Sold my Soul

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Chapter Three - Stephen’s POV

I've just got Mia to take my doll back up to the house and it is just Clint and I left in the warehouse waiting on Dave and Chad and I have called the rest of the crew in for warehouse duties tonight.

Clint - Fuck! Did not see that happening. Fucking DEA man!

Stephen - I knew there was something we were missing, I just didn't think it would be a fucking cop

Clint - Your girl shot him. That is what I didn't see coming. I don't think she's as fragile as you treat her bro. It takes some balls to actually pull a trigger

I am pondering what Clint said and sure, especially the first kill. But I didn't want this for her and I am made at myself for dragging her into this.

Clint - Bro?

Stephen - Yeah?

Clint - What is it?

Stephen - Just thinking on how we handle this. Roll us a smoke mate, I need to work out the next step before the boys get here.

Clint and I sit out the back and I fill him in on what Trinity told me happened.

I also tell him how Mike or whatever the fuck his name actually is was pissed we were closing up shop as they didn't have enough evidence to prove or implicate our involvement yet.

The only finger prints or evidence they had been able to trace from the bricks was that of Chad, as he was the one to hand them over.

As we all reside at this residence there was no way they could link any of it back to anyone other than Chad right now.

Stephen - That's it!

Clint - What is mate?

Stephen - I know what we do

Clint - Care to fill me in on this plan then?

I fill Clint in on my idea, it is quite simple really. And for the best part it will force everyone else to play their hand instead of us. It will also protect my doll which is my number one priority.

Clint - Actually man, that's pretty fucking clever. Beat the fuckers at their own game.

Stephen - Exactly! But I want to put the drops on hold for tonight

Clint - Ok?

Stephen - From what Trinity said, he was livid about the shutting down as it ruined the undercover work he had done for over two years right?

Clint nods

Stephen - So it would make sense he would have tried to set up a sting for tonight if he thought it was the last drop right?

Clint - Yeah man that does make sense actually

Stephen - So we don't do it tonight, but I want it all moved off the property just in case. Move it to the yard and I want Chad driving that truck with some of the night crew. If they are going to intercept the truck when it leaves the property, I want Chad in it. He let the dog into our house so he take the fall. Just try not to let on to him yet, we will need him for this plan to work so I don't want him to know we are aware of his involvement yet.

Clint - Got it boss

Stephen - I want Mike's body cleaned up by the warehouse crew and in that truck also, I will speak with Barcelona to get the dog moved off our soil and disposed of.

Clint - The cops will still come knocking you know mate when one of their own doesn't check in.

Stephen - Oh I know they will, I am counting on it.

Clint - Yeah so then what?

Stephen - Then they give themselves up don't they? After all the only person who knows the cops are involved is Chad right? If they come knocking they blow their cover.

Clint - Clever mate

Stephen - In the meantime we get the crew once they have moved the stock tonight to get back here and get this warehouse transformed. We go legit from tomorrow right? That was the plan anyway, so I am going to go out and look for some more opportunities to expand Capulet and this will be our distribution centre for it and my main office.

Clint - It's a good plan mate. How long before we start to action the main part of it to cover tracks on Mike?

Stephen - Who knows, that depends on when the boys in blue want to make their move. In the meantime though, I am going to leave this with the boys tonight and concentrate on my doll. I might even take her away from here for a few days, get her away from the scene so to speak. Although convincing her to take the time off work might be difficult.

Clint - I'll get Mia to help with that and we can watch over things here while you go. To be honest, I am glad our girls get on so well, it makes life a fuck load easier and good they have each other for support.

Stephen - Yeah me too mate, Actually I want you and Mia to come.

Clint - Really? Think you'll get less of an argument if you put it that way hey? hahaha

Stephen - Yep haha I will get Dave to over see it and run Capulet while we are gone. That gives him a cover for his movements if he gets the guys set and moving from the yard to do the last drops, then head over to Capulet as there is plenty of CCTV there.

Clint - Which leaves Chad fully implicated.

Stephen - Karma's a bitch

We both laugh and finish our smokes. I waited with Clint for the boys to show up then explained to them all what was happening and got them set to task. I was sorting through some important files at my desk while the boys were loading the truck with that dog Mike and the supplies when I heard Clint on the phone.

Clint - (Phone call) Ok baby, we will finish up here, give us 10 minutes tops ok. I'll let Stephen know now

Clint - (Phone call) Love you too babe

He hangs up and walks over to me

Stephen - The girls ok?

Clint - Mia said Trin has tried coming back down twice now and is starting to get herself worked up again. I think we head back up, she's going to need you to keep her grounded tonight to get through this.

Stephen - Gotcha, let me handover to Dave and we can go. And we can have a quick look and book somewhere tonight so we can head off by lunchtime or afternoon tomorrow.

Stephen - Dave come with me mate, I need a few words

I explain to Dave everything I want done tonight and then let him know about the plans to take the girls away tomorrow after what happened tonight. Dave appreciated the chance to step up and help and I let him know I would need him to run Capulet also while I was gone. I knew he wouldn't have a problem and I felt better about keeping him slightly in the dark on the bigger plan here knowing he would have a solid alibi for when the dogs come knocking.

I told Dave to text me when they had finished here and were rolling out and Clint and I headed back up to the main house. We got back up closer to the house and I noticed my doll pacing back and forth. She looks like she is struggling to breath and dizzy.

The moment I see her hunch over trying to gasp at breaths I race over and wrap my strong arms around her waist.

Stephen - Baby, I need you to listen to me. Stand up tall for me, common I got you, I'll hold you . . .

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