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The Lycan’s Mate (Mature Werewolf Story. MxM)

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I SUGGEST YOU READ “ Dangerous” FIRST SINCE JACOB AND DIEGO WERE INTRODUCED IN THAT NOVEL. “ I do not share what belongs to me!” He growled in my ear possessively while choking me harder.... —————————— Jacob was in his last year of college. One night, a knock on his dorm door surprised him and he was even more surprised to see who his guest was. Diego Delvin, a royal blood lycan. He is a just leader and king. He does what’s the best for his kingdom and for his people. He is possessive of what’s his and he never spares anyone who tries to hurt his loved ones. Diego was quite surprised when he found out that his mate was a....he but being the powerful lycan he is, he could already feel his possessiveness grow towards Jacob. Jacob had no idea as to why Diego was so possessive of him whenever they would meet but he couldn’t hide his feelings for him. They were attracted to one another like a moth to the flame. Diego was not planning on letting him go just because he was a male. Jacob was his, and would forever be his until death do them apart....(Mature)

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Chapter One

Warning! If you’re not 16 or above, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! PLEASE.


You can’t tell how time passes by, can you? We all were in our last year of college and once college was over, Luca and Snow were getting married. Uncle Tyler and dad were so happy about it. They were already calling Luca their son-in-law.

Their love story was truly beautiful, just like Sia’s and Nixon. Sia found out that she was mated to the prince of werewolf kingdom, he was also the second in command. She was so shocked at first but Nixon eventually won her heart. Sia and I would still talk, either about studies or about our future. Sia was happy in her life and I was happy for the girls.

I haven’t heard from Diego for eight months now. The last time we met was at that water fall that I would keep on visiting just to see him but was left disappointed each time when I found out that he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he was and I wanted to see him terribly! I tried asking Nixon and Alec about him but they would smirk and would tease me instead of answering me. I literally punched them in the face and hurt myself.

I sighed while closing my biology book. I got up from my study table and headed towards the bathroom. I took a bath before changing up in a black sweatpant. I laid on my bed and stared at the forest with a smile.

As my eyeslids closed, I heard a knock on my door. I frowned while getting up from the bed and walking towards the door.

Who could that be?

I thought while unlocking the door and opening it up. My eyes widened as I saw who the late visitor was.

“ D-Diego...” I said, breathless. His eyes stared at my upper body with deep, dark eyes and I swallowed hard. He entered my room and I closed the door. Turning around, I stared at him and found him sitting on the bed, staring at me. He looked absolutely handsome in his white dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up and his black pant with a pair of black shoes.

I blushed while looking away from him. What was he doing here?

“ Hello Jacob.” He said and I could feel his intense eyes staring at every inch of my upper body and tattoos.

“ Hi...” I said as I gathered my courage and stared back at him.

“ What are you doing here?” I asked him and he titled his head before getting up.

“ Just visiting my favourite pup.” He said as he walked towards me. He placed his muscular arms on either side of the door, trapping me.

I swallowed hard and locked eyes with him.

“ Stop.” I said as his gaze changed and his eyes darkened with lust.

“ Diego...” I said while trying to escape him. I have not forgotten how he just vanished and came back out of nowhere. Like hell! What does he think of me? Who the hell is he? Hell with him!

“ You’re mad.” He stated in a matter of fact tone and I stared at him, crossing my arms.

“ Nope! Why would I?” I said while trying to hide my emotions that started to pop out of nowhere just like him.

“ I heard from Nixon and Alec that you would keep on asking for me, more like demand for me.” Diego said with a smirk on his face and I blushed deeply. He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine, I felt the sparks welcoming my body like a thunder storm.

“ Ah!” A moan escaped my lips due to our little touch, making Diego stare at me with nothing but hunger. Who the hell was he? And why the hell was I so affected by him?

I was held captive by his eyes yet once again. He caressed my face and leaned in, kissing me. But before that could happen, I moved my face side ways. Deigo stopped and stared at me with a raised brow.

“ Baby, what happened?” He said and I felt sparks running through my body at the word baby. I blushed and got away from him.

“ Nothing.” I said as I walked towards the bed and sat down. I could feel his intense gaze on me.

I heard footsteps making their way towards me. Deigo kneeled down in front of me and smiled at me.

“ Are you mad at me because I didn’t visit you for eight months?” He said and I stared at him, he chuckled and cupped my face.

“ I’m sorry baby, but I had some work. I’m back though, and I will not leave you alone.” He said, their was reassurance in his tone that made me feel much better.

He leaned in to kiss me but I backed up, making him frown.

“ First, you tell me why the hell do I get those sparks whenever you touch me and why the hell do I miss you like you’re my husband?” I spoke, frustrated as hell! He smirked and grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards him. I gasped.

Our lips were inches apart and I could feel his hot breath on my lips.

“ I told you to find it out, didn’t I?” He said as his fingers traced my lower lip and went down to my jawline, then collarbone. They finally rested at my chest, feeling my heart beat.

“ I...I couldn’t find anything.” I said, honestly. I mean I could have asked Sia but hey, we don’t have those conversations.

Diego sat on the bed and picked me up with ease before placing me on his lap. I widened my eyes. His hands rested on my ass and he stared at me with an amused expression.

“ Not completing your task has consequences, pup.” He said as he smacked me. I moaned and stared him in the eyes. That smack was so painful but pleasuring as well.

He smacked me again and I moaned, my fingers gripped his shirt while I stared at him with pleading eyes.

He smacked me again and I moaned.

“ Stop...please..” I begged him and he stared at me. He gripped my ass tightly and kissed me passionately, a moan escaped my lips and was swallowed by him.

He licked my lower lip and I opened my mouth for him, he roamed his tongue inside my mouth. His hand rested on my cock and he started to rub it, making me moan harder. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

Each time I would moan, it would be swallowed by him. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, Diego won. I broke the kiss, out of breath.

Deigo stared at me and I licked my swollen lips. That one kiss turned me on so badly, sparks ran through my body like fire. My body was hot and I was needy for him.

Diego leaned in and started to kiss my neck, I moaned while gripping his hair tightly. All of a sudden, I felt something hard poking my skin. Deigo backed up and stared at me, his huge and sharp fangs were revealed.

I widened my eyes. What was happening?

“ Are you okay?” I asked him in concern.

“ My wolf wants to mark you so badly.” He said as he rubbed my lower lip, I blushed.

Am I his....mate?

“ But I heard that you can only mark a person who is your mate?” Deigo chuckled at me before smashing his lips on mine.

To Be Continued

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