Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Six - Stephen’s POV

My doll has just arrived back with our lawyer Benji. While I am thankful Benji was able to make sure they didn't keep her long, I'm still fucking raging she was dragged down to begin with

Benji - Don't say it Stephen

Stephen - What? I didn't say anything

Benji - You think I haven't worked with you long enough now to know that face? All you need to say is thank you

Stephen - Thank you

Benji - All in a day's work, and you pay me well enough for it

Stephen - Con artist

Benji - Again you're welcome. Now I have other matters to attend to. Let's not make this a habit ok

Stephen - Then what the fuck do I pay you a retainer for? Haha

Benji - To look pretty mate and I think I do a damn fine job of it

Trinity - Thank you Mr Ramirez

Benji - Oh you can definitely call me Benji

I watch as he winks at her

Stephen - And you can definitely fuck off now

Benji - HAHAHA you know I'm just playing. Have a good night we'll speak soon. I'll make some further enquiries and see what this shit is about Mike Suarez but we do need to meet to discuss your involvement with him alright

Stephen - Sure thing, you let me know when suits and I'll make it happen

I saw Benji out and locked up and headed back in the kitchen to find my doll making a cup of tea. I wrapped my arms around her beautiful belly

Stephen - You ok momma?

Trinity - I'm fine baby, more than fine

Stephen - Promise

Trinity - With all my heart. Actually babe, there is one thing you can do for me before you have to go to Capulet tonight

Stephen - Anything

She comes close to me and rubs her hand up the inside of my leg resting over my cock giving it a gentle squeeze sending it raging hard in seconds

Trinity - Fuck me please

I didn't need to hear anymore. I walk up to my wife and plant little wet kisses on the back of her neck and down along her shoulders, turning into nibbles as I wrap her in my arms. My hands trace the outline of her full breasts beneath her top, loving the feeling of how full they are now. Slipping down, my deft hands come to rest on her beautiful round belly within reach of her mound.

I pull her closer so that she can feel my excitement at being near her. My fingers tickle her stomach with slow lazy circles as they slip under her shirt to feel the warm softness of her skin, my lips all the while nipping and kissing her neck and ears. She holds on to my arms with her hands and presses her sexy body to mine, small gasps of pleasure fall from her longing lips

My arms escape as she braces herself against the counter. Untying the drawstring to her pants I sneak my hands into her panties to caress her, barely touching her soft pubic hair. I let my fingers drop to the sides of her pouring lips where their soft curves blend with those of her thighs. I play along the warm crease.

Pressing her lips together I feel her nub swell with excitement under my touch and her heat builds

Stephen - Awww baby I will never get enough of how wet you get for me

She purrs back into me eyes closed as her head lolls back against my chest and her breath quickens

Stephen - Mmmm that's it baby purr for me you know that's my favourite sound in the whole world

Trinity - Mmmm baby I'm so hot for you, today got me so worked up all I could think about was coming back and sitting on your big fat cock

Stephen - Mmmm yes mommy I love it when you ride me

I let her pants slip from her hips and gather at her ankles. Instinctively I watch my wife step out of them as I pull the loose top over her head and from her raised arms casting it aside. Expectantly she stands motionless in her panties and bra as I adeptly unsnap the hook and let the confining bra slide down her arms to the floor. Cupping her voluptuous breasts in my strong hands I knead and press them together as they rejoice in the feel of my touch

The nipples hard and erecting, pulling the areola with them into a dark foundation a top the creamy smoothness of her breasts. I love the changes to them as a result of her pregnancy and I know how aroused she gets from the slightest touch of them

I feel trinity's hands naturally reach behind her, searching for the hardness she so loves that presses into her gorgeous ass. Finding the object of her attention she traces its length with her fingertips feeling it jerk from her touch. I need more and instantly guide her hand to undo my pants and let them fall down kicking them across the floor

She reaches backsqueezing the shaft, she pulls the skin, feeling it slip up and down with themotion of her hand. The veins and fullness, weight and girth, hold a promise inher grip

Stephen - It's all yours baby. I only react like this for you. Only you can have this affect on me no one else

I hear her whimper at my words

Stephen - All my desire is for you. All I want is you

Trinity - Awwww baby you're all I need I can never get enough of you

My hands move down her stomach and once again caress her sex through her little French cut panties, gently at first but with increasing pressure. She wants to press her kitty against my hand but finds she can't move restrained by my hand pressed firmly against her. My hands move to her hips grinding her body against mine for a moment then release her long enough to coax her panties down her thighs until they flutter to the floor

Trinity - awwww baby your huge cock pressed against me is like heaven

I glide down her backside as I hear her whimper when I'm no longer pressed into her but then gasp when my hot breath titillates her ass cheeks as I slowly drop to my knees. I smile as my wife bends at the waist exposing her steamy sex to my searching tongue. I gently force my face into the cleft of her ass, my stubble tickling her inner thighs as my tongue snakes out to taste her wetness. Soft moans escape her lips as her legs spread, urging me to press deeper. I only tease more

My tongue travels through her cleft, stopping to probe her puckered butt with light thrusting motions.

