Sold my Soul

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Chapter Six - Stephen’s POV

We arrived mid-afternoon and got settled into our chalet's quickly. Clint and I wanted all 4 of us to be able to spend some time together, but we also wanted some alone time with our girls away from the house, so I had booked two chalet's side by side. As we were getting the stuff out the car, we decided we would spend a bit of time one on one with our girls before we meet up tonight for dinner and some drinks.

I had told Clint after dinner tonight I would like some time along with Trinity as the anxiety and fear of what had happened was getting to her immensely now, so I needed to let her know she was ok and she was safe. It was time to let her in on what we had done to protect her. I also wanted to speak to her about plans for the wedding, when and where she would like to have it.

We got our suitcases in and had a quick look around.

I knew she wasn't feeling herself, so I wanted to take her mind off her stress for a little bit. I carried her up into our room and gently lay her on the bed.

Stephen - Ok baby, talk to me. I was going to wait until tonight, but it is killing me seeing you like this.

Trinity - I'm sorry, I trust you when you say it is going to be ok and I am trying to stop myself from stressing about it like you said but I have so many what if's running through my mind it is hard to concentrate on anything else.

Stephen - So, what about if I give you a distraction?

She smiles lovingly at me and strokes my arm gently before softly laughing

Trinity - Daddy, I think I put out for you enough that we don't need to make excuses when we are horny now don't you?

Stephen - mmm doll, you know I would take you any time any place if I wanted you, but that wasn't the distraction I was talking about right now.

Trinity - That's a first for you. So what were you thinking?

Stephen - Our Wedding

Trinity - Really?

Stephen - What do you mean really? Why wouldn't I want to talk about marrying you? I can't wait to.

Trinity - It's . . . it's just that

I sit up and stare deep into her eyes

Stephen - It's just what baby? Please don't tell me you don't want to get married yet?

Trinity - Sweetheart, I would marry you tomorrow, I love you that much. It's just after what I did, why would you want to marry me? I'm . . Stephen I'm a killer. I took someone's life.

Stephen - Why would I want to marry you? Are you being serious with me right now? I can tell you many reasons why but the one simple reason that it keeps coming back to is that I am in love with you. I have never loved someone like I love you. I have never been in love until I realised I was in love with you. The thought of waking tomorrow and not having you in my life is a torture I don't ever want to endure. If you hadn't come into my life and made me want to be a better man for you, I would still be doing the same shit we were doing, and truth be told I would probably be sitting in a jail cell, if not tomorrow years from now.

Stephen - When I close my eyes all I dream about is our future, how many kids will we have, where we will end up living, you and your career going from strength to strength, our friends who became family still around us, wanting to give you my wife and our children everything I can. I want to protect you and show you the love you deserve. I want to worship you and adore you like you should be. I want to watch you achieve things I know you are capable of because I already see the woman you are, and that is the woman I would be so damn proud to call my wife. That is the woman I want by my side, on my arm, ruling our kingdom together.

Stephen - So don't you ever question why I want to marry you, just let me honour you and love you like you deserve. And be accepting of my love baby, because I will give you it all.

I pull her into my arms and kiss her with all the love I have. There is nothing urgent in this kiss, it is full of passion for the woman who means more to me then my own life. I make love to her lips and her soul through that kiss, holding her to me showing her the safety she will always find in my arms.

I gently move back from the kiss and place her left hand with the ring I gave her on it over my heart.

Stephen - Can you feel that my Queen, that beats for you and you alone. I will always love you

Trinity - Thank you, thank you for giving me everything I need. I am sorry I ruined what should be the best time in ou . . .

Stephen - Stop. There is no more apologising baby, and I never want you to say you ruined anything to me. You couldn't. Every moment with you is a blessing.

I see her inhale deeply and I watch her cautiously, giving her the time she needs to express to me what she is feeling and what she needs to say.

Trinity - Ok

Stephen - Ok?

Trinity - Ok, we plan our wedding

I give her the most adoring smile because hearing that come out of her mouth is music to my ears.

Trinity - But . . . First I need you to tell me what you did, and what the plan is moving forward. If we are to move on with our life together, I need to know that this dark cloud won't always be hanging over my head. I need to be freed from my mind to enjoy our life together and I can't while I have so many unanswered questions.

Stephen - Then ask baby

Trinity - Now?

