Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Seven - Stephen’s POV

Over the last few weeks we have all now been dragged into the CPD. Mia was the one after Trinity and they got the same response they had from us all, and of course we were all accompanied by Benji. Dave followed shortly afterwards then they decided to do the rounds again on myself and Clint. By this stage Benji had advised us to stop co-operating and decline to attend unless they wanted to escalate the investigation and issue an arrest or warrant to take us in.

Benji has been looking into further information on what they actually know about Mike but so far he hasn't been forthcoming with too much information.

My wife is nearly 36 weeks pregnant now which our Doctor and Midwife are very happy with as the crucial point was to get past the 32 week to ensure our pea pods have the best possible chance after birth without needing too much medical intervention. While they may be happy, my wife is not so much lately. I can understand she is frustrated and starting to ache a lot.

I think it is made worse by the fact she has had to go on maternity leave earlier than she had hoped as it was getting too difficult for her and she is tiring out quickly. Trinity has been at home now for nearly 5 weeks and while I try to make sure she is comfortable and has enough to entertain her I can see the frustrations creeping in.

This morning has been particularly trying for her.

Trinity has been awake since 4am this morning and has had excessive cramping in her back. I know she has been experiencing some sciatica pain through the last few weeks of the pregnancy and she is adamant that is all that is happening now.

Stephen - Baby where is it hurting?

Trinity - It started in my butt babe but for the last half hour or so it has been travelling down the back of my legs and is now tingling a bit.

Stephen - Can you roll over on to your side babe for me and put the body pillow under your stomach and side.

I help her roll over to her side and I put the heat pad on her lower back and plug it in to warm up. I start massaging her butt and down the back of her thighs trying to help her get the circulation back in.

Stephen - How's that babe? Is it helping any

Trinity - It is thank you love, I am sorry I have been such a horrible bitch to deal with these last few weeks.

Stephen - You never have to apologise, you are carrying my children babe, all you have to do is talk to me and I will do what I can to help ok

Trinity - Thank you baby

I kiss her neck softly and pull her back into me keeping the heat pad pushed into her lower back for her as I rub her belly softly. After about 20 minutes I hear her lightly purring and I know she has managed to get back to sleep for a while. I gently move away from her and I put my pillows behind her back to support the heat pad in place and head downstairs.

I start tidying up the kitchen and lounge and grab a coffee while I am in the process. I flick a text off to Clint to see how he is doing and about 10 minutes later I get a call on my phone

Stephen - (Phone call) Hey bro

Clint - (Phone call) Hey mate, how's it going, how's your wife holding up?

Stephen - (Phone call) Not too bad bro thanks for asking, her Sciatica is playing up pretty bad the last few days

Clint - (Phone call) yeah that shit is a bastard to deal with, Mia had the same problems in the last few days before she went into labour

(Phone call) I would love it if she can hold off a little longer just to make sure the babies are ok but she is really struggling now, it is difficult for her to do much. Just sent you a pic to your phone

I hear him fumbling around on his phone then come back

Clint - (Phone call) Woahhhh poor thing her back must be killing, although being so top heavy I bet she has the strongest big toes going because that is all bump hahaha

Stephen - (Phone call) I dare you to try and say that to her hahaha

Clint - (Phone call) I have a big mouth mate but I ain't stupid hahaha

We both laugh.

Stephen - (Phone call) How's little man going?

Clint - (Phone call) He's great man, I love the time I get with him he is such a character.

Stephen - (Phone call) When we going to see you all next?

Clint - (Phone call) We aren't doing anything today, reckon Trin will be up for a visit?

Stephen - (Phone call) Mate I am sure she would love to see you all, maybe make it after lunch though, she has finally managed to fall back asleep for a little bit

Clint - (Phone call) How about 12:30-1pm and we bring lunch with us for everyone?

Stephen - (Phone call) Sounds great man see you all then. I better get this house cleaned for my girl, I don't want her attempting to do it.

We hang up and I finish cleaning up down stairs and then head up to check on my wife and pea pods. I find her laying in bed awake with her hand over her eyes and the tv now on.

