Love or Life

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Chapter 3

I am sure now..I am in love..I am in love with Erza..I have no doubt about it...

But does she love me??

None but she always talks to me..She loves my company..She can share anything with me..She treats me as her close ones..She likes my hair,my eyes...She feels sad when I am sad..I think she also loves me...

I should not waste a single moment...I am going to tell her about my feelings for her now..But one second...Should I propose her with an empty hand???No,no after all she is a girl...I should propose her with some chocolates and a rose...It's 3 am..No store is open at this moment I guess,silly boy..I will buy these things tomorrow,not actually tomorrow,today in the morning..

I could not sleep at night..It's 10 am..I should freshen up myself and go to a store...


"Hello G,where are you??? I am waiting for you..I have already come back after finishing my work and you have not waken up yet!!!"

Every saturday Erza goes for her personal work..

"Actually Erza..I am not keeping well..I can't meet you now.."

"What!!! What happened??? Are you suffering from fever?? Why didn't you tell me yesterday,Gray?? I am coming now.."

"Hey sweety,don't worry..Take a breathe first..No need to come to me,Ms.Chatterbox because I am going to a hospital for my checkup..."

"Oh thats a good idea..Then I will go with you.."

Oh God...What a problem!!!.Hey silly girl I am going for you and you want to come with me..

"No Erza,you can't come with me because you need to make sandwich for me..I want to eat that..Till then I will come.."

"Oh ok,G..Bye then.."

I am feeling so guilty that I have lied to her for the first time..But I will make her happy soon...

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