Sold my Soul

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Chapter Seven - Stephen’s POV

After I let my doll know everything she seemed a little bit more relaxed, at least relaxed enough to fall asleep for a bit. I lay with her just holding her and giving her the peace of mind that I was there with her. I was lad to see her resting, I know the last few days have been stressful.

As I lay there holding her in front of the fire, the snow covered hill tops outside our window I realised myself that this is the most at peace I have ever felt.

I never complain about my life, it wasn't the best, but I made the best of what I was given to work with. I have great friends and opportunities that some could never dream of, and now I have my future wife sleeping contently next to me.

A woman that for all my faults has stood by me and loved me unconditionally and give me strength to become the man I've always wanted to be. I'm excited for our future and looking forward to building it with her. I closed my eyes just resting them as I lay there content with her.

After about an hour I felt my doll start to stir. I opened my eyes just laying there looking down at her beautiful body lay across mine. Her perfectness was not lost on me. The way she moulded into my body, her beautiful face and hair across my chest as she started to stroke her delicate hands up my chest.

I lay there mesmerised by her. The way she lovingly caressed me and held on to me. I found myself thinking again to our future imagining what it would be like to see her as the mother of our children, holding and loving them like she does me, raising them to be as strong and loving as she is.

I was caught in my own thoughts and hadn't realised she was now awake looking back at me. I felt her soft hand come up and stroke my face and I looked down at her. We just looked deep into each other's eyes for a moment smiling at each other.

Stephen - Hi beautiful

Trinity - Hi baby

I reached down cupping her face and kissed her tenderly before pulling away.

Stephen - You make the most adorable sounds when you sleep

She goes bright red

Stephen - Don't be shy baby, it's the hottest little purrs.

Mimicking the sounds she makes

Stephen - mmm awww ooo mmm

Trinity - Stop it

She slaps my arm softly burying her head in my chest.

Stephen - The only sound better is the ones you make when I'm inside you . . . ooo daddy mmm yes. Go on purr for me momma

I love playing with her, that beautiful blush that covers her cheeks when she gets embarrassed.

Trinity - I do not sound like that

Stephen - Oh you do. You purr so good for daddy . . . . mmm baby yesss more oooo yes there mmmm

She tries to push me away and I grab her to me pulling her on top of me and start tickling her as I continue copying her purrs in her ears.

Trinity - hahaha baby stop! Awwwww haha you're one to talk - oh that's right you do! Yes momma fuck daddy so good ride him

I stop tickling her and pull her up my body so she is straddling me looking down. Her nails scratching softly up and down my chest and stomach.

Stephen - Who wouldn't if you were wrapped around them momma?

Trinity - You're such a pervert haha

She leans forward and kiss my chest gently, her soft lips dragging across my skin

Stephen - I'm your pervert.

I look down at her teasing my body

Stephen - mmm momma that feels nice

She slides her tongue out just lightly brushing it across my nipple and I shiver

Trinity - Who's the one moaning now daddy?

Stephen - mmm I'm not ashamed to admit it. You always make me feel so good momma

I feel her shuffle a bit further down my body as she makes her way down to my stomach kissing it and showing it the same love she just showed my chest.

I can't help but lay there in awe of the sight in front of me. This beautiful woman who is all mine making love to my body and worshipping me. She is my heaven and I feel myself sinking further into the mattress as she traces every inch of me.

I feel her hips starting to rock gently as she moves herself down to sit over my thighs, her tongue tracing my lower stomach as her hands softly rub up my rib cage.

She slides her hands all the way down my body and grips the hem of my shirt and starts pushing it up my body. I lean up a bit and grab the collar pulling it over my head. I feel her fingers trace my track pants and boxers and grip them and start pulling them down my legs. I lift my hips to help her slide them off and she pulls them down the rest of the way before coming back to lay between my legs.

From here I have the perfect view of my doll laying between my legs her hair falling and softly caressing my thighs, her fingers stroking lightly up them at the same time. Her gorgeous ass lifted slightly off the bed and those beautiful big eyes looking straight back at me. I feel myself starting to twitch wanting for her.

She reaches her delicate fingers up and then slowly to my balls. I love her touch there. She touches me so softly and tenderly. There's a little ridge there and as she traces it with one finger I shiver.

She drags her finger all the way down to where my legs are closed and continues softly. Then back up and down, lovingly and carefully stroking. It's like being a trance, her touching me like this, so sensual to me. I feel the heat rising in me.