Stephen - Now is as good a time as any. Let's get rid of the elephant in the room so we can then go out and enjoy our time at dinner with our friends, spend some time relaxing with them and then come back and pleasure the hell out of each other before laying up to watch the sunset from our bed while we plan our wedding.

She turns on her side to face me and gently places her hand under her head on the pillow. She reaches her other hand out to hold mine tightly.

Trinity - Tell me everything Stephen please, after you sent Mia and I back up the house what happened. What happens from here? I need to know.

I lay down next to her facing my body to her also and continue to hold her hand and comfort her.

Stephen - After Clint and I sent you and Mia back, I called in my warehouse crew. You don't know them as I always kept it that way, I don't like them involved in my personal life it is strictly business. I called in Chad and Dave also. While we were waiting Clint and I worked out the particulars on how we are dealing with this.

Stephen - So the plan is simple really. We always planned to shut shop and go straight, however I delayed the drop that night as after finding out he was DEA and wasn't too pleased that I was stopping this life, I had concerned he would have put a call in and they would have tried to intercept that night knowing it would be the last. I had the warehouse boys load all the stock from the warehouse into a truck and get it off the property to a yard we have for storage that can't be linked back to us.

Trinity - How can't it be linked back?

Stephen - It technically doesn't believe to us. It belongs to one of my suppliers in Barcelona. We have no other connection or any traceable connection so the dots couldn't be joined. While we are here Dave is organising for the warehouse boys to do that distribution with a favourable profit as incentive while he will be sat in Capulet overseeing it while we are away. CCTV gives him a good alibi so he can't be traced to it either. In that truck that went to the yard, was Mike. Or whatever his name is, but for arguments sake let's just continue to call him Mike.

Trinity - So you're sending his body to Barcelona?

Stephen - Initially yes, although where he ends up, not even I will know. It is better for us all that way.

Trinity - But surely they will come looking for him, he would be missing check ins and communication if he is an undercover agent.

Stephen - And that is where the next step of the plan comes in. In order for them to check in with him and come looking, they will have to blow their cover. As far as it stands they don't know we know he is DEA. The only one that knew was Chad, and he is the one that brought him into our home and put us all at risk by not covering his damn ass like he was taught. So Chad will also be travelling to Barcelona.

Trinity - What?

Stephen - As far as Chad knows he is the only one going to Barcelona, what he doesn't know is Mike's body was in that truck. But we made him drive that truck in case it was intercepted.

Trinity - So all roads lead back to him

Stephen - That's right babe. He would have been caught with the drugs and Mike's body, and he was the only one who knew he was DEA. So if he was pulled up it would look like he had done it to protect himself.

Trinity - But why Barcelona?

Stephen - My supplier is an old family friend who didn't like the way my family led me into this life with no other choice as a child, and yes that is a story I still need to tell you , and I will, another day, once we get through this. So as far as Chad knows he is going there to assist them in finding new distribution as a favour to us all since I have shut shop.

Stephen - It also covers appearance sake on this end. If the cops come sniffing, well Chad and Mike went off together to look at other ventures as I had my fiance move in and we were getting married soon and wanted to start a family, it was no longer ideal to have my mates living there. For how long they are going or if they are coming back . . . we don't know. Ask them. They were mates, not us. You following baby?

Trinity - Yes

Stephen - They will keen an eye on Chad too, he is their problem now, as far as we stand he is out of our lives. He broke my trust and I will not have him back, I will not have him around you putting you in danger or putting your life at risk. As far as the cops stand, if they want to try and pursue it with us they risk blowing the cover of the operation, which we are no longer involved in, and as they had no evidence to implicate us, all . . .

Trinity - roads lead back to Chad

Stephen - All roads lead back to Chad

I watch as she is quiet taking this all in. She seems to be processing everything I have told her very carefully, looking for any loose ends or areas that could bust a hold in the cover.

Trinity - But what about the gun?

Stephen - It is on Mike's body, it will be disposed of separately.

She just nods and continues to think in silence for a bit.

Trinity - And the warehouse?

Stephen - By the time we get back it will be fully converted to an operational space for the cocktail bar and future nightclub and bar ventures I am currently looking to expand in to. It will also be a stock warehouse for our cellar collections.

Several minutes go by where she says nothing just thinking silently to herself.

Trinity - You did all this for me?

Stephen - I did this for us baby, without you, there is no me.

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