Satanโ€™s Angel

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My Club. My rules.

โ™ฑ SATAN โ™ฑ

I take long gulp of the beer Whiskey handed me not long ago, glancing around the club seeing all my brothers either fucking a sweetbutt or getting blown by them out in the open. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I look around at the club, black and gold and hint of red are the colors of the inside of the club. Our club logo hung proudly above the club door, frames hung around the walls with our enemies vests on them.

Being the president of the most known club is not an easy thing to maintain, it's not easy being around so many hormonal guysโ€”who have no Old Ladiesโ€”24/7.

I don't have an Old Lady myself, I don't need one. The sweetbutts are enough, they've always been. I don't fuck like my brothers doโ€”not every day like they do.

"What are you thinking about so hard Satan?" One of the sweetbutts asked as she walked up to my side trying to put her hand on my bicep.

"Don't you fucking dare!" I warned grabbing her filthy hand before it touched me, she only seemed to like it even more.

"Why? Want me to touch you somewhere else?" She whispered into my ear trying to be sensual.

"No I don't." I growled at her pushing her away.

"Come on, you know you want me," She stood in front of me taking the very little clothes she wore off.

Her body wasn't all that attractive, all fake obviously. Nothing that catches my eyesโ€”or dick for that matter.

"I don't." I said coldly glaring at her and continued drinking my beer.

"I know you're lying," There she was trying to touch me again.

"You want to fuck? I'll give you the best fuck of your life," I growled grabbing her hand slamming my beer down on the bar counter and dragging her up to one of the rooms upstairs. Not mine, never mine.

"I knew you'd give in eventually. You couldn't resist this," She said pointed at her fake breasts.

I dragged her to the bed and tied her hands up.

"Why are you doing that?" She asked tugging at her hands.

"You wanted to fuck me, right?" I asked raising my eyebrows sarcastically at her. She only nodded. "Well this is how I fuck." I said taking cut off and hanging it carefully at the back of the chair in the room and continued taking the rest of my clothes off not for getting to get the condom I had in my back pocket.

"Why? I want to feel you raw." She whined.

I just looked at her as if she was crazyโ€”which she was. I'd never fuck this bitch raw, God knows how many STDs this slut has.

I rolled the condom not listing to her protests and pushed myself into her. So fucking loss, was my first thought as I entered her cunt.

A couple minutes into it and moaning was setting me off and not in a good way. I looked around the bed and grabbed the useless piece of clothes at she called her panties and stuffed them into her mouth making her finally shut up.

I kept thrusting in hard and fast wanting some relief and also wanting to get out of this bitch's cunt. I groaned as I released into the condom and pulled out of her not caring that she didn't have her release.

I walked over to my distressed clothes on the floor and got dressed not forgetting to grab my cut that hung on the chair. Brushing my fingers through my longish hair I walked back down nodding to one of the prospects who understood and headed back up from where I came from to untie the bitch in the room or finish off fucking her, I don't really care for that matter.

I walked back to the bar and sat down as if I haven't gotten up a few minutes ago and ordered another beer. An hour later the prospect and the sweetbutt walked down the stairs, mascara ran down her face and the prospect looked like he was trying to comfort her.

She spotted me and stormed over to me. "You fucking did this to me!" She yelled at me catching the brothers attention.

"I don't know what you're talking about, sweetheart," I replied coolly and shrugged.

"This!" She held up her very lightly bruised wrists.

"You wanted it," I said in a bored tone getting fed up with her shit. "I told you to get away but you didn't." I rolled my eyes as more tears came out of her eyes.

"So does that make me your Old Lady now?" She asked stupidly.

I looked at her to make sure she was completely serious. And when I saw she genuinely was I laughed, along with the rest of the club, so hard that tears came out of my eyes while she looked around confused on why everyone was making fun of her.

"You're obviously new here, sweetheart. So let me fill you in," I snapped. "I don't have and Old Lady and never will. And even if I did rest assured it won't be you, you're not my type. Secondly, you're a sweetbutt, nothing less nothing more, know you're place." I smirked at her getting up and walking around her and out the door.

I needed some fresh air. Some time alone to think.

I walked over to my baby, my bike and rode her down the road and to my secret hideout. My escape from reality. A place no one but I, myself only knew about.

Once there, I sung off my bike and took my helmet off and setting it on the bike seat. I walked through the trees until I reached my destination.

I sat down on the grass as I looked at the scenery before me and started to think about my future. An Old Lady.

I don't needed nor have I ever wanted one. But I can't help but think maybe one day the perfect girl will come, I know she will, and I don't want her to. No one needs me in their lives. She'll run the other way without a doubt.

I shook my head trying to get rid of the thought but it still lingered there, nagging at the back of my mind.

Maybe some day someone might learn to love me. The Satan, I thought laying in the grass and closing me eyes.

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