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It's hard for me to get over it, because I loved him with all my soul. When my world collapsed, he held me with his strong arms so as not to fall with it. Now, instead, everything changed on that cold night. Constrained by the situation, I agreed to enter Marko's vile game. I didn't think about the consequences, I thought with my heart, waiting for you to come back to me. And you did, but something in me had changed. I don't feel the same about you anymore. Someone enveloped all my feelings by replacing them with new ones! © All Rights Reserved - SophieMargot 2020

Romance / Adventure
Sofia Margot
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Snowflakes begin to move toward the cold ground, forming a blanket. I put my scarf as close to my neck as I could, walking down the dark street. I hurry faster, trying to clear my mind of everything that happened. The fact that he broke up with me for no good reason makes me feel useless. I don’t know what I did wrong, because he told me I wasn’t me to blame. My eyes weep as my nose flows, inhaling the cold air. He wanted to accompany me home for the last time, but my pride wouldn’t let me get in that car.

I really don’t know why he told me all those things. I’m sad that I cried like a fool in front of him. I hope I can get it out of my heart. I don’t want to suffer anymore.

On my way, I see an open bar. Because of the cold that enveloped me, I decide to stop for a few minutes. In fact, I wanted to be alone and look back on all the moments that I spent with him. He was a strong support for me when my grandmother passed away. When my world collapsed, he held me with his strong arms so as not to fall with it. I felt loved, protected and understood. There is nothing worse than looking back and thinking that you have lost another man in your life.

Now I feel completely alone, the pain rushing at me. Ordered alcohol, I hope it makes me forget everything, at least for a while, because I know that from now on my life would change, and I would not be ready to face it alone.

My vision is starting to blur. I stare blankly, smiling for no particular reason. Moving my head from side to side, I look at a familiar face that looked like him. He was to my right, looking at me as he took a sip from his glass. I brought my head closer to him, trying to analyze his features. I touched her cheek with my fingertips, coming down to her fleshy lips. He looks at me in an interesting way, and I can’t believe he’s here. I smile at him stupidly and move closer to his lips, starting to feel the taste of alcohol. I feel the answer of the kiss, which then turns into an exploration game. He grabs me tightly by the waist, clinging to his chest, continuing to kiss me passionately. His hands began searching for a place to rest for longer, thus descending to his thighs, squeezing them tightly. I let out a slight moan, and he touched my lips with his index finger, whispering in my ear:

- I want to get out of here!

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