Sold my Soul

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Chapter Four - Stephen’s POV

Trinity - Really guys? You both know I am not referring to that. I mean what happens now with what happened earlier? There's still a body in the warehouse, what are we going to do?

Clint - Body? What body?

Trinity has just asked us what is going to happen now. We both knew what she meant but neither one of us wanted to discuss it with her anymore, or Mia for that face. One thing she needed to understand with us was we take care of our business, and the fact tonight happened did not sit well with me.

I never wanted for her to get involved in the business like that, which was one of the motivating factors for Clint and I wanting to wrap it up as soon as possible

Trinity - What is going on right now?

We both just casually sip our drink and have a drag of our blunt hoping she might drop it soon. Not my girl.

Trinity - Stephen Luciano Gotti. You do not ignore me when I ask you a question

Clint stands and picks Mia up

Clint - And that would be our queue to leave. Come get me in the morning bro and we can sort that booking for tomorrow. I will Mia in tonight

Stephen - Don't you mean fill her up? haha But sounds good bro, night you two

Clint legs it inside before they get caught in the crossfire. I turn back around to Trinity who is still glaring at me. I reach over and grab the back of her neck pulling her face to me and kissing her softly

Stephen - Hi baby

Trinity - I have not forgotten and I am still waiting on you to answer

I lean in closer to her on the couch, resting on elbow on the back seat of the couch and the other hand running up the inside of her thigh as I start nuzzling her neck with my face, licking and sucking my way up to her ear.

I can feel her shiver and I know she is slowly caving.

Stephen - mmhmm talk later baby, I am busy right now. Can't we finish what we started earlier? We both had a very stressful day, and the thought of nearly losing you today just makes me want to be as close to you as I possible can be tonight.

She places her hands on my chest trying to push me away. She catches my eyes and makes the fatal mistake of letting me see the smirk on her lips and the lust in her eyes. So . . . Little momma wants to play tonight . . . . ok let' see who wins this battle

Trinity - Stephen, I asked you a question

I start to push over the top of her body pushing her back into the couch as I lay on top of her.

Stephen - mmmm

in between kissing and licking my way up to her lips

Stephen - I know momma, I did tell you I was busy and we can talk later.

I stop kissing her for a minute and look at her beautiful face stroking her hair off her cheek and propping myself up on my other elbow.

Stephen - Baby, all you need to know is that it is taken care of.

Trinity - But how?

Stephen - I promised to be honest with you always, that is what we agreed yes?

She nods at me

Stephen - Then this is me truthfully telling you, that you are better not knowing right now. When I can, I promise you baby I will tell you. Plausible deniability is a better option right now ok?

Her beautiful big eyes stare back into mine and I see her let out a big breath

Trinity - Ok baby

Stephen - Ok? You trust me?

Trinity - I trust you

Stephen - I love you

Trinity - I love you too baby, so much

I lean down trying to catch her lips again between mine .

Trinity - Babe! Are you serious right now?

Stephen - What? What did I do wrong?

Trinity - Really? For starters how can you even be thinking of that right now after what happened this afternoon, and secondly we are still outside, our friends are just in there and thirdly the rest of the guys are still down at the shed and could walk up at any minute.

Stephen - See that is where you are all wrong sexy momma. One - It is easy to want to be close to you right now after this afternoon, walking in and see a gun pointed to you is the most terrified I have ever been in my life, I need the reassurance that you are still right here with me, two - Our friends as you put it will not be coming back out, they are doing exactly what I am trying to do to you now and three - The rest of the guys aren't here, they are working tonight so that leads me to four - Open your legs for me baby

I give her my most wicked grin and she laughs at me.

Trinity - You are honestly terrible you know that

Stephen - Hey! You take that back

I saw as I trap her in again under my body.

Trinity - No it is valid

Stephen - Really?

I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh as I feel her legs fall open and I start sucking down hard on her sensitive spot of skin right under her ear.

Stephen - mmm so tell me baby, if I am so terrible why are you so wet for me right now and surrendering to me?

Trinity - Because I need you

She purrs at me as she pushes her chest up into me

Stephen - I want you so bad

I whisper into her ear, and wait for the green light to go further. I start to slide her dress up over her head and move down to kiss her collarbone making her moan and arch her back. I start to undo her bikini top throwing it to the tiled floor.

