Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Five - Trinity’s POV

I woke up Sunday morning to someone knocking at our door. I looked over and my husband was still fast asleep so I threw my robe on and headed downstairs. Whoever it was kept knocking and seemed to be getting more and more impatient.

I finally got to the door and opened it to find Detective Peters standing there.

Trinity - Did your mother raise you with no manners?

Detective - I beg your pardon?

Trinity - I heard my door bell going the first time and clearly I am in no condition to run to your beck and call, but continually pressing the buzzer shows your blatant rudeness. What do you want detective now you have woken me while I am trying to rest?

Detective - You seem irritable this morning Mrs Gotti?

Trinity - Wouldn't you be if you were nearly 7 months pregnant and had to deal with you on the doorstep first thing in the morning? So again I ask you what do you want, I would like to get back to bed?

Detective - I am afraid that won't be happening this morning, I am going to have to ask you to get dressed and accompany me to the station.

I hadn't heard my husband come out of our room until I heard him speak from the top of the railing

Stephen - On what grounds? Or warrant? Or have you advised my wife she is arrested?

Detective - Routine Investigation Mr Gotti as you understand from your visit the other day

Trinity - Babe?

I say turning to Stephen clearly ignoring the detective.

Stephen - Come get changed first sweetheart I am not letting them take you anywhere in your current condition unless you are comfortable, and I will call Benji while you change.

Detective - Ah you do understand I can't allow you both to go in that room right now, you know being the conspiracy theorist you all have me mapped out to be

Stephen - I have no problem calling Mr Ramirez right here in front of you detective.

I kiss Stephen softly as I walk up to get changed and he whispers into my ear everything will be fine and Benji will be there before I get there so take my time getting changed. As I get to the top of the landing I hear Stephen talking with who assume is Benji.

I take my time getting dressed and as I head out of our bedroom I hear the Detective talking to Stephen.

Detective - Your wife needs to hurry up Mr Gotti, this isn't time for games.

Trinity - I tell you what detective when you have had two children sitting in your uterus pushing on your bladder all night and day you come back to me then and talk about game playing, until then I suggest you stick with what you know, and from where I am standing that doesn't appear to be an awful lot.

Detective - I can see why you chose her Mr Gotti, she's a feisty one.

Stephen - And you are a pig speaking about a pregnant woman like that.

I watch my husband glare down the detective and quickly realise he is trying to bait Stephen into doing something he shouldn't.

Trinity - It's ok sweetheart, clearly the detective doesn't know how to treat a woman properly. I'll be fine. I love you and I will see you shortly babe

I lean up to kiss my husband who pulls me close to him kissing me long and hard. He taps me on the bottom as he whispers that Benji is already on his way.

Stephen - I love you momma, see you soon

I follow the detectiveout and watch as Stephen stands there furious with him.

Stephen - You do anything to upset my wife or stress my unborn children detective and I promise this little game will be over quicker than you can blink

Detective - You do realise that is a threat

Trinity - I didn't hear any threat

I wink at my husband and give him the look to calm down before he gets himself in trouble.

The detective speeds off and I can't help but having a little jib at him

Trinity - Does being part of our wonderful Chicago PD give you a licence to speed without using appropriate signals or lights?

Detective - We are in a bit of a hurry today Mrs Gotti

Trinity - As I am sure everyone else is, yet coincidentally if they did the speeds you were right now I have no doubt you wouldn't hesitate to issue them an infringement. Not to mention should you be the cause of any unnecessary accident due to your excess speed that would injury myself or my unborn children then I would be forced to take action against you personally as well as the PD. And I believe these vehicles have recording devices that have to be made available upon request of legal council right?

I notice him slow down but not respond.

Trinity - Slowing down I see detective. Very good.

The rest of the trip was spent in quiet and when we walked into the station I saw Benji waiting for me.

Benji - Trinity how are you today?

Trinity - I am good thank you Benji, appreciate you meeting me here

Benji - Of course dear, I have to ensure our wonderful detective friend here is following the parameters of the law right?

Trinity - Funny you should mention that, I notice our detective here has a bit of a lead foot I had to pull him up on while heading here, you know public safety of course

Benji - Of course, we would hate to think our wonderful PD couldn't follow their own laws set forth, isn't that so detective?

