Love or Life

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Chapter 4

I am very nervous..I am going to propose someone for the first time...I am calling Erza...

"Hello Erza..Meet me at the garden quickly.."I quickly cut the call....

Erza has arrived..I am seeing her..But I am feeling very nervous...

"How are you now??? Is every thing ok??"

"I love u Erza...I love you a lot...I have been loving you since I had seen you first..I love you more than anything...I can't live without you..You are my call list,my daily routine..Your smile makes my day..I want to start my days seeing your face...You are my love,you are my life.."

Erza is shocked..But why!!! She should be happy..But she isn't...

"What are you saying Gray??? You are my best friend..But I can't be your life..."

"But why??? Am I so ugly??? Is our relation so weak???"

"Don't argue...I can't love you and you should also forget me..You deserve a happy life with a girl who will stay with you forever..."

"That is you,my love...I want to live with you forever.."

Erza is crying..But why???

"I can't live with you forever...Leave me alone" she ran..

She is crying...I have seen love for me in her eyes..But why is she behaving like this??? I don't understand..Is she hiding something from me??..I am feeling very low...

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