Gotti you have the day off now since you aren't doing opens anymore, got any plans?

Trinity - Mmmm none in concrete, what did you have in mind Mister?

Stephen - Mmm you never want to leave that decision to me because you know my answer will always be take you to bed

Trinity - You're such a horny teenager sometimes

Stephen - Then don't look so delicious. But no I thought it might be nice if we went out on a proper date, it's not going to be just us two for much longer so I wanted to take you out and spoil you baby like we use to

Trinity - I would love that babe what would you like to do?

Stephen - Well I thought we could go catch a movie this afternoon, I didn't want to do too much that is going to exhaust you baby but there is one place I would love to take you first

Trinity - Ok I'm all yours

Stephen - Yes you are

We kiss softly then headto our room to grab our coats and I grab my handbag while Stephen gets hiswallet and phone. Once we get in the car Stephen pulls out a blind fold

Stephen - Still trust me?

Trinity - Always

He gently ties it around my eyes and I settle back in the seat as he takes off. He reaches over and softly strokes my thigh as we talk and laugh on our way there. We didn't have to drive too far before he pulls up and I hear him turn the car off. He comes around to my side opening the door and gently helps me out.

Stephen stands behind me holding my hips and gives me a kiss on the neck.

Stephen - I wanted to bring you here as this place brings back so many good memories for me with you. A moment of just pure happiness, the two of us, before we fully began this journey together. A moment that I realised how special you were to me and how I had to do everything I could to make you mine. As I looked at you on this night I realised for the first time in my life I had found a woman I saw a future with, and now here we stand married with you carrying my babies. All my dreams I wanted that night are now standing in my arms right now

He slides the blindfoldoff and I blink a few times and focus and I see we are at the planetarium, theplace we had our first date

I turn to face my husband and kiss him. I pull away from his lips and softly stroke his face

Stephen - Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a little over two years ago when I first brought here would I be going on a date with my future wife. I never truly felt worthy of you.

Trinity - I love you baby so much, this is beautiful. Thank you for bringing me back here, thank you for loving me and making me your wife, and thank you for blessing me with the honour of carrying your children

Stephen - I love you

He takes my hand and we walk inside and we head to the dome where we spent several magical hours on our first date. While this time we didn't have it to ourselves it was still as perfect as the first time we came here, if not more so as I was now here with my husband

We cuddled up together and enjoyed the show on the overhead dome sky and basked in the warmth and comfort of each other. It was moments like these that made me fall in love with Stephen over and over again.

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