Sold my Soul

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Chapter Eight - Stephen’s POV

We get up and get showered and I tell my doll to get dressed up nice we are all going to head down to a restaurant in town for dinner. I've just finished getting ready and I'm waiting downstairs for her to get changed while I text Clint and tell them to head over when they are ready.

I'm not waiting too long thankfully when I see my doll make her way down.

Stephen - Fuck! You trying to give me a stroke little momma?

She slowly walks towards me and slides her hand softly up the front of my pants

Trinity - I thought I just did earlier daddy?

I groan! How can she not realise I can't get enough of her. I smash my lips to hers pressing her body to mine as I walk us back until her legs hit the back of the couch. I'm still pushing my hips into her as my lips find their way down to her neck and start sucking on her sensitive skin there.

Trinity - mmmm daddy I thought we were going to have dinner before we had dessert?

Clint - Yeah daddy, feed me I'm hungry too

Fuck Clint! Seriously man, you have the worst timing I think to myself. I pull away from her slightly as I adjust my pants and give her a look to let her know this will be continued later.

Stephen - Baby hungry is he? ha

Clint - Always

Trinity - You look gorgeous babe

Clint - Thanks hunny

Trinity - haha oh shut up you, I'm talking to your beautiful wife

Mia - Thanks babes, you too

Clint - How you feeling Trin? I know the last few days have been pretty full on .

Trinity - I'm feeling much better hun thanks for asking

Stephen - I filled her in on everything once we got settled.

Trinity - And I just wanted to say thank you to you all so much for everything you did. I am so lucky to have you all.

Clint - Hey we look after our own babes, no thanks needed.

I smile as Clint pulls her in for a hug

Mia - Alright alright kids enough of the lovey dovey let's go get fed and have some drinks.

We call a ride and pile in as we head off. Once there we get in and get settled and order our meals.

It's soothing to just be able to spend a night out with our friends and relax and not have to worry about anything else.

We'd not long finished up our meals and we're heading up to pay, Clint asked the waiter the best place to go for a drink and he suggested Thumbs Up which was about 5 mile away. He ordered a car for us and we headed off.

Once we get there we headed inside. It wasn't the usual pubs or clubs we wee use to but it was still very busy for this small town and the music and vibe seemed to be good. We ordered some drinks and found a placer to stand as it was pretty busy so no tables left.

Clint and I were having a chat while I had one arm around my girl and she stood in front of me bobbing away to the music. I put my finger up to Clint for one minute letting him know to hold on a second

Stephen - Baby if you keep rubbing that sweet arse up on me I'm dragging you home soon.

Trinity - Stop being such a prude baby, you love it.

I smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss and pulled her in a little tighter as she continued bobbing away.

The girls finished their drinks and were discussing something

Mia - We are going to dance you guys staying here or coming?

Clint - Let us have another drink baby then we'll join you.

I nod to my doll to let her know I'll be over soon and smack her ass as she starts to walk away soliciting a smirk on her face as she looks back at me over her shoulder. I watch as she starts to wiggle her ass more for my benefit as she walks away and discretely adjust my pants.

Clint and I grab another drink and while talking both of us are watching our girls having fun. I see a few men trying to approach them to dance and I can see Clint is also watching them cautiously as well.

We don't move straight away as we know our women can look after themselves.

One guy tries to grab Mia to dance with her and I see Clint about to head over when his hands go to Mia's hips. Before Clint can even move we watch as Mia turns to look at the guy and in the process sinks her stiletto heel straight down into the top of his foot.

I feel myself wince in pain at just the thought of it while Clint laughs at her acting like it was an accident when asking the guy if he was ok.

Clint - That's my wife hahaha

Stephen - Fuck I almost felt sorry for the dude, That shit looked painful hahahaha

We finish another drink before deciding to join our girls for a dance. As we make our way over to them some random chick stands up in front of us trying to get our attention.

Random - Hey boys wanna buy me a drink?

