The Lovers

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The Love Story Of Two People Destined To Be Together, Against The Odds Of Time And Realities Of Life.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Karan parked his car and walked towards his home..The rains were pouring on the roof tops and the sound was soothing but loud at the same time. The duplex was his favourite place to unleash what he really was…

To the world he was an entreprenaur.. a caretaker of thousands of his employees.
But to himself he was nothing more than a puzzle… an unsolved mystery.. His smiles hid a deep sorrow. His face masked a painful soul. He had everything but yet….

Karan entered the living room, water drops dripping from his hair, his beard. He looked around for his phone in his pockets, checked messages, mails and stepped towards the bathroom.
After shower he checked his fridge and found the dinner kept by his maid Saru. Saru served Karan since 8 years and took cooked for him religiously.
Thanking her in mind, he finished his food.

Karan was in his balcony, surfing through the phone . . .

There was a restless breeze touching his manly, bearded face and he gazed deep up into the cloudy, dark sky…..The rains were falling now with a reduced force. A thought crossed his mind . . .Am I missing someone this very moment? . . . What is making me restless in this huge expensive house… Answers were invisible and a mystery but some maiden thoughts touched his mind today . . . Unable to sleep, he moved from the balcony and went towards his bedroom. The sound of rain slowly reduced . . . He laid on his huge king size bed . . . With the new restlessness that was invading his otherwise calm mind, Karan slept…..

Early morning sunrays kissed Karan’s beard. Rubbing his eyes he looked for his better half, his mobile phone and went through the missed calls, mails and the messages.

After the shower he probed through his wardrobe… Suit? Tuxedo? His mood was to slip into some formals today.
He came down to the basement and eyed his cars… And he found his means for today . . .His favourite - Duster.
Swiftly Karan walked towards it and drove his love into the busy roads of the city.

Signals… the testing times of Karan…though not always.
First…second… now third..
“What is it?” He questioned his thumping heart.
" Its just a signal.. cool down my dear.. a long way to go”.
Unaware of the destiny and its miracles, he crossed the third signal.
His passion was driving… so he had never hired a driver. He put on some light ardent bollywood music lover he was.. And then….
All of a sudden, he applied brakes…. “Damn….”

He saw someone almost dashed against his Duster. He was used to one handed driving usually. Catching the steering with both his hands, he halted the car.

He tried to figure out who the person was by peeping out. As he did not spot anyone, he stepped out and saw a girl straightening her dress and brushing off the bits of mud from her dress . . .
She turned and looked at him . . .
He was drowned…… deep into her eyes… Her beautiful kajal filled eyes…. He couldn’t take off his eyes from her beautiful, innocent gaze.
The reason for his thumping heart was found.

“Are you fine?”

Karan asked in his deep dusky voice. ” Yes, I am.. Dont worry.” She replied with a faint smile. Brushing off the mud from her dress she started to move away.
" I can leave you to your destiny”.
Destiny…. Both were unaware of this miraculous word.. The power it has and the surprises it unfolds. . .
“That’s fine. I will take a cab and go. My interview place is little far from here.. I will manage. Thank you so much.”

She walked away from there. But Karan kept looking at her till she disappeared after taking a turn… Was the heartbeat irregular? Was something different today?.. Should he have persuaded her to get into his car and helped? He held himself responsible for wasting her time.. Questions flooded his mind and he was lost. But looking at his watch he geared up for his destiny . . . his office. Karan parked his car and got down.

‘Good morning sir’ echoed his ears as he entered his office building and moved towards his cabin.

His bestie and his manager Aarun asked Karan.
“What? I mean why this question?” Karan questioned him back..
Aarun said “Hmm.. Something is different today… My dear we are lined up with interviews and you are in your formals.”
Looking Karan from top to bottom Aarun said.
Smiling Karan replied “So ! I am still the owner of KV group of Industries. So, relax. Get ready for the selection of my personal secretary .. Though I am expecting someone as responsible and trusted as Samantha… Wish she never left this office…Come on lets get ready”.

Destiny is a big game player . . . It makes people to stay or leave from lives as per its plans….

It was 10 am. Karan’s office walls were of one way glass and he used to spy once in a while what’s happening around. Aarun was seated in the chair next to him and was arranging files and papers. Karan took a walk along his office glass wall to look, which candidates have come to take Samantha’s place..
Who is there…His eyes stopped at the face which made his heart race in this morning…the one he almost dashed his Duster against… Yes…. It was her…

She got up, glancing at the office decors, thoughts crossing her mind.. would I get this job?

She had heard a lot about this group of industries.. And was keen on giving her best for getting this golden opportunity.
As she moved towards the one way glass window panes, his eyes saw a close up glimpse of this angel… Yes, she must be an angel… the calm on her face and her charming, positive aura had already caught his attention this morning.

And now, she was standing next to him, with just the one way window panes in between them. His eyes never left her. He walked along with her, as she moved along the glass panes, gazing at her, got lost in her angelic existence…..
He touched her face with his strong, long fingers but couldn’t feel her as there was this glass wall in between them.. ‘So delicate…so naive…’, he thought. . .
“Karan” … “Karan”…

A tap on his shoulder broke her spell on him…..

He turned around to find Aarun staring at him.. “Like five times I am calling out your name dude .. where are you lost?”
Karan smiled and replied..“Sorry Aarun.. Tell me, what’s the position…I mean how many interviews lined up? How many applicants do we have on our list?”
“Hmm… are we still going to conduct this interview thing…or probably the choice of your PS is made?” Karan’s unusual behaviour had already caught Aarun’s attention …
“Ofcourse the scheduled interviews are certainly going to happen bro….Guess we can start right in 5 min”.
Turning away from her, he walked towards his chair. “Come on.. After all we need a perfect replacement for Sam”… He meant Samantha.

And the interviews started..
Aarun had been his manager from the time when Karan’s business was just amateur, till it touched golden skies.. They tasted success together and were each others’ confidantes..
One after the other girls came and left the cabin, but Karan’s eyes were unknowingly searching….and waiting for….. her.
Outside his cabin, she was lost in her own thoughts and doubts whether she will get this opportunity or not..
“Please help me universe..”

Closing her eyes, she was silently praying to the universe… She believed one has to ask a wish from this mighty universe, and the wish will be granted, an ardent believer in the universe that she was.

As the only daughter, she had the responsibility of looking after her mother, to earn for her house after her father’s demise. After graduating, she was qualified to become a Secretary, a PS in particular. And here was her first interview with KV group of industries.
“Next”……She heard the receptionist calling her name and she got up. With the dream of getting this opportunity, she knocked on the door and entered his……
Good morning sir. I am Ms. Samiksha Samuel.

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