Love or Life

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Chapter 2

I am thinking about her..I don't know why..I don't want to think about her..She is not even my friend..Actually I have not made any friend...But she has made many friends..Ms.Chatterbox...

The next day in my college:

Oh no!!!I have forgot to bring my lab report...Now!!!! How can I forget!!!! Stupid boy!!!

"Take my lab report.."

It is Erza..

"I was noticing you..."

"N-no,I cannot take your report..Teacher will give you punishment if I take yours..."

"Hey,don't worry...I don't care if I get punishment.."

"But I..." I stop...


"Nothing but I cannot take yours...Thank you,Erza.."

"Where is your lab report??"Suddenly teacher asks me..

"I have forgot to bring the report..Sorry sir.."

"This is your first day...Thats why I am forgiving you..Can anyone share lab report with Gray???"

"Yes,sir..I can.."

Again it is Erza...

The whole period she has been talking with me...We have become good friends in a period..

I have no friends in the college except Erza...She is exceptional than others...She has no ego,no pride and always remains happy...It feels like her smile brings a smile on my face also...

Day by day our friendship is becoming more stronger...But frankly speaking this is not a mere frindship for me...It is more than friendship...I have started to love Erza...But I am confused...Is it really love??? I think I should wait more...

"Hey G,what are you thinking???"she says to me...


"Ufffff G,why so serious!!! Life is so short..Learn to enjoy it...Hah!"

"Ok Ms.Chatterbox..I am smiling,see...Now happy???"

"Yes,let's go to a coffee shop..I want to drink coffee.."

"Now???It's 8 pm already"

"So what??? Do you want to go with me or I go there alone???"

"No,no I am coming with you.."

Both of us are living in the college hostel as we are orphan...I lived in my aunt's house..But one day I saw Erza living in the hostel and I also shifted in the hostel..Now I can see her whenever I want..I am also doing a small job in my uncle's company...I am happy with my life..But I am also confused at the same time about Erza...

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