Stephen - Definitely not

Random - Awww come on sexy I'll let you two share me

Clint - What? Like every other guy here? I'd rather keep my dick clean thanks

I laugh out loud as we walk around her.

Random - Fucking asshole

Clint - Desperate hoe

Stephen - hahahaha

We make our way to the girls who are still dancing away on each other.

Trinity - Hey there big boy wanna dance?

Stephen - Absolutely

Just as I go to grab her to pull her to me Clint the cheeky fucker grabs her hand and pulls her to him.

Clint - I thought you'd never ask

Mia and I look at him amused

Clint - What? She did say big boy? She's talking about me right?

Stephen - Idiot hahaha Come here Mia

I let him have his moment of fun and I grab Mia and we have a dance together while Clint and Trin dance

Clint - You know you're going to have to marry him soon don't you?

Trinity - Really, and why's that?

Clint - Because you've already got him totally whipped

Trinity - hahaha you sure it's not the other way around?

Clint - Oh you dirty dog, I didn't realise he was such a kinky fucker hahaha

Trinity - You're so bad honestly haha

Clint - I try my best. But seriously I'm happy for you both, and I'm glad you said yes to him.

Trinity - Me too hun

I watch and Clint hugs Trinity and she bursts out laughing

Stephen - Ok give me my fiance back already bro

Clint - Says the guy with his hands on my wife haha

We laugh and swap our girls back

I wrap my arms around her and pull her into me pushing my leg between hers as I feel her hips move with mine, she brings one arm up around my neck and the other gripping my bicep as we rub up against each other. I find one of my hands wandering down to her ass grabbing a handful of it as I pull her closer to me.

Stephen - mmm I love the way your body moves with mine momma

Trinity - mmm I love the way your body feels against mine daddy

I turn her around and pull her in tight to me, my hands gripping her hips firmly as we continue to move together. I feel her gorgeous ass grinding into me and I lean down and bite her shoulder teasingly.

Trinity - Agh shit baby that's so hot

Stephen - Yeah? You like that huh?

Trinity - Oh god yes

I drag my tongue up towards her neck and just as I get to her collar I bite down again tugging at her skin gently with my teeth.

Trinity - mmmm baby I am definitely making sure you do this next time you're buried inside me

Stephen - mmm anytime baby, you know daddy has no problem taking you like the animal I am.

As we move together dancing away to the beat I continue teasing her neck, collar and shoulder with my mouth causing her to grind into me harder at times.

Stephen - So when are you going to let me marry you babe?

She slows down and turns around to face me again, wrapping her arms around my shoulders stroking my neck.

Trinity - When do you want to get married babe?

Stephen - Last week?

I smile at her lovingly

Stephen - As soon as we can, honestly, I just want you as my wife now. I can't help but thinking how much I want to start a family with you, but I want to be able to call you my wife first and have some time just to treasure you as my wife and spoil you.

Trinity - You are seriously amazing sometimes you know that

Stephen - Only sometimes?

Trinity - Haha yes, other times you're incredible

Stephen - haha nice save doll. So, seriously how long you think we need to plan this? I want it to be everything you ever dreamed your wedding day to be

Trinity - Actually there is one date I wouldn't mind doing it

Stephen - Yeah?

I grab her hand and let Clint know we are going to get another drink, him and Mia decide to continue dancing. I lead her to the bar and place her in front of me and stand behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. We order our drinks and then stand at the end of the bar.

Stephen - So what date babe?

Trinity - I'd love to marry you on the 12th of January

Stephen - That's what, a little over 4 months away, reckon we could do it by then, because I'm not going to wait over another year to do the one after

Trinity - I think we can babe and it would mean the world to me to do it then.

Stephen -Ok baby, 12th January. May I ask why?

Trinity - 12th January 1974 is the day my parents got married. They were married for 42 years before they were sadly both taken from me together. I'd like to think if they could last a lifetime together so will we and I can't think of a better way of doing it then on the day they did.

Stephen - So it's settled, we are getting married on the 12th January.

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