Our lips meet again and now it is my turn to take my shirt off, I tug at it as I pull it up over my head and stand up as she starts to untie my track pants.

The moment my pants drop she can see my cock is already hard and ready to play with her.

Once I get my pants off she stands up from the couch and seductively bends over in front of me, just slowly inching her bikini bottoms down her beautiful fat ass. My god I love that ass of hers, it mesmerises me.

She watches as I reach out to touch it and moves forward making it clear that she is not open for touching right now. I let out a loud growl. I love it when she teases me like this.

As she drops her bikini bottoms to her ankles she steps out of them and makes her way back to me, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

She reaches around my neck and sits back down on my lap like she was before and I start grinding my hard cock between her legs.

She knows it is driving me wild because she looks down and notices the pre-cum oozing from the tip as we are grinding.

Still not letting me fully touch her I keep grinding my length up and down slowly, I moan slightly annoyed but I don't mind riding it out because there's no rush tonight. We have all the time in the world to grind and tease as we want.

She leans down again, so close to my neck as I plant gentle kisses right under hear ear. Hearing her moan and feeling her hot breath on my neck makes it very clear that we are reaching the point of no return, we are in this now with both of us so exhausted from the week but still so aroused by each other.

Finally I can't take anymore and pull her up on my lap and not even taking my time, I am desperate for her. I quickly find my way to her wet hole and start sliding my throbbing cock inside her

I know she's totally wet and ready for me. I inch in slowly taking my sweet time. Her pussy feels so tight wrapping around my cock as I scoot myself further and further in. By the time my whole cock is in her she is sinking her nails into my shoulders and breathing deep again.

She starts grinding her hips on my cock back and forth, back and forth while I am still fully in her. Her clit is rubbing the base of my cock which adds to the mind blowing sensation she is feeling right now, I can see it written all over her face.

I start pumping up harder into her I want to destroy her sweet little pussy so she knows who it belongs to

Trinity - mmm baby, awww baby slow down

I grown a little as I slow the pace down to almost a grind as well

*** Trinity's POV ***

I feel so turned on right now.

A few more gentle grinds and I feel as though I am about to cum.

However, I know what he wants and I know he wants to fuck me hard, doggie style. That way he can keep an eye on my ass and hold a fist full of my hair in his hands as he rams me like an animal.

And I want that too, but in due time.

He keeps fucking me slowly on the couch as I throw my head back so my hair falls on his hands with every movement of our bodies. I can feel the shiver start from the tip of my clit as it travels up.

My orgasm is so so so close.

All I can do is tighten my legs together and brace myself for the mixing of our cum because I feel his cock thumping and throbbing ready to release its first load of the night. I still cannot believe that after the mood he's been in since this afternoon he's about to cum from such a slow, but sensual fuck.

He's been like a desperate caged animal all day, he was that shaken up.

I cannot believe that the stress from this afternoon was so intense that all it takes now is a simple, down to the point, grinding-like fuck.

He starts to grown in spurs as he grabs my hair and pulls. I know he's about to cum in me. I yell out begging for him to cum in me, to make me feel his hot juices lining the walls of my pussy, making my body sweat at the thought of his cock exploding itself all over me, Fuck that is too hot!

His muscles contract and he begins cumming and that sends me over the top, feeling him twitch and reach the deepest part of me with his cum makes me orgasm and shake as my whole body overflows with a distinct yet so familiar sensation.

Stephen - fuck babyyyyyyyyy aghhhh this is insane - I can't stop cumming baby

He growls as he pulls my hips down as far as they will go onto him, his cock twitching and squirting inside me.

Trinity - mmm daddyyyyy yes yes pleaseeeeee fill momma up pleaseee

We look at each other and we both know there is a round two that will happen in the bedroom including more ass play because he can't keep his hands off it right now.

With renewed strength from this orgasm, we tiptoe back through the kitchen to head upstairs, and can't help laugh to ourselves when we hear the oh too familiar moans coming from Clint and Mia's room also.

Seems like we all had a lot of stress to release today.

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