Sold my Soul

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Chapter Five - Stephen’s POV

I woke up before her this morning and decided to let her sleep. I went down to the kitchen to organise some coffee and confirm travel plans with Clint for this afternoon.

I also wanted to touch base with Dave before we left to make sure everything is ready to go.

I was getting the coffee ready when Clint came in

Clint - Morning Bro

Stephen - Morning mate

We both grin at each other because we both know we heard each other's girls going crazy light night.

Stephen - Don't say it and I won't

We both laugh and I fill him in on the plans for today. I've organised a few days at Alpine Ski Resort in Wisconsin now the colder weather has set in. Perfect to snuggle in with our girls in front of a fire with drinks and relax.

Clint - Sounds good mate. No argument here if Mia needs me to warm her up

Stephen - hahaha fuck mate. You're like a teenager

Clint - Says the guy who fucked on the couch last night instead of making it up to his room hahaha

Stephen - Please! like you haven't been there before

Clint - True, just next time at least have the decency to invite us to watch

Trinity - Well if Mia wanted to watch I'm sure she would have asked me. we could have worked something out.

Stephen - hahahaha this might be your best idea yet mate

Trinity - Perverts haha morning baby

Clint and I both laugh, but we both had the same devilish though, we'd be lying if we said otherwise

Stephen - Morning love

We kiss and I grab her around the waist and pull her into me

Clint - Morning hun, you ready to go today? Be good to get away for a bit all of us

Trinity - Get away?

Clint - hahaha you were too busy trying to get one away you forgot to ask her didn't you fuck face

Stephen - hahahahaha fuck man, really?

Stephen - Sorry baby I meant to tell you, we thought it would be a good idea to get you girls away for a few days after everything that happened

Trinity - Sounds great babe but I've got work

Stephen - Oh I have already organised to ring Luke and tell him you're really sick and Doctor Stephen's orders is strict bed rest, namely with me

I wink at her

Mia - hahahaha Doctor Stephen, really? That's what you're going with

Stephen - hahaha morning sis and yes! I could have sworn she was running a temperature last night in bed

Clint - And on the couch too I bet hahahahahahaha

Trinity - Oh my god! Would you boys stop already. You're like a pair of teenagers.

Clint and I burst out laughing at the reference we just had a minute ago ourselves.

Mia - So that's a yes then babe? Come on it will be fun. By the way where are we going?

Stephen - Alpine resort Wisconsin

Trinity - Ooo actually that does sound nice. Alright I suppose Doctor Stephen better call in sick for me while I get a coffee and get packed.

The girls get upstairs and get sorted while I ring Luke and let him know that Trinity is sick and promise to keep in touch and let him know how she is going over the next few days.

Of course he didn't mind and said to send his love and he had her covered.

I called Dave who let me know everything was all sorted and fine and the plan was ready to go ahead over the next few days. Noticing it was midday already and we would need to leave soon I shot off a message to Clint and ran upstairs to get showered and dressed. Half an hour later we were all getting ready at the front door and taking our suitcases out to go.

Clint and I had taken the suitcases out and were waiting for the girls to hurry their arses up.

I had to laugh at my boy when he saw Mia coming out. He looked like a predator. I know that feeling all too well.

Mia - See something you like baby?

Clint - Always! Why you think I wifed it!

He says as he goes to grab her and she ducks out the way. I can't help but laugh.

Their relationship is something I always wanted for myself and I'm jut realising now I finally found it with Trinity.

Trinity - What are you laughing about mister? You're no better when you get started.

Clint - Where you think I learnt it from?

Stephen - hahaha fuck off mate, don't use me as an excuse. You've been a creeper for years haha

Mia - Yeah he is my little creeper isn't he

We all laugh and head off. I notice my doll is being unusually quiet so I grab her hand pulling her into me.

Stephen - What is it doll?

Trinity - Nothing baby I am fine

She rubs her hand up my chest nudging into me but I can feel the tension in her touch.

Stephen - Baby?

I question her my eyebrows raising

Trinity - Tonight baby, I promise we'll talk ok, let's keep it light hearted for now so we don't ruin it for Mia and Clint too

Stephen - Promise me?

Trinity - Always baby, I love you

I kiss her softly and pull her into me closer holding her as tight as I can. It scares me that she's so worried right now and I can't take that stress and anxiety away from her. I can only hope hat the plans we have put in place will protect her.

Deep down I know if push comes to shove I will put my life on the line before hers ever comes to risk and I need her to know that. Leaning into her ear

Stephen - Baby, I know you are still worried, but believe me and listen when I tell you, nothing will ever happen to you, no harm will ever come to you, and if need be I will down my life before I let you ever feel anything but safe. Once we are there tonight I will tell you everything I promise. I couldn't risk doing it at home, just in case as you know he was a copy baby, they could be listening, watching, anything and I have to keep you safe. That's all that matters right now ok?

Trinity - Why do you love me so much? What did I ever do to deserve you?

Stephen - Doll, we deserve each other. You build me up when I need, you give me the strength I need, you love me for my faults and all, and I am a better man for having you. I can't wait to call you my wife.

Trinity - I'm a killer

I see the tears start falling and I hold her close to my chest.

Stephen - Shhh baby, you're my goddess. You've saved me three times now.

Trinity - Three? How?

Stephen - You stood by me the night I crumbled and thought I lost you forever, you picked me up when I had no strength left in me, you shot Mike to protect me, and you saved me the day you came into my life.

Trinity - I can't wait to be your wife.

Stephen - I can't wait to be your husband. Tonight we will have a nice meal with our friends, relax in front of the fire with a drink, then I am going to take you to bed and make love to you over and over until you have no doubt left how much you mean to me. And then, only when I've finished showering you in love, we can talk as long as you need to baby, and I'll tell you everything so you know how loved and cared for you are and what we are doing to protect you.

Trinity - Ok my king. Sounds like just what I need right now. My mind hasn't stopped racing.

Stephen - I know baby, it's a lot to process. Now relax and close your eyes for a bit. We have about an hour and a half before we get there.

I wrap her into my arms and stroke her back as she drifts off to sleep in my arms. I just keep looking at her beautiful face as she sleeps and decide there and then when we get there, after we have talked about this Mike situation, we are talking about our wedding. I am not waiting another year with her to marry her.

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