Detective - You can both take a seat in this room and we will be through as soon as possible

Benji - And how long will that be detective?

Detective - Hard to say Mr Ramirez why is that?

Benji - I just wondered if you were going to take into consideration Fetal Protection policy and law when allowing us to wait? Given my previous clients have had to wait for up to three hours and my current client is heavily pregnant with not one but two babies, if you were going to take that long then I would highly recommend we schedule a new time for interview least any of us be breaking those constitutional rights of her unborn children wouldn't you agree?

I can't help but smirk at Benji as I see the detective's adam's apple bob up and down and brush his hand through his hair in frustration

Detective - 10 minutes tops

Benji - Perfect. You did say though that my client is free to go when she asked you at her house correct

Detective - Yes Mr Ramirez why do you ask?

Benji - Just clarifying for the record Detective Peters since everything here is recorded and also stating for the record if you take much longer than 10 minutes we will be leaving accordingly as is her right to do so seeing as my client is only here to assist you

The detective walks off shutting the door and I turn to Benji

Benji - I believe your phone just went off Mrs Gotti

I look at him curiously as I didn't feel my phone go off at all. However I take it out and look at it as instructed by him

Stephen - (Text message) Do not say a word baby unless Benji nods to let you know it is ok, always look to him for instructions before replying to anything they ask. Let Benji do all the talking where possible. Not one word even if they address you before checking with him. Love you see you soon xxx

I turn to look at Benji again who raises his eye in question, which I understand to mean do I follow. I nod my head once and we continue to wait for the detective to return

After about 5 minutes the detective heads back in. Detective Peters and Grounds - interesting

Detective - I did say we wouldn't be too long. I believe you have met Detective Grounds before too Mrs Gotti?

I look to Benji who nods his head that it is ok to answer

Trinity - Yes, Detective Grounds followed me around at work for a full day with no real interest in renting one of the properties I had to show and also falsely identified himself. I was so scared in fact I called my now husband to meet me as I didn't know what his intentions were

Detective 2 - Oh knock it off I didn't do anything to give you cause to feel fearful or intimidated

Benji - So false identification is perfectly acceptable to the CPD is that you are saying Detective Grounds? Interesting

Detective - Anyway, so we would like to ask some questions regarding a Mike Suarez who I believe use to be in your husband's employ?

I look to Benji who shakes his head no

Benji - My client is not under arrest therefore she exercises her right to remain silent

Detective - So is Mrs Gotti claiming to not know who Mike Suarez is?

Benji - My client is not under arrest therefore she exercises her right to remain silent

Detective - But did Mrs Gotti not also use to live at the same property in which Mike Suarez resided?

Benji - My client is not under arrest therefore she exercises her right to remain silent

Detective 2 - This is fucking pointless, none of them are going to cooperate, I told you Peters just arrest them and be done with it

Benji - On what grounds would you like to arrest my client Detective Grounds?

Detective 2 - How about the disappearance of Mike Suarez Mr Ramirez?

Benji - Considering your colleague already established my client was only assisting I find it hard to believe we have escalated to arrest status. Not withstanding the fact you have presented no facts of the case or informed my client of her Miranda rights or any evidence against her. And finally where is your proof Mr Suarez has in fact disappeared as you claim? Furthermore I am all too aware right now you are trying to employ the Reid Technique of interrogation which you are both fully aware increases a persons stress levels in the attempt to look for a tell or theme occurring, so while you weren't present earlier Detective Grounds, your colleague was so I shall reiterate for you. Continue down the avenue of the Reid Technique and you walk a fine boarder line of the Fetal Protection laws and should anything happen my client and I will only be too happy to actively pursue the CPD for any stress caused to her unborn children

I watch as Benji sits back and continues to stare down Detective Grounds

Detective - You're free to go Mrs Gotti, clearly you have no intention of assisting us today

Benji - For the record my client has been all too assisting, she came down here when she did not have to, it appears you have had no basis for bringing her down, that is on you Detective not my client. Good day

Benji walks me out the station and to his car. He opens the passenger side door and gestures me in

Benji - I will drop you home now, I am sure your husband is eager to see you

Trnity - Thank you

Benji - The pleasure is all mine, I hate that asshole Peters

We both laugh as Benji gets in and heads off towards my home

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