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Love or Life

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What is important?? Love or life??? But when love becomes life then both of them are equally important..It's a story of Gray who is finding the love of his life...But everyone is not lucky...

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Chapter 1

Today is my first day at college..I am very excited..I am going to start the new chapter of my life with a new hope and inspiration...

I have reached in my college...I must say the college is very big...But where is my classroom??? I need to ask somebody...

"Hey,I am Gray..New in this college...Can you please tell me where is the classroom of the first year students??

"Go straight and then turn left"

Not a friendly answer..By the way I have to go to my classroom quickly otherwise I will be late and it will not be a good impression for my class teacher..

"Thank God,teacher hasn't come yet.."

The classroom is full of boys and girls..All of them are gossiping with one another...I think I should also talk with anybody..After all I have to make friends...

The teacher suddenly enters in the classroom.

"Good morning,teacher," all greet the teacher..

"Sit down..So this is your first day at college..I am your class teacher, Iliana..At first,I want to tell you one thing that I hate those students....."

"May I come in,Miss?" Suddenly a girl wearing a cap,enters in the classroom...

"who come late in classroom.." Miss finishes her sentence..

"I am sorry,Miss,"says the girl...

I am looking at her...She is really beautiful..Her eyes are dark blue like my eyes...I think she is different from others...

"What's your name,late comer???" Miss asks her..

"I am Erza...Nice to meet you miss.."

"But I am not...Go and sit"

That is rude..I don't like the way she is talking to Erza..Erza!! A nice name...

She has sat on the first bench..I don't know why,I can't stop myself looking at her..The whole period she has been talking with the girl sitting beside her..She is a chatterbox I must say..But I like her smile..

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