Kingdom of Spades Book 1: The Flop

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Kingdom of Spades: One Poker Player’s Journey Through Life and Love Are you looking for an exciting read full of romance and adventures? Do you want to join the main character as he wins and loses both in love and poker in Las Vegas? If that’s the case, this is the romance novel you need! Alex was never really the one to do what he was told. His parents were there for him, but he never cared about grades or academic success or even finding a regular, 9-5 job. One night, he realized he couldn’t live that life anymore. He hitchhiked his way to Las Vegas, but he could never imagine what adventures would await him there… From big games to big loves, every girl he met left a mark on his heart, but he was looking for THE ONE. When she appeared, Alex couldn’t be happier, but in life like in poker, you win some, lose some… Will Alex be able to get his one true love back? Will she be there for him and stand by his side, forever? Keep reading… What makes this book special: • It’s one of a kind romance story with incredible twists and turns • The romantic life of a poker player is sure to be exciting… and this story leaves nothing untold • Reading this novel, you will see that true love always wins, no matter the hardships, no matter the circumstances • AND SO MUCH MORE! If you love romantic stories and are looking for one that is both exciting and romantic, this is it!

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Chapter 9: Settling with the Perfect One

“Okay, you need to get out of here.”

“Why?” Daphne sighed, “you seemed to like the blowjob-”

“It’s not about the blowjob, Daphne,” Alex groaned, pointing at the door as he spoke. “You need to leave, right now, before I call the police.”

“Jesus, you’re so fucking uptight…” Daphne got up from the bed and quickly got into her dress before strutting out. She stopped briefly and looked back, “At least give me some money,”

“Oh, God,” Alex ran back inside his room and brought his wallet before handing her a hundred dollar bill. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the bill in her hand.

She rolled her eyes at him before walking out of the house. He sat back on the sofa, throwing his head back as he shut his eyes, “God, what do I do now?”

Taking his phone out of his pocket, he dialed Emilia’s phone again.

“Hey, it’s Emilia’s voicemail. You know what to do next,”

“Emilia, if you’re listening… please, reply. I need to talk to you,”

Anxiety started to surge up his body as soon as he left that message. His leg started to bounce, biting his fingernail as he wondered again if she’d respond, but he knew she wouldn’t. He took his laptop out and began to book a flight back to Las Vegas.

“Fuck it.”


After leaving all of his stuff back at his house, Alex quickly took his car and drove towards Vinnie’s house. It was late at night, but he was determined to finally talk to Emilia. He had to, and he wasn’t going to go back without letting her know how he felt.

She still hadn’t replied to his voicemails, so it was pretty apparent that she didn’t want to talk to him.

But again, he was pretty adamant.

Knocking at the door three times, Alex stepped back as he waited for someone to answer. After a few minutes, a woman, probably in her forties, opened the door, eyes widening as she saw Alex. “Who are you?”

“Who’s at the door, honey?” Vinnie’s voice boomed in the background, making Alex take a deep breath as he readied himself to face him.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Alex?”

“Look, I need to talk to Emilia,” Alex explained. “Please. I’ll go as soon as I’m done.”

“God, you ridiculous, stupid kid.” Vinnie walked back inside his house while his wife still narrowed her eyes at Alex suspiciously. After a few minutes, Emilia walked downstairs with her father following behind.

“You two, just talk, and then you’re going back inside,” Vinnie pointed at Emilia, sighing as he looked back at Alex and then shut the door.

Emilia took in a deep breath as she looked at Alex. “What do you want, Alex?”

“Look, I came back here to tell you that…”

He didn’t know what to say.

Words didn’t come out of his mouth as he began to think about what he wanted to say.

Nothing came to mind.

“I-I-I,” he stuttered. “Um, this is awkward.”

“Why are you wasting my time, Alex?” Emilia wrapped her hands on her chest. “Forget it. I’m gonna go.”

As soon as she turned around, Alex blurted, “I really like you.”

Emilia stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to look at him. “What?”

“I mean, I want to know more about you, Emilia. I want this to work out because I haven’t really cared about anything else in the time I’ve spent with you. We fit in so well, it’s like we bond better than anyone I’ve been able to bond with…,” Alex stammered, “I’ve had relationships in the past. They didn’t work out for me, and I had adapted to the thought of not needing a partner. But with you… I really want it to work, Emilia. I want to be able to know you forever and keep knowing more about you every day. I don’t know if you feel the same way, and it’s fine if you don’t. I promise I’ll understand. I just wanted you to know that the reason I left wasn’t that you weren’t enough. I was just scared of owning up to my own emotions, Emilia, and it was never your fault.”

There was a moment of silence between them as Emilia just looked at him with her eyes glistening in the moonlight. She looked so beautiful to him then; her eyes fixated on him, which made Alex feel better and more relieved.

“I-I don’t know what to say, Alex…”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I’ll just go.”

“No, you dumbass.” Emilia grabbed Alex by his collar as she pressed his lips against her own. They both stood there under the moonlight and the light of the house’s porch shining on them as they passionately kissed each other, smiling in between, as Emilia refused to release Alex’s shirt.

“Will you come to Atlantic City with me, Emilia, only for a few days?”


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About the Author

Violet Hart has had a wild imagination for as long as she could remember. At the tender age of 13, she penned her first romance short story centered on a go-getting female writer who had to claw her way into New York City’s highly competitive book industry, particularly to get the attention of a brilliant, but sometimes bullheaded publisher.

With the full intention of pursuing her dreams of success in the literary world, Hart took every creative writing class she could find within her district, often balancing schoolwork and extracurriculars and even losing some much-loved sleep. However, life had other plans.

Right out of college, Hart found herself at a crossroads — get a stable, good-paying job and live independently, or continue aggressively pursuing her passion while living in her parents’ basement. Of course, she went with the former. But, like the very first female character she lovingly carved out of her imagination, Hart was a go-getter. While working as a paralegal in Atlantic City, she consistently sets aside time for her writing.

Every day, she would come home from work, cook and eat dinner, feed her cat, and sit down for at least two hours pounding on her laptop and crafting numerous short stories of risk-taking characters in whirlwind romances. Hart is known for her powerful characterizations of daring men and equally bold women. Her writing style aims to tug not just on the readers’ heartstrings, but also on their curiosity and sense of adventure.

Hart’s short stories touch on the high stakes lives of men and women who are just as partial to money and fame, as they are to love and affection. Her latest ones take place in the decadent casinos of Las Vegas, where gambling is a lifestyle and money is king. Hart’s stories are now available on Amazon for you to purchase, download, share, and enjoy.

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