Sold my Soul

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Chapter Thirty Nine - Trinity’s POV

I can't rememberfalling asleep. The last thing I remembered was sitting cradled in my husband'sarms looking at our beautiful babies. As I get my bearings and remember where Iam I notice Stephen in the arm chair fast asleep next to my bed and our babiesin a crib next to him. I sneak over and can't help taking a photo of ourbeautiful babies.

I am just looking at how perfect they are and getting emotional. My hormones are still raging and before I realise it I have tears flooding down my cheeks. I hadn't heard Stephen wake up over my sobs until I felt his hand reach out and touch my hip.

Stephen - Momma you ok?

Trinity - Hey daddy, sorry didn't mean to wake you

Stephen - Hey daddy, sorry didn't mean to wake you

He tries pulling me closer by the hip and I walk over as he stretches his other hand out to me. I take it and gently sit down on his lap. He holds me softly being careful as I am still feeling very fragile. He looks concerned as he wipes the tears from my cheeks.

Stephen - What's wrong my love, talk to me

Trinity - Nothing sweetheart, I am just so happy right now, my emotions are running a little rampant.

Stephen - perfectly understandable baby. You must be exhausted still

I smile softly at him

Trinity - A little

He kisses me gently on the lips

Stephen - Can you believe they are ours?

He points over to our sleeping babies in the crib.

Stephen - They are perfect right?

Trinity - Right. I can't believe we made those

Stephen - You mean you did right? I just got the fun part at the beginning.

I chuckle at that as I rest my head onto his chest as he wraps his arms around me tighter.

Stephen - I can't even tell you how much I love you right now. But just so you know, we definitely need to make more of them I don't care what you say. If we can make something that perfect it would be rude to stop now

I laugh at him as Ipinch his nipple - it was the closest thing I could see to grab

Stephen - owwww hahahaha what was that for?

Trinity - Baby I am going to be brutally honest with you right now - I am still walking like John Wayne right and probably will forever, and that shower they gave me after birth looked like a scene from Carrie. I still haven't washed away my sins ok?

Stephen bursts out laughing as if I was just joking???

Trinity - I'm sorry did I look like I was joking? I had to mentally prep myself just before to go to the toilet because I felt a panic coming on. I had to sit there reminding myself I was not pushing out another baby and my bum was not falling out or maybe it was since I am probably going to end up with piles after that.

By this stage my husband is crying in laughter at me like this is some kind of twisted joke.

Trinity - You thought that nurse in the delivery suite was bad babe, I swear the amount of time people are asking about my milk coming in yet, I half expect somebody dressed in a cravendale costume to waltz through the door and stay with me forever, handing me milk as and when the babies need it. And then they keep telling me not to worry because any day now my boobs are going to start leaking like they have forgotten they are breasts and now believe they are a fucking garden sprinkler.

Stephen - Ok I promise to give you 6 months before I bring this conversation up again ok?

Trinity - Make it 6 years baby if you want to get your leg over again any time soon.

Stephen - Have I ever told you how much I love your grumpy ass when you are tired. But I do have something I know we would both like to do now

I raise an eyebrow at him as a sign to tread very carefully.

Stephen - What??? All I was going to say is we could name our babies.

Trinity - Oh that is fine, I can definitely do that.

Stephen - hahaha that was a quick change of tune baby.

Trinity - So did you have any names you really liked: I have two boys names I really like

Stephen - Funny you say that I have two girls names I really like and can't decide on

Trinity - How about then I say the two boys and if you like them then you can pick the one you prefer and vice versa for the girl.

Stephen - Ok baby, you wanna go first?

Trinity - Ok well I like Aiden or Nathaniel

Stephen - And for girls I like Olivia or Ava

We both smile at each other and have a think for a moment.

Trinity - Decided?

Stephen - Yeah, you?

Trinity - Yep. Ok you go first since I went first last time. What are we naming our baby boy.

Stephen - Ok but just before I go, can we give them our own middle names so we can carry them down? I am asking as it may affect my choice otherwise haha

Trinity - Of course baby, I love that idea. So ready?

Stephen - Nathaniel Luciano Gotti

I smile at my husband as I didn't want to tell him but Nathaniel was the name I preferred also. I would have been happy with Aiden but I loved Nathaniel a little more

Stephen - So what's my little princesses name going to be momma?

Trinity - Olivia Joyce Gotti

Stephen - Perfect baby. Nathaniel Luciano and Olivia Joyce Gotti.

Trinity - I love you baby, we are so blessed.

Stephen - As much as I hate to burst this little love bubble we have, I know there is several people that are dying to hear from us and even more so to visit.

Trinity - Of course baby, make the calls.

I watch our little munchkins sleeping. I love how they have to make sure they are still touching each other for comfort even in the midst of their deep sleep.

My heart is ready to burst with all the love I have for these three - my babies and my husband.

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