Stephen - Hey beautiful

Trinity - ugh babe I definitely don't feel beautiful right now

I climb across the bed laying down on my stomach as I rest my head softly against her breast

Stephen - I don't think I have ever seen you look so beautiful

She looks down at me and smiles softly. I can see the pain behind her eyes though

Stephen - I love you baby, you sure you are ok? I am a little worried, I haven't seen you look in so much pain before

Trinity - I think I am ok baby, just a lot of cramping and back spasm today.

Stephen - Mia and Clint are coming over after lunch with baby Willie, maybe have a chat to Mia sweetheart

Trinity - Yeah that's a good idea babe, thank you

She stretches her arm out and I move up resting my head on her shoulder and cuddle into her, my hand stroking our babies as she runs her nails through my hair.

Stephen - mmm I love it when you do that baby.

Trinity - I know you do babe, I know your tells now.

Stephen - Is that so?

Trinity - It is my love. I know when you are super tired you drag your finger tips up your forearm in circles, I know when you are stressed you rub the top of your ear a lot, and I know when you are horny you rub the back of your neck and down to your collarbone

Stephen - hahaha is that so? I always wondered why you would move my hand and rub my forearm with your nails for me

Trinity - Because I know that is when you are tired and it puts you to sleep

Stephen - You're amazing you know that I don't think anyone else has got me as much as you get me love

We lay there just letting the tv drone on around us as I stroke her belly feeling my pea pods kicking at me every so often and my wife dragging her nails through my hair. I hug her tighter feeling relaxed in this moment with my doll.

We lost track of time, content to just lay there holding each other when we heard the doorbell go.

Stephen - That will be Mia and Clint, you want to get up or do you want me to send Mia up?

Trinity - Nah baby I am happy to get up, but you might need to help me haha

I help her down off the bed and gently down the stairs, when we get to the landing I yell out to Clint and Mia to let them know we are trying to get down I hear Mia yell back to take our time. I help Trinity and once she is at the bottom of the stairs I let her go grab a seat in the lounge room while I go and get the door for Mia and Clint

Stephen - Hey guys good to see you

Mia - You too babe, how's my girl doing?

Stephen - You mean my wife? hahaha

Mia - No I definitely mean my girl hahaha

We all laugh and headinside, I give Mia a quick kiss on the cheek and Clint a bro hug while I snatchup baby boy from Clint's arms and give him a big raspberry on the belly whilehe chuckles away. I love my godson heis the coolest kid ever I can't wait for him to meet our two

We head into the lounge room where my baby is waiting and as we get in I hand over Willie to her.

Trinity - Hello baby boy we missed you

I watch as she smothers his face in kisses as my heart swells. Our god son tries grabbing at her face as he giggles and just as she goes to move him back in again he grabs a handful of her boob.

We all piss ourselves laughing including Trin

Clint - That's definitely my boy hahahaha

Stephen - And that is definitely my god son hahaha

Trinity - You cheeky little monkey don't end up like your daddy and Uncle hahaha

Mia takes Willie and leans over to give Trin a kiss

Mia - How you feeling babe?

Trinity - beached

the two girls laugh but we know better - definitely not going there

Clint and I head out the back for a spliff while the girls talk inside

Clint - Any more drama with Detective dipshit?

Stephen - Haven't heard shit from him in over two weeks thankfully mate, how bout you?

Clint - Nothing at all although Dave said he has popped into Montague a few times with a couple of other D's. Nothing Dave can't handle though he just plays them at their own game

We finish our smoke andhead back inside to our wives and sit down with them as we all get stuck intoour lunch

Mia and Clint stay for a couple of hours before they decide to head off so they can get Willie bathed and sorted before bed.

I help my wife get up from the couch so we can see them off. We are walking to the door when my wife grabs me and stops me in my tracks

Stephen - What's up ba....

And that's when I see the puddle of fluid on the floor between her legs and the look on her face

Stephen - Your water broke??

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