Love or Life

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Chapter 6

I am a calm boy...I don't argue with anybody..But at this moment I am feeling that I should beat the guy...

Should I enter in the farmhouse?? No, I will wait here till she comes outside...I am fuming in anger...

After 45 mins:

She is coming outside with that guy..They are smiling...I am going to them...

Erza is shocked as if I have caught her red handed doing any crime...

"G-Gray,what are you doing here??"

"What am I doing here!!! What are you doing here??? Is this your personal work???"

"Who is he,Erza??"the guy is asking her...

"I am her everything...Hey,mister,who are you?? Who gave you permission to touch my girl???"

"I don't need anyone's permission I guess"

I am going to kill the man...He is crossing his limits..

"Stop,Gray...Don't create scene here..Just go from here.."

"Erza!!!I am creating scene??? I never asked you about your personal work because I trusted you...I loved you..But you rejected me because you love this man...Was our friendship so weak that you couldn't tell me the truth??? Why?? Why Erza??? From this moment,I have no relation with you...You can live a happy life with your love..I won't disturb you..."

"But you are mi..."Erza stops the man..

"Thank you and good bye...Go from here now.." She says to me...

I am leaving my life with someone else..

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