Love or Life

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Chapter 5

After 27 days:

Now I am losing my patience..What's her problem??? She is not answering my calls..I have not seen her from that day..Why is she behaving like this???Have I committed a great sin??? No,right...Then what's the matter???

She loves me I am sure..But I have to find out the problem...Tomorrow is tuesday..She will go to her personal work..I have to follow her..I am sure I will find out something...

Next day:

I am following her from a distance...She hasn't seen me yet..It's a farmhouse I guess...Whose farmhouse is this???Erza is an orphan..With whom she has come to meet???Is this her personal work??? She has rung the bell..Someone has opened the gate..It's a boy..Who is he??? He has also hugged my Erza...How dare he!!!Erza has gone inside his house...I cannot wait here...I cannot share my life with anybody..Nobody has the right to hug my Erza without my permission...

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