Trinity - Awww fuck Stephen god that tongue of yours is amazing mmmmm awww fuck

Continuing on, I slide its length between her aroused pink lips. The fluid is sweet and copious wetting her kitty and my lips. I can't help but moan into it as her head drops Through her legs she can see my tongue working the folds of her inner lips, teasing her nub that's just out of reach. My cock bangs thick and long between my legs as I kneel behind her, it's liquids stretching into crystal strings as the clear drops reach the floor

She arches her back and my probing tongue flicks at her erect clit, sending spikes of pleasure through my doll's gorgeous body. I keep it up until she can stand it no longer, as she tenses and squirms ready to burst into orgasm. I take away my mouth

Trinity - Awww fuck baby I'm ready to cum don't stop

I ignore her protest standing and bent her over placing her hands on the counter tight for support as I slide my fat cock into her waiting opening. A near scream comes from her throat as I press in deeply, my balls slap against her clit with a wet vulgar sound as I hammer into her with a need and forcefulness I haven't felt in a long time.

My wife's moans fill my senses as my cock spreads her wide filling and stretching her tight little kitty, disappearing within her again and again. I know she can feel it growing harder, ballooning inside her, touching every awakened nerve of pleasure. I feel her start jerking wildly pushing back against my plunging thrusts riding the crests of her ecstasy as she repeatedly gives voice to her pleasure by pleading for me to fuck her harder, faster

Once I feel her ease from her orgasm I lower her to her hands and knees and let my throbbing cock slip from her. We are not finished. As she catches her breath in great gulps I press I press my hot, slippery meat between her ass cheeks and slowly push my way in, allowing her to accommodate my intrusion with a muffled squeal.

Consciously relaxing, she allows my cock to open her up, she knows how much I love her ass. Discomfort subsides and she invites me deeper and I comply until I am completely engulfed. Her hips begin slowly grinding in circles as I take long strokes, pulling almost out then gliding back into that gorgeous fucking ass.

Stephen - Awww yes yes fuck I love your ass, you're so fucking sexy on all fours letting me fuck your ass grrrrr ahhhhh

I'm groaning like an animal as my hand finds it way between her legs to caress her clit and probe her sopping opening. I can feel her squeezing and I know a second orgasm is building deep within her. My wife starts to move faster begging me to cum inside her craving ass. Fuck she drives me wild

Steadily our rhythm increases as we match each other, bringing us closer and closer to climax. Overwhelmed by my thrusting I feel her once again quickly crest into her second orgasm

Stephen - Yes baby are you cumming for me again cum for me again I love hearing you scream when you cum

Trinity - Stephennnnnnnnn awww yes yes yes baby I'm cumming for you yessssss your cock in my ass is making me cum so fucking hard

I feel her shaking in orgasm, and still the feeling doesn't stop. Wave after wave of orgasm crashed over her exploding in a chain reaction as the tempo of my thrusting increases until I too reach a thundering climax.

Stephen - Trinityyyy fuck yes yes yessssss take my load in your gorgeous asshole milk my cock momma aghhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yes yes aghhhh

Frozen deep within her clenching ass I spill my load in great rhythmic spurts, my cock pulsating inside her as it liberates its abundance. Time stops. Eventually my thick spent member slips from her grasp as we both collapse to the floor as we pant and whimper from the rapture and exhilaration of the act. We are both laying there as I turn into my wife stroking her beautiful pregnant belly hugging into her side

I feel my wife start chuckling before breaking out into fits of laughter. I prop myself up on my elbow still stroking her belly as I look at her inquisitively

Stephen - Mmmm we just have the most mind blowing sex we have had in ages and you're laying on our kitchen floor in fits of laughter?

Trinity - Hahahahaha I'm so sorry baby, that really was incredible you were so good but hahahaha I had the funniest thought

I look at her amused as tears start to roll down her face from laughing so hard and I feel one of our babies kick at my hand on her stomach

Stephen - Care to share mommy?

Trinity - That's the first time we've had sex in the kitchen without being walked in on hahahahahaha

I look at her for a minute before I burst out laughing also

Stephen - I love your crazy ass you know that

Trinity - I love you too baby sorry HAHAHA

Stephen - Come on let's go have a shower before I have to get off to Capulet

I help her up off the floor as I smack her ass and we head to the shower. Yeah she's definitely getting a round two the moment I see that sexy naked ass wiggle in front of me

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