Satan’s Angel

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I Really Saw an Angel

β™± SATAN β™±

I called a prospect into my office as soon as I entered it. "Go wake everyone up and tell them to come to church," I growled at him, and walked out and into the meeting room.

"What's so important that we had to wake up at four in the fucking morning?" Whiskey said as he tried rubbing the sleep out his eyes.

Everyone else complained about waking up early except for Dagger, he just there in silence like always. Dagger was never a talker he just listened and grunted his answers when he felt the need to.

"Because one of the prospects decided it was a good idea to steal from us," I chuckled darkly tilting my head to the left side slightly.

"What?!" Ink asked, growling at the thought of someone stealing from us.

We don't take stealing or killing our own very lightly, betrayal in my club is a big no. We'll hunt anyone who dared to cross us to the end of the Earth.

"Who?" Whiskey asked calmly running his hand through his grayish white hair. He was older than us by a couple of years and he's one wise motherfucker. He's like an older brother to all of us.

"The kid with dyed blond hair and a big mouth that he can't keep shut for the love of God," I groaned remembering his annoying blabbering.

"Where is the fucker now?" Knuckles asked angrily, holding one hand flatly up and the other curled up as he punching his palm on the flatted out hand.

"In the basement, tied up like the bitch he is." I smirked getting up with all the brothers following behind and down to the basement.

I walked up to the tied down fucker and took the mesh bag that was over his head.

"Morning," I smiled sarcastically at him as soon as I lifted the bag off his filthy head.

He looked around seeing the brothers around the room as well, his eyes widened with fear as he started to shake as well.

"Now, I heard you were stealing from us. Tell me is that true?" Tank said jokingly in a soft voice as he squatted down to meet the now ex-prospect eyes.

"I'm sorry, please. I won't do it ever again, please!" He cried out of fear.

"Now, now," I scuffed sarcastically. "You brought this upon yourself, and now you're going to pay for it." I smirked darkly feeling as if a dark force has took over me. The Satan part of me.

"No, please, I'm begging you!" He was full on sobbing by now, it was pathetic honestly.

I signaled with me head at Dagger and he nodded in return and grabbed a rope and tied it around his mouth to shut him up. I have a thing with loud noises. If it wasn't my enemies screams or music it would drive me insane.

"No one messed with my club!" I yelled at him walking around his useless sitting form and went to the table behind him looking at the weapons that laid on it.

"You're going to fucking regret ever crossing me." I glared at the back of his head which he was shaking frantically.

I picked up a nice sharp black dagger, one of my favorites. It glimmered in the light showing exactly how sharp it is.

I walked up behind him putting the dagger on his throat pressing down just enough to draw blood. "Do you know why they call me Satan?" I whispered in his ear dragging the dagger on his throat until it reached his right ear, still only dragging it on the skin but not to kill him. Not yet at least.

He only shook his headβ€”well he tried to. "Then I guess you'll have to just find out," I smirked pressing down on the dagger that's now behind his ear on its tip. It dug nice and deep making him scream against his gag.

Blood dripped from the hole that the sharp tip of the metal had just made.

I walked around and now I stood in front of the bastard. "Look at you, I though you'd be a bit tougher than this. I mean you did steal from me after all," I stated looking at him with fake concern.

"Satan, I have to go open up the tattoo shop," Ink said taking me out of the darkness that had took over for a moment. I didn't even realize it's been that long, I just nodded as an answer.

"Where were we?" I asked looking back at the fucker as I felt the darkness take over once more.

After hours of stabbing him and making him bleed and scream I got bored of the game and just sliced his throat open and walked up to my room and took a shower washing off all the sweat and blood off of me.

I got dressed in a basic white muscle T-shirt, black skinny jeans that wrapped around my tights nicely defining them and my cut leaving my hair open and untamed.

I now sat in one of the booths at the buzzing club when the bitch I fucked yesterday walked up to me. "Hey baby," She grinned at me with a lusting grin.

"Fuck off," I rolled my eyes at her.

"No, I'm your Old Lady now," Is this bitch serious?

"No you aren't, you crazy bitch," I glared at her. "Now I'll tell you one more time. Fuck. Off." I said through clenched teeth getting irritated by her and her existence

She started talking again but I didn't listen to what she was saying , even if I wanted to I couldn't. My eyes just caught the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my entire life, a small girl in a pink skirt, a white shirt and some long socks of some sort.

She sat there on the bar stool with her legs hanging over the edge.

Was she swinging them?, God, she was swinging her tiny legs as they couldn't quite reach the floor.

She's breathtaking. She was looking around the bar and so I looked away not wanting to creep her out and went back to glaring at the bitchy sweetbutt who was still talking about God knows what.

I felt someone's burning gaze on me and I hoped it was her, and when I looked up it was. She was staring at me with a very innocent look, I just wanted to go over there bend her over the bar and fuck her not caring if people were looking at us.

Then her annoying friend stood right in front of her taking her eyes off me. The voices started up again in my head, I didn't even realize they hushed down when her eyes were on me. Even though she took her eyes off me I didn't take mine off of her.

After a couple of minutes of her dancing an asshole decided it was a good idea to try and grind up on her and so I went there and took her out of his arms into mine, and oh did she feel amazing against me.

She thanked me and introduced herself, when she spoke with her soft voice I felt the darkness of the voices in my head quiet the moment she looked at me, talked to me.

I sound so fucking sappy what's happing to me?, I asked myself as I lead her to the booth I was seated in earlier.

I already knew the answer to the question though and I was scared to admit it to myself.

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