Satan’s Angel

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Too Good

β™± SATAN β™±

She was the most purest thing I had ever seen, she didn't know that I was hard as rock for her. Her innocence just turned me on more.

I sat at the bar the next morning as one of the prospects handed me breakfast, I just sat there thinking about the night before. My brothers were all surprised when I let her touch me, I didn't even know why I let her even touch me.

"Everything fine, brother?" Whiskey asked as he sat besides me.

Whiskey wasn't just one of the brothers he was also my VP and closest friend. Regardless for him being ten years older than me we were still quite close.

"Yeah, it's nothing," I sighed running a hand through my hair.

"It's about the girl from last night, isn't it?" He asked sipping his coffee acting as if he didn't know a thing.

"No, it's not," I glared at him and went back to eating my eggs.

"You know, if want to be with her no one is going to judge you, right?" God I hate when he's right and I hate it more when he knows exactly what I'm thinking.

"She's too good for the likes of me," I mumbled shaking my head and got up.

"Even if she is, why not try?" I stopped in my steps listening to him but didn't turn around. "Plus, you need someone good in your life for a change." He stated and of course he was right again.

I walked away and to my office thinking about what Whiskey had said. I sighed putting my head in my hands feeling like my head was going to explode from thinking so much about this.

I want to be with her, I really do. But I know I'm bad for her, I'll ruin her innocence.

I tried putting those thoughts aside and focus on working for now. I had a lot to do and a lot to get done, I couldn't let my thoughts of a girl I met not even twenty-four hours ago get in the way.

After about five hours of annoying work I had finally gotten them done, granted I still have a bit of work left but it wasn't as much as it was before.

Through out working little thoughts of Angel would pop up, whether it was her face, name and even her fucking soft voice. I felt as if I was going insane.

It's frustrating. The need to see her again, feel her against me in my lap, hearing her soft voice whispering such innocent things or being able to smell her amazing strawberry scent.

God, I sound like a creepy stalker, I groaned to myself.

I need to got laid or something before I lose my mind. That will probably help get her out of my head.

I nodded to myself and getting up from my chair and out the door to grab one of the sweetbutts.

"I knew you'd come back to me," The same bitch that has been up my ass for the past two days said.

I simply just glared at her and grabbed a girl the stood behind her and upstairs to one of the random rooms.

"Shut up, don't say a word." I said as soon as we entered and pushed her on her knees. "Suck," I opened my fly pulling my dick out for the cock-hunger bitch that kneeled before me.

She took me in her mouth and started sucking just like I told her to. But something was wrong, her lips were too fake, her mouth knew what it was doing. She wasn't my innocent Angel.

Snapping my eyes open I pushed her away and zipped my pants up and left the room not caring to take a look at her shocked face.

"Scars!" I called out before entering my office.

"Need anything, Satan?" Scars asked as he entered my office. He is the club's tech guy and one of the brothers of course. No one really knows why his name is Scars, he likes keeping his secrets to himself and we all respect that.

"I need you to find information on a girl named AngΓ©lique Blanc," I said looking at him blankly hoping he doesn't know who I'm talking about.

"Sure, no problem," He nodded turning around to walk out but stopped and turned back around. "Wait! Is that the girl from last night?" His eyes widened as realization flashed through his face and a smirk made its way to his lips.

"Just do as I asked." I glared at him.

"It is, isn't it?" He looked like he just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He only got another glare as an answer. "Fine, fine I'm going," He put his hands up in surrender and walked out.

Fuck! Why did I do that? Why didn't I just leave her alone? I asked myself. I really wanted to leave her alone she's better off like that, without me in her life, but the voices in my head won't let me. They want her and deep down, secretly, so do I.

The next day Scars pulled his magic and got back with every single thing he could find out about her.

She comes from a wealthy family that lives in one of those fairly sized towns, she's nineteen and has moved here for college. Apparently she has never been in a relationship but I had already kind of known that. Her address, her number and the college she went to were all listed on here. I didn't want to read everything about her as I wanted her to tell me about herself.

This girl who's twelve years younger than I am is driving me crazy, I want her so badly.

But would she date someone way older than her? One of the voices asked. I doubt she would, but she wouldn't have agreed to talk to me the other day if that was the case, right?

I shook my head, I honestly didn't care at this point I want her even if it means I have to try my hardest to have her, I will. I will try no matter what.

Grabbing my bike keys I was off to her college campus to talk to my one and only Angel.

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