Satan’s Angel

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A Date

β™± SATAN β™±

I asked her on a fucking date. A date! I was turning into a sap. If the brothers knew about this I won't hear the end of it.

She felt amazing, though. She was pressed against my back as I drove to a little diner that I had always went to.

That guy back on campus was the same one from the club, he was getting on my nerves. Who does he think he is to harass My Angel like that? If they didn't know each other he would have been dead by now but I can't do anything to him, for Angel's sake. I wanted her to get to know me first, not my demons.

I stopped my bike at the parking lot of the diner and got off the bike, I turned around to see Angel taking the helmet I gave her earlier off. I picked her up and sat her on her feet.

"This is so cute," Angel said in awe as we entered the diner.

We sat at a booth and ordered what we wanted to eat, everyone around were looking at us weirdly. I mean shit I would, too.

"Tell me more about yourself, Angel," I said leaning a bit forward ready to learn more about her.

"Well, I'm really not the interesting," She looked down at her lap shyly.

"I'm very sure that's not true," I scoffed making her cheeks a little red. "Now, tell me, please," I gave her a small smile, or what I think was a smile. I won't know I haven't smiled in years.

"Okay, so, my dad is half French so that makes me quarter French. At least I think," She pouted. She shook her head. "Anyway, I love animals and I like baking sometimes. I have no siblings and I guess that's it," Her eyebrows furrowed.

"Ah, that's why your name is very...French," I joked hoping it would pick her mood up, and it worked. She laughed her angelic little laugh.

"Yes, now, tell me about you," She clapped her hands excited.

"Let's see. My grandfather was the founder of the club, the Golden Devils, I took over after my dad passed away. I don't have any siblings either. I'm not a fan of animals but I don't mind dogs. And that's about it." I described my boring self to her.

"Oh, what about your mother?" She asked innocently.

"That's a story from another time." I swallowed loudly, moving around in my seat uncomfortably.

"Sure," She smiled in understanding. And just like that the topic was forgotten.

Our food came and we ate peacefully cracking a couple jokes here and there, and even the silence wasn't uncomfortable or awkward it was actually nice.

"Where to next?" She asked as we walked out and to my bike.

"I don't know," I was confused. I thought that was it.

"Oh," She looked down sadly.

"You want to stay with me?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.

She looked up at me with eyes sparkling in happiness and nodded really fast.

"Can I take you to my favorite place?" She asked as we hoped on the bike.

"Will you be driving?" I asked in a joking matter.

"Of course not!" She gasped. "It's your bike, I can't do that," I felt her shaking her head.

My chest swelled with pride and happiness. A biker's bike means a lot to him just as much as his cut. Even though I want her to drive it she wasn't officially my Old Lady, so she can't, yet.

"So, where are we going then, Angel?" I glanced back at her.

"The arcade!" She said happily making me laugh at her.

"Right away, princess." And we were driving to that arcade just as she requested.

We entered the black light lit arcade, the floors were carpeted in a space themed carpet that had the planets glowing from the black light.

"This way!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me to some game.

"What's this?" I asked as we neared one of the bulky box like games.

"It's an arcade machine game," She told me as she looked at me all confused.

"No, I knew that. What's that?" I pointed at the yellow circle with arms, legs and even a face.

"That's Pac-Man!" She smiled.

"Who?" I was still confused on what that circle thing was.

"You don't know who Pac-Man is?" Her smile dropped and the happiness is her eyes faded.

I just shook my head.

"Come on, I'll teach you how to play!" Her smile was thankful back. "Stand here, good. Now, you have to use these controls over here," She pointed at a stick like thing that had four red buttons on each side.

She bend down slightly and slide in a coin into the coin slot for the game to start. Let's just say my mind went elsewhere.

"Okay, so, you have to eat the little dots to get as many points as you can, yes exactly like that!" She instructed me as I started moving the "Pac-Man". "You can't let the ghosts like things get you," She warned.

"But why?" This game was a bit confusing.

"Because you'll game over, then. When you eat the fruits then you can and eat them, but it only lasts a limited time," She went on.

We went around and played a couple more games with her telling me what to do, of course. We played a car like simulation, which is stupid why would anyone need that? But Angel loves every single game, so I said nothing. I even got her a little stuffed animal from the claw game, shit's a ripoff, I watched one guy lose over and over again embarrassing himself in front of his date.

"Thank you so much for today, Satan. I have had this much fun in a long time," She smiled a mega watt smile at me.

"Neither have I," I reached my hand out and placed it on her cheek and stroked it softly with my thumb.

I didn't want to let her go into her lavish apartment. I wanted to keep her with me, I never wanted this day to end. But unfortunately it has.

"Good night, Angel," I said softly.

"Good night, Satan," She replied back.

I wanted to kiss her soft pouting red lips but I can't, instead I kissed her cheek and turned around to walk to my bike.

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