Satan’s Angel

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I’d Love To


I woke up bright and early way before my alarm rang, thank God I've always been a morning person. I like waking up to see the beautiful sunrise out of my big floor to sealing window in my room.

I also had a morning class so I had to get up early anyway. Walking over to my closet and pondering through it to see what I shall wear for today. My eyes drifted to a white cotton spaghetti thick straps crop top with a butterfly on it, I swiped it off the hanger and hung it on my arm and searched for a pair of jeans to go along with it next. I pick a light blue pair of high waisted mom jeans and lastly I grabbed a soft off-white wool cardigan as it was slightly chilly outside.

For accessories I just clipped on a thin gold chain chocker and I didn't change my earrings as I never took them off anyway, they're a pair of pure gold earrings that are in a shape of a heart and had little angels in the center of the hollow golden heart, they're my favorite as my grandpa gave them to me as a gift before he passed away.

I did a light layer of foundation, concealer, some mascara and a shiny lipgloss and did a half up half down hair do and I was ready to go.

Grabbing my white Chanel CC Day backpack and was on my way out to my car and off to campus, which didn't take long since we live close to it.

"Hey! Angel, wait up!" I heard Kai yelling but I acted as if I didn't hear him and kept on walking away.

"Hey," A hand grabbed my arm and turned my around forcefully as I was met with Kai's green-ish blue eyes. "Why are you ignoring me?" He asked stupidly.

I just look at him like he had grown three heads. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked confused raising his eyebrows at me.

"Would you please let go of me Kai," I said shaking my arm trying to get it out of his grip which only seemed to tighten at my request.

"Come on, don't be like that, Angel," He said as if what he did the other day at the club is the easiest thing to get over.

"No," I whispered shaking my head getting the same exact feeling of tightness in my chest and burning in my eyes.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR AN ANXIETY ATTACK!, I screamed at myself but it was no help. I hate that he held me. I don't like people touching me without my approval, and him holding me in place just makes it worse.

"I said, let go," A sort of adrenaline kicked in and I pulled my arm away with force. He looked at me with wide eyes at what just happened.

I'm not strong I know that, but when it comes to having my anxiety attacks and something like this happens I feel as if a force takes over me, even if my legs are shaking and weak and I feel as if I'm about to collapse in a second, I'll try to get out of it no matter what.

"Stop being like that, Angel," he rolled his eyes. "it's not even that big of a deal."

I shook my head. "Just leave me alone, Kai." I said holding on to my arm were his hand has held on to no long before. It was starting to hurt.

"She said to leave," A deep and very familiar voice said as Kai tried to step closer to me. Kai just glared and walk away with hidden fear in his eyes.

"Satan," I smiled as I turned around and saw the big man standing behind me. Many students around stopped and stared at him, men—more like boys—looked intimidated by his big form and girls had literally heart eyes and clutching their textbooks to their chests as if they were high school girls.

"Angel," He whispered his hand reaching out to touch my cheek softly which resulted in me blushing like crazy.

"What are you doing here?" I asked confused why he's here on campus.

"I actually came here to talk to you," He said running his fingers lightly down my cheek and to my neck. He licked his lips making them wet and glistening, I couldn't resist following the movement of his tongue.

"About what?" I said a little breathless, my heart was racing for some reason as well.

"Would you like to go talk somewhere a little more appropriate." He said glancing around at the people staring at us.

"I'd love to," I smiled a big smile. "but I still have a couple classes to finish," I said sadly looking down at my white Chanel sneakers.

"It's fine," He said softly and lifted my head back up. "I'll come and pick you up after you fine. So, when is that?"

"I finish at twelve," I nodded to myself to make sure I was right.

"I'll be waiting, Angel." He leaned in and kissed my forehead making my eyes close at the feeling. And with that he turned around and walked to his bike and he went off down the road only thing heard is the roaring of his Harley bike.

I have never hated school more than at this very moment.

Setting in my seat in the middle row of the class, which is perfect because it's not too close and not too far as well. I kept glancing down at my Swarovski watch, which read: 11:30 AM, just another half an hour and I'll see Satan.

And as the clock hit 12:00 PM, I was the first out of my seat and out the door. Not even a second late.

I walked outside to see Satan leaning on his bike, arms crossed and a pair of sunglasses sat on his face shielding his eyes from the Sun.

I ran up to him and smiled when he glanced down at me. "Hi!" I said excitedly.

"Hello Angel," He smirked at me. "Come on," He unfolded his arms and grabbed a white small helmet and placed it on my head and secured the strap under my chin.

He threw his leg over and sat at the bike seat. "Hop on," He looked at me and signaled for me to get on behind him.

I tried to do the same thing he did but I failed. "I can't get on," I pouted.

He only chuckled lightly and got up picking me up and setting me down on the seat.

"Ready?" He asked as I put my hands around his waist. I just nodded with my head on his back.

The bike roared to life and we zoomed down the road to an unknown destination—to me at least.

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