Love or Life

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Chapter 8

6 years ago:

I have moved on...A year has been passed since I saw Erza last...I am now doing the same job in my uncle's company...Everything has changed...There is no space for love in my life anymore...I hate this word..Actually this word has no real existence...Its a fake thing...

I have got a mail just now..Its a mail from Dr.David Jerk..Who is he?? I am perfectly fine..Ok lets open the mail..

"Hi Gray,

I want to meet you...Its urgent..Please meet me at Fluis Garden at 4 pm.."

"Meet him!!! I even don't know him..But he is a doctor..I should meet him.."

At 4 pm:

I am waiting for him..He hasn't come yet...

"Hi Gray..I am Dr.David Jerk..."


Its the man for whom Erza left me..

"I don't want to see your face..I am going"

"Please listen,your Erza is dying..."

"What????? What have you said just now???"

" I am not her lover,Gray..I have my own family..She is just my patient.."

"Patient???? What happened to her?? David tell me quickly.."

"She had been suffering from brain cancer since she was 12 years old..I am doing her treatment...She always used to wear caps because she knew she had to wear caps after operation..Every tuesday she used to visit me for her check up..I am also her best friend...She was ready for her operation...But after that she met you...She loved you but didn't tell you..She had many memories with you...But I told her after operation she might lose her recent memories..After hearing that she refused for the operation..She could lose her life but not your memories..Your love is more important for her than her life...I wanted to tell you everything that day..But she refused me to do that because she couldn't see you in pain and she knew you would pressure her for the operation as her life is important for you..But I think she has not much time..She is in the last stage..But I want to see the happiness on her face before she..."

Is she a human?? I am not a human..She sacrificed her life for me and what did I do???? I hated her..I left her alone without knowing the truth...I don't deserve anything...

"I want to meet her..Take me to her.."

"She has admitted to my hospital..Let me take you there.."

She is lying in a bed...She is sleeping..How beautiful she is!!!! Her hair is open..She is not wearing a cap at this moment..

"Hey sweety.."

She is opening her eyes...How beautiful they are!!!


"Shhhhhh love...Don't talk...Everything will be fine..I am here now.."

"You are too late..But I am fortunate that I am dying in the arms of my love.."

Both of us are crying hugging each other...

"I want to marry you now.."

"No Gray..Its not possible..I have not much time.."

"Don't talk about this..You are fine..I will not marry anyone except you..For my sake,marry me otherwise I cannot forgive myself for my deeds..."

"Ok,I can do anything for your sake.."

We have married..I also have spent 7 days with her..But after that she has closed her beautiful eyes forever..Her last words are,

"Hey Mr.Husband,I am with you forever...I love you..You can feel me always..I want to see you successful.."

Yes,my Erza is always with me..She talks to me,lives with me..She is my chatterbox..She hasn't gone anywhere..She is alive in my heart..I have opened a hospital for cancer patients where they can get free treatment so that no one has to choose love or life...

"Hey G,I am so proud of you..I love you.."

"I am proud of you,my love..Your love has given me this successful life..I will love you forever.."

THE END.....

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