All my awareness is focused on her fingertips and the feel of her hands against my balls. She strokes the roundness and fullness of them, softly and tenderly.

Finally she rests her whole hand over them and leaves it there as she kisses the inside of my thighs. After the briefest of pause, my hand comes down and I lay it directly over hers, covering it completely. I slowly start moving our hands, stroking my own balls and using her hand to do it. When she slowly lifts her head the first thing I see is the erotic caress happening between us.

I shift our hands up to my cock, pressing her hand down on it so she can feel it growing hard. My eyes wander over her face, studying her, and stop on her lips. I reach up with my hand and touch her lips with a single finger and trace them softly. I know my hand smells faintly of the musk of my balls. I see her shiver and I know my touch is making her pussy pulse.

I watch as her tongues comes out to touch my finger. I circle her mouth once more then slide my finger slowly into her mouth while looking in her eyes. My god, that moment! Her hand grasps my cock now and it is so hard for her.

She sucks my finger into her mouth and her hand begins to stroke. She users her shoulders to nudge my legs further apart, and I bend my knees up giving her room to settle in between my legs. I scoot up the bed a bit so I can watch her better and I lean forward to kiss her, loving and deep. I cup her breasts and lift them to my lips then release them to move back down.

I watch as her hand trails down her body and she starts stroking herself before bringing her hand back up and rubbing the wetness onto the head of my cock. She kisses it, pressing her lips just not quite over it. I use my hands to gather up her hair and hold it out the way as she lowers her head and takes my cock into her mouth, moaning as her mouth is filled. She drools a little on me and sucks each time my head comes up, slowly along every inch, then strokes with her mouth quickly 3,4,5 times on the head

She sucks just the head as her hand rolls my cock between her fingers side to side and strokes it up and down. I want to devour her but I take my time and let her enjoy what she is doing. I feel the pleasure slowly building, pressure teased and growing. She never stops kissing, licking, sucking, tonguing, stroking and nipping. Occasionally she moves to lick my inner thighs as well.

Seeing my cock disappear into her mouth is driving me wild. Just when I can't take anymore I see her look up at me as she wraps her lips around my cock. I adore when she does this and lets me see it.

She has brought me close and backed off a few time snow, I am panting now and groaning louder and I can hear the sound of hear breath over her mouth sucking me, which causes me to grunt and whimper, softly muttering words as I breathe out.

My legs straighten splayed out on either side of her.

She licks my balls and takes them in her mouth, lowering my cock on o my belly where she continues to stroke it and roll it with her hands, while her tongue curls around my balls and sucks on them. I can feel my pre cum oozing now on her fingers and I know she loves it as her fingers concentrate on my head rolling it on her fingers letting it lube them up. My cock is readying itself; I know I am getting close.

She releases my balls and cups them to the base of my cock, then looks up, I take in her eyes, watching her as she slowly and deliberately wraps her lips tightly on the head of my cock and takes me deep into her throat, all the way to the base. I grit my teeth as I feel the greed and want growing in me. Each time she rises I look into her eyes, watching as she flicks her tongue all over the swollen pink tip.

My face suddenly changes and my mouth contorts.

My hands tighten, no longer simply holding her long hair out the way but gripping her head with handfuls of her beautiful hair in both hands right at the scalp.

I take control, pushing her head down hard, my cock filling her throat. Holding her head right where I want it, I begin thrusting my hips faster and faster, fucking her mouth and throat, saliva everywhere, messy and moaning and wet.

Then I feel it and I know she does too, the unmistakable spurt of cum into her mouth as my body finally released. I watch as she tastes the feeling of slick cream on her tongue, holding it in her mouth milking the last drop as I groan her name wildly.

I can't help but tell her how much I love her as I watch her wanting to taste all of me. I see her look up and a beautiful smile appears across her flushed cheeks before she opens her mouth and shows me the juice pooled on her tongue.

I shiver as that sight alone is enough to bring out the animal in me and I watch as she tilts her head back and I see the smallest bit dribble from her lips. My god this sight is driving me wild, she knows I love this, I love seeing my juice in her mouth and watching her swallow it. Watching her throat bob I feel myself shiver one more time.

I pull her up into my arms and we kiss and I can still taste myself on her lips and in her mouth. Deep happy kisses that start reverently and end playfully.

Stephen - I love you baby, you are incredible.

Trinity - And I love you. Come on big boy, let's get showered and dressed to meet the others.

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