Love or Life

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Chapter 7

After 7 years:

"Happy marriage anniversary,sweety...You are looking gorgeous as always..Look I have made a cake for us...I think you will like its taste,full of chocolates...Then what are we waiting for!!! Lets cut the cake..."

Ting tong....

Who is disturbing us at this moment?? Ah!! Maybe my office stuff..But I don't to like meet anyone in my house and everyone knows that...

It's my aunt...

"Aunt!!!! You here!!!! Come inside..."

"How are you Gray??? I wanted to meet with you so I have come here...Are you buzy???"

"Oh,not really...We were going to cut our anniversary cake...Please join us.."

"I want to talk to you now...It's important..."

"Ok,tell me aunt.."

"Look Gray..You have your own company..You are a very famous man..You are also running your own hospital..People love you..There are many responsibilities on you..Please stop behaving like an insane man...Stop ruining your bright future..."

"I am not understanding what are you talking about.."

"Your second ma..."

"Stop,aunt...Please don't say anything...I am a married person...Erza is my wife..How can you think about my second marriage!!!"

"Look dear..Accept the fact..She was your wife...But she is no more..You have to move on"

"She hasn't gone anywhere aunt..She is with me..Today what I am only because of my love,my Erza..How can I forget her sacrifice!!!! How can I forget my reason of living!!!"

"But how long you will live with her pictures,her stuffs!!!! You will be mad,dear.."

"Till my death...I will be mad if I forget her...I had done wrong to her 6 years ago...I won't repeat my mistake..Now please go,aunt...I want to spend some time with my dear wife...Bye"

Aunt silently leaves my house...

"Sorry,love...Don't feel bad..Lets not spoil our moods..Lets cut the cake..."

"Hey G,she is right..I want to see you happy..You should live a normal life,hubby..."

"This is impossible,Erza...Don't talk rubbish...You know the whole story...You know